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AUTOWAX, INC., USA  -  a company servicing the investment casting industry, a full list of optional upgrades for re-manufactured machines including bottom injection, paste wax, pattern eject, automatic wax melters, core pulls, control systems and automation.

ALCHEMIE LTD., UK  -  specialized in the development and formulation of epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, silicone, model board, sheet wax and vacuum casting materials used in the preparation of prototypes, resin tools, foundry patterns, models and pre-production series.

ALLCHEM PERFORMANCE - ACI GROUP LTD., UK  -  provider of raw materials for a range of manufacturing industries such as foundry resins, binders for investment casting, adhesives and sealants, a part of ACI Group Ltd.

BEE CHEMS, INDIA  -  manufacturer of nano silica / colloidal silica binders and refractory for the use in investment casting industry - 30-40% nano silica sols, fast drying new generation sols for investment castings, silica / alumina sols for ceramic applications, refractory grains for investment casting and ceramic shells.

BLAYSON OLEFINES LTD., UK  -  investment casting wax and equipment for the lost wax process.

BERG S.L.U., SPAIN  -  supplier of products for the foundry industry - ladles and drums, melting crucibles, ceramic foam filters, bentonite, zircon sand, sodium silicate, mould powder, zircon mould coatings, fluxes, pattern and sculpture waxes for art castings.

BAK-SA MOLD CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  die-casting molds, injection molds for wax and plastics.

COOINDA CERAMICS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  production of of industrial ceramics, ceramics for the foundry industry - high alumina ceramic pouring and running systems, tubes, reducing tubes, bends, tees, tapered downsprues, slotted ingates, flowered ingates, rod covers, pouring wells, pouring bells, Ezy-pour bells, ceramics for investment casting - cones, solid rods.

C-E MINERALS, USA  -  alumina, alumina-silica calcites, and fused minerals used in refractory, investment casting, semiconductor, abrasive, metal producing and many other industrial applications.

CHIMATECH JSC, BULGARIA  -  foundry materials - ethylsilicate for precision casting molds, silicones for molds for wax patterns production, calcium stearate additive for coated sands, linseed oil for sand binders, fast-curing glue for cores, anticorrosive coatings, chemical test lab services.

DR. KHAN INDUSTRIAL CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  colloidal silica, fumed silica, ethyl silicate-40, tetraethyl orthosilicate, silicon tetrachloride.

DONGYING LUCHANG PRECISION CASTING CO., LTD., CHINA  -  designing and manufacturing of investment casting dies for pipe fitting & valve, marine, hardware, golf head, saddlery, propeller, impeller and all kinds of machine parts.
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ENGLISH CLAYS GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  supplier of mineral and chemical raw materials for the green sand foundries and precision casting foundries, refractory, ceramics, polymer and insulation industry - bentonite, chromite sand, zircon sand and flour, industrial waxes, fused silica, microsilica, mica and mullite.

ELFUSA GERAL DE ELETROFUSAO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  production of fused mullite for investment casting and other refractory applications, abrasives for blasting, abrasives for grinding wheels, ferrosilicon, and other products for the ceramic, abrasive and refractory industries, a part of the Grupo Curimbaba.

ENGINEX LTD., BULGARIA  -  production of electro-furnaces and vacuum casting systems for non-ferrous and noble metals using the lost-wax casting method, machines for wax models preparation.

EKELUND S.r.l., ITALY  -  holding furnaces for aluminium melting and heat treatment, solutions for the annealing and quenching of aluminium castings, lost wax casting technology solutions, customers: mechanical and metallurgical industrial plants, foundries, enterprises of heat treatment, manufacturers of automotive components, aerospace parts and construction equipment, agricultural, railway, electrical and electronic sectors.

GIANNOGLOY ELISSAIOS ODYSSEAS, GREECE  -  design and manufacture of metal molds for the production of objects from aluminium (for die casting), wax (for investment casting), plastics.

GIA KIM INVESTMENT & TRADING CO., LTD., VIETNAM  -  non-ferrous metals, precious metals, industry plating chemicals, jewelry casting materials - investment powder, rubber, silicone, wax.

GOLD STAR POWDERS INDIA PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of investment powders for jewellery, industrial metal and dental casting processes, a subsidiary joint venture of Goodwin PLC - UK.

HOFMANN CERAMIC GmbH, GERMANY  -  technical ceramics for the foundry industry - round-hole filters, round-hole filters for steel casting, foam ceramic and cell filters, feeders, silicon-carbide chill-plates, pouring systems and monoblock stoppers, products specifically for investment casting: ceramic pouring, cross shaped ceramic stands, stood elements in different shapes and sizes, ceramic tie rods and tie bars, refractory heavy-duty ceramics for all types of oven construction - ceramic refractory shaped products and services for high-temperature applications in the cement and lime, energy, chemicals, non-ferrous metals, glass, iron and steel, and environmental technology industries, wear-resistant parts made from oxide ceramic for the wire and cable industry - wire and fibres, wire guides, ceramic thread guides, high quality pulleys, drawing cones, rings and capstans.

HOBEN INTERNATIONAL LTD., UK  -  investment powders for the casting of jewellery products and for casting industrial components by the lost wax process, powders are suitable for aluminium, brass, bronze, platinum, palladium and other high temperature alloys castings.

INCAST CONSULTANCY, UK  -  consultants to the investment casting industry, services to both existing foundries and those entering the field of investment casting.

INDOCHEM HYDROCOLLOIDS, INDIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of sodium silicate, colloidal silica, resin coated silica, silica gel and other inorganic or speciality chemicals.

INCASTT MACHINES, INDIA  -  design and manufacture the entire range of machinery required for setting up of an investment casting foundry: wax melting and conditioning units, hydraulic wax injection machines, slurry mixers, slurry pots, rainfall type stucco machines, fluidized bed type stucco machines, de-wax autoclaves, hot bath de-wax systems, shell firing furnaces, shell knockout machines, abrasive cut-off machines.

IMC S.A., BELGIUM  -  a technically oriented sales and distribution organization, technical assistance to investment casting foundries, supplier of raw material, equipment and accessories for precision lost wax process foundries - waxes, refractory flour and sand, binders, additives, alloys, pouring cups, crucibles and liners, wax room equipment, shell room equipment.

INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES (INDUTECSA) S.A., COLOMBIA  -  supplier of induction furnaces, moulding machines and spare parts, shot blasting machines and materials, equipment and quality control instruments in steelmaking and investment casting.

LITMASH, MOLDOVA  -  producer of die-casting machines, low-pressure die-casting machines, investment casting machines, centrifugal bush-casting machines, automatic chill-casting lines, chamber-autoclaves for cast iron modification.
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LORAIN MODERN PATTERN, INC., USA  -  manufacturer of patterns, materials include foam, wax, wood, plastic, urethane, epoxy, aluminum, steel & iron.

LIBERTY PATTERN & MOLD, INC., USA  -  foundry patterns, models, forms, prototypes, tooling, product materials - woods, urethane, epoxy, styrofoam, wax, composites & other compounds.

MORFOMICHANIKI, CYPRUS  -  manufacturer of gravity casting dies for aluminum, prototype of wood before producing mold for casting, expanded polystyrene molds, expulsion dies for silver and gold, injection molds for wax and plastics.
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MODELLTEKNIK AB, SWEDEN  -  manufacturer of patterns, moulds and prototypes, tooling and moulds (dies) for lost wax casting.
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MAYO ENGINEERING LTD., UK  -  used foundry equipment for investment, green-sand, gravity pouring die, pressure die casting.

MINCO, INC., USA  -  fused silica products to markets around the world, particularly for applications including investment casting, fillers, and refractories.

MINELCO, INC., USA  -  a wide range of industrial mineral products to various end use applications - foundry bentonites, chromite foundry sand, olivine - slagging agent, refractory raw material and blasting sand, zircon flour for investment casting, foundry zircon sand, inorganic binder system for sand-core production.

MARUTI PROTECTIVES, INDIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of waxes for investment casting foundries, wax formulations for use on all kinds of wax injection machines with reasonable controlling set-up, filled and unfilled pattern-waxes, water emulsifiable pattern-waxes, water soluble core-waxes, sticky and patch waxes.

METSCH REFRACTORIES, INC., USA  -  refractories, ceramic products for investment casting molds - pouring cups, mold support rods, vent plugs.

MONOKEM SURYA PT., INDONESIA  -  mining and purification of zirconium sands, manufacturer and supplier of zirconium silicate sand, zirconium silicate flour and micronized zirconium silicate for foundries (mould or core coatings, precision castings), refractory, ceramic and glass industries, manufacturer and supplier of ilmenite sand used as a sandblasting agent in the cleaning of die-casting dies.

MK TECHNOLOGY GmbH, GERMANY  -  production and sales of special machines for investment casting, production of plastic prototypes by vacuum casting.

MODELACAO UNIDOS PATTERN LTD., BRAZIL  -  molds & patterns - resin prototypes, metal patterns for sand molding, shell molding pattern plates, permanent molds for gravity die process, low pressure molds, investment casting dies, molds for thermo-plastic.

MINERAL WAX PLANT JSC, BELARUS  -  wax compounds for production of investment castings with complex geometric shapes, wax emulsions (anti-adhesion lubricants) intended for use as a release agent in molding components made of aluminum and its alloys by casting under pressure, for molding the rubber products, polymer based materials and reinforced concrete.

PRESIDENT CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  supplier of materials for investment casting process - pattern wax, patching wax, stick wax, sprue wax, paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, filler wax, ethyl silicate, colloidal silica binder, silicon oil, gypsum, wax pattern cleaning agents, wetting agents, ceramic shell modifying agents, antifoam agents, zircon sand and flour, mulgrain sand and flour, mulright sand and flour, fused silica sand and flour, perlite sand, graphite powder, sand mould coatings, feeder exothermic caps, mica, slag catchers, recarburizers, steel refining agents, aluminium alloy, copper alloy, lead alloy, ferroalloys, inoculants, refractories.

PETERBORO TOOL CO., INC., USA  -  wax injection molds for lost wax casting technology.

REMET CORP., USA  -  manufacturer and distributor of waxes, binders, refractory stuccos and flours to serve the needs of investment casters.

ROSS CERAMICS LTD., UK  -  manufacturer of complex geometry ceramic cores used in the investment casting of directionally solidified and single crystal gas turbine engine components for aerospace and industrial applications, a part of the Rolls-Royce Group.

RPM INTERNATIONAL TOOL & DIE, NEW ZEALAND  -  high-pressure die cast moulds, gravity die-casting dies, stamping tools, plastic / wax injection dies, repair services for moulds, dies and castings.

SANE BROTHERS & ELLORA ENGINEERING ENGRAVERS, INDIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of moulds and dies for investment casting.

STERLING CHEMICALS, INDIA  -  colloidal silica for foundry, investment casting, refractory and construction industry.

SHELLSPEN INTERNATIONAL INC., USA  -  a non-settling ceramic shell slurry used for coating wax sculpture and pattern forms of every size and scale in the lost-wax ceramic shell bronze casting process.

SAUNDERS FOUNDRY SUPPLY, INC., USA  -  supplier to the precision investment casting industry, art casting and architectural restoration - wax melting tanks and pots, turntable mixers, fluidized beds, foundry burn-out furnaces, metal melting furnaces, crucibles, crucible tongs, crucible shanks, safety pouring shanks, refractories, digital hand lance pyrometers, foundry waxes, molding rubber and releases, safety clothing.

SINIC MOULD CO., LTD., CHINA  -  manufacturer of plastic / wax injection moulds, die-casting moulds and moulded products.

SANJO SEIKI CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  lost wax molding machines for investment casting, consisting of horizontal wax molding machine, wax heating / mixing tank unit and jib crane for mold.

SHRI VINAYAK ENGINEERS, INDIA  -  manufacturer of equipment for foundries - pressure and gravity die casting dies, investment casting moulds, epoxy patterns, core-boxes and molds.

TOOLMAKING PLANT, ESTONIA  -  supplier of die casting tools, sheet metal press tools, plastic injection moulds, dies for lost-wax casting.
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TOPMARK PRODUCTS, NEW ZEALAND  -  supplier of polyurethane, polyester and epoxy resins for patternmaking, silicone rubber for patternmakers, high temperature silicone for casting metal alloys, bodycasting silicones and accessories, sculpting wax for large art castings and lost wax industrial castings, metal coatings, patinas and coloured waxes for various surface effects of sculptures or work of art, low melt alloys suitable for jewellery, prototypes and scale model cars.

TOPCAST S.R.L., ITALY  -  equipment for jewellery, equipment for dental alloys, centrifugal casting machines, equipment for industrial alloys - furnaces and machines for lost-wax casting of aluminum, bronze, brass, titanium and steel, electronic devices.

VESUVIUS GROUP S.A./N.V., BELGIUM  -  Vesuvius Foundry Division supplies to ferrous and non-ferrous foundries as well as investment casting, with a wide range of refractories for furnaces, crucibles, flow control products, temperature measurement systems, dosing accessories and ceramic filters which reduce flaws and control turbulent flow during mould filling.

VALCAN TECHNOLOGIES INC., CANADA  -  aluminum molds for the investment casting, large or small series of machining.
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WSF INDUSTRIES, INC., USA  -  dewaxing systems for investment casting, autoclave systems for metal casting, vacuum vessels, reactors, etc.

WASHINGTON MILLS COMPANY, INC., USA  -  producers of fused alumina, fused mullite, emery, zirconia mullite, magnesia chrome, alumina bubbles, fused silica, spinel, chrome alumina, etc.

XUZHOU FENGBAO MINING CO., LTD., CHINA  -  silica (quartz) products - high purity silica sand, silica powder, micro-silica powder, (crystal) powder and fused silica powder, widely used as materials for foundry, precision casting, refractory and abrasives industries, epoxy molding compounds, coatings, etc.

YICHANG KEBO REFRACTORIES CO., LTD., CHINA  -  olivine dry sand for clay sand mixtures, resin sand mixtures or water-based sand mixtures, olivine powder for water based coatings for the production of non-ferrous alloys castings and stainless steel, high manganese steel and other medium alloy steels castings, olivine sand and powder for investment casting, covering fluxes for molten cast iron and steel, ladle and tundish insulation powders, drainage sand for ladle and tundish sliding gate systems, unshaped magnesia-olivine materials for refractory manufacturing companies.

YEU TEH MOLD CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  die casting molds, wax and plastic injection molds.

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