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AURAS-2000 KFT.  -  consulting and trading, refractories and insulating materials, refractory castables and masses, refractory bricks, fibre insulating materials, graphite products.

ALU-BLOCK IPARI KERESKEDELMI ES SZOLGALTATO KFT.  -  production of aluminium ingots for deoxidising purposes.

BASLER TRADE KFT.  -  industrial chemical products for the metal-processing plants, release agents for aluminum, magnesium and zinc alloys pressure die-casting, representative of Petrofer-Germany.

CASTING KFT.  -  trading and consulting, raw and auxiliary materials for foundries - ferro-alloys, pig iron, graphite nodularizers and modifiers, carburizers, furnace lining materials, mould release agents, covering and cleaning salts, slag coagulants, die casting mould coats and lubricants, professional consulting activity mainly for iron and steel foundries.

EUROCAST KFT.  -  aluminium smelter with a nominal production capacity 13 000 tons per year, aluminium primary and secondary alloys in form of ingots.

FERROMETAL PLUSSZ KFT.  -  traders and representatives, basic and auxiliary materials used in casting manufacture, alloys, sands, graphite, additives, refractories, crucibles.

HOR-ALU KFT.  -  aluminum alloy ingots.

INNOCITY KFT.  -  a consulting services company, metal casting simulation service - solidification, thermal, fluid flow, stress and porosity analysis, casting defects, optimization of metal casting processes, metal die casting tool design, casted, machined or plastic parts design, a representative of EKK Inc. - USA.

MAL - ALU-METAL DIV.  -  production of aluminum alloys for die-casting.

MARS-HUNGARIA KFT.  -  full range of foundry crucibles, refractory materials and products, foundry tools.

MIKRO-PULVER KFT.  -  production of foundry bentonite, dried graded sand, coal powder, limestone powder, insulation adhesives.

NEMES KFT.  -  the largest independent patternmaking shop in Hungary, patterns and core coxes for domestic and foreign foundries and machine manufacturers, wooden patterns up to 8000 mm length and diameter 2500 mm, metal patterns for Foromat and Disa moulding machines, plastic patterns up to 2000 x 2000 mm, polystyrene patterns.

ONTOGEPSZERVIZ KFT.  -  service, renewal and maintenance of die casting machines, trading several kinds of hydraulic parts, distributor of Idra-Italy.

P-METAL KFT.  -  production of aluminium alloys, gravity die casting.

SCHOLZALU TATABANYA KFT.  -  production of primary and secondary aluminium alloys in ingots for foundries, aluminium wire and aluminium granulate for the steel industry, a subsidiary of Scholz AG - Germany.

TP TECHNOPLUS KFT.  -  binders, mould coatings, resin-precoated sands, chaplets, materials for pattern making - epoxy and polyurethane resins, crucibles, foundry filters, a representative a world renown foundry suppliers.

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