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DEMIDOV INDUSTRIES AS  -  a metallurgical company, aluminium master alloys, ferro-alloys, grain refiners and modifiers.

ECOMETAL AS  -  lead battery and accumulators recycling plant, production of lead and lead alloys about 12 000 tons annually.

ESTEL AS  -  development, manufacture, adjustment and technical maintenance of electric power equipment, frequency converters for induction heating devices and melting furnaces, power suppliers for electric arc furnaces, transformers, heat exchangers, current-limiting and smoothing reactors, electromagnetic products and rectifiers for power engineering, iron-and-steel works, foundries and metal working factories.

MOLYCORP SILMET AS  -  rare metal and rare earth metal producer, annual production ranges up to 3 000 mt of rare earth products and 700 mt of rare metal products, a subsidiary of Molycorp, Inc. - USA.

SUMAR AS  -  manufacturer of plastic injection moulds, press tools, foundry patterns, core-boxes and other molding equipment, permanent molds for gravity metal pouring.
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TICRONIK  -  production of bronze and brass ingots, bronze cast hubs and rods, large diameter bronze rings and bushings, zinc anode protectors, zinc, lead and aluminum casts made by gravity die-casting and sand molding.

TOORIISTAVABRIK AS  -  toolmaking plant, supplier of die casting tools, sheet metal press tools, plastic injection moulds.
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