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ECUASAND  -  supplier of silica sand of very high purity, sodium and calcium bentonite for foundries, and hydrated lime for industrial and agricultural use.

FUNDIRECICLAR S.A.  -  waste managers - metallurgical recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap, supplier of raw materials and equipment to the foundry industry, production of cast iron castings - manhole covers and grates, gate valves parts, fittings and water accessories.

MINMETEC ECUADOR CIA. LTDA.  -  manufacturer and distributor of non-metallic mineral products for the industrial sector - calcium bentonite for foundries, limestone for metallurgy, kaolin for ceramic and rubber industry.

TEIN - TEMPER INDUSTRIAL  -  manufacturer of electric or gas industrial furnaces, furnaces for smelting aluminum and copper alloys, heat exchangers, and all types of metal structures.

Invited Company: Redisminerales Cia. Ltda. - primarily iron / titanium ore producer, iron ore sands, shipping capability of 40 000 tons per month.

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