MPM Pvt. Ltd., India's largest manufacturer of engineered Lustrous Carbon Additives, Lustron MPM Pvt. Ltd.
India's leading manufacturer of foundry consumables used and applied in the critical spectrum and eco system of casting preparation such as mold and core making, feeding and methoding systems and melt preparation. India's largest manufacturer of engineered lustrous carbon additives Lustron for use in foundry green sand molding practice.

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ADITYA AGENCY  -  manufacturer and reseller of thermocouple one end close sheaths, flexible thermocouple cables, thermocouples bare wires, silicon carbide heating elements, nichrome 80 / 20 - Kanthal A-1 wires & strips, inconel, titanium, monel metal pipes & sheets, graphite and silica tubes.

AMB BENTONITE  -  sodium bentonite for casting industry - cast iron, steel & malleable iron foundries.

ADARSH FABRICATORS  -  manufacturer and exporter of foundry machines and equipment, sand and shot blasting machines, sand mixers and mullers, vibrating sieves, knockout machines, swing graders, metal pouring ladles.

AMITRESHMI ISPAT & PIGMENT PVT. LTD.  -  supplier of ferro alloys and pig iron for cast iron foundries and steel-making.

ATUL LTD.  -  one of India's leading chemical companies, manufacturer of Lapox epoxy resins and hardener systems for applications in electrical casting, composites and laminating, civil and coating industries, foundry engineering, patterns & tooling, etc.

ASIANOL LUBRICANTS LTD.  -  manufacturer of industrial, automotive and specialty lubricants, die casting lubricants formulated for aluminum, magnesium or zinc, non-silicone die release agents formulated for aluminum and zinc die casting, rolling oils, lubricating oils and greases, anti corrosives, industrial coolants, lubrication related consultancy services and customized solutions.

ASIA METALS & FERRO ALLOYS  -  importers of non ferrous virgin metals, ferro alloys, minor metals, and nickel.

ADVANCED REASONING TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.  -  foundry software solutions, Autocast-X software for casting methods design, simulation and optimisation.

AJAY SYSCON PVT. LTD.  -  design and manufacture of microprocessor based instruments for carbon, silicon analysis & temperature measurement as well as sensors like metacups and thermocouple tips for both ferrous and non-ferrous foundry.

AXIOMS THERMO FURNACES PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of electric resistance heated, oil or gas fired rotary aluminium melting and holding furnaces, graphite or silicon carbide crucible melting and holding aluminium furnaces, gas fired lead melting furnaces suitable for battery manufacturing industries, a full range of heat treatment furnaces, driers and ovens.

BEE CHEMS  -  manufacturer of nano silica / colloidal silica binders and refractory for the use in investment casting industry - 30-40% nano silica sols, fast drying new generation sols for investment castings, silica / alumina sols for ceramic applications, refractory grains for investment casting and ceramic shells.

BALAJI COKE INDUSTRY PVT. LTD. (BCIPL)  -  low ash metallurgical coke manufacturer & trader.

BOMBAY LUBRICANTS OIL CO.  -  importer & supplier of industrial chemicals, oils and lubricants, bentonite powder for reheating furnaces, refractory and bonding of mould sand, foundry sodium metasilicate (water glass) available in aqueous solution and in solid form, manganese carbonate for production of basic refractory bricks, magnesite and several dolomite minerals.

BHUSHAN POWER & STEEL LTD.  -  a fully integrated steel making company - manufacturer of flat, rounds and long products, billets, hot / cold rolled coils, pig iron for production of cast iron castings and steel, precision tubes, black pipe, cable tapes, wire rod and special alloy steel, supplier to fast-growing sectors like automotive, white goods, construction, furniture, fasteners, telecommunication, etc.

BINANI ZINC LTD.  -  a part of Braj Binany Group, manufacture of special high-grade zinc metal of 99.99 / 99.995% purity, capacity of 30 000 mt per annum, cadmium 65 000 kg per annum, and sulphuric acid - 51 000 mt per annum, for customers across all industry segments, including foundry industry.

COATINGS & COATINGS (INDIA) PVT. LTD.  -  foundry fluxes, inoculants, slag coagulants, mold coatings, clay bonded sand, carbon dioxide & silicate systems, organic binders, parting agents, adhesives, refractory coatings.

CREATIVE CARBON PVT. LTD.  -  supplier of engineering products for industrial applications, fire bricks, fire clay, castables, ramming masses and other furnace consumables, silico-manganese and ferro alloys, continuous core and mould drying ovens, sand mixers, turbo mixers, continuous mixers, induction melting furnaces, ladle refining furnaces, frequency converters, ladles for metal pouring, safety leather uniforms, hand gloves and shoes.

CERAFLUX INDIA PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer & exporter of foundry chemicals, specialized in the design, development and production of precast refractory shapes and joining aids for molten aluminium handling systems, non ferrous foundry fluxes, degasser, grain refiner, master alloy, die coats & lubricants for gravity and pressure die aluminum castings, sand additives, silicate binders, refractory coatings for ferrous foundries and supplliers of ceramic foam and extruded filters for ferrous and non-ferrous castings.

COMPAX INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS PVT. LTD.  -  a solution provider of foundry applications in modern coreshops and low pressure and gravity die casting shops - Compax cold-box core production unit with high speed and flexibility requirements up to shot capacity of 150 kg, Compacor semi automatic cold-box coreshooter for small facilities and core suppliers, Compashell fully automatic shell / hot-box coreshooter for vertically / horizontally or multiple parted tooling, Compajet fully automatic CO2 gas injection system suitable for CO2 silicate process / CO2 cured phenolic binder system, Compacure tri-ethyl amine curing system, Compax sand handling and distribution system, Compax fully automatic binder feeding and dosing system, Compax raw sand feeding systems and sand dosing system, Compacast low pressure die-casting machines for aluminium foundries, Compax fully automatic sand decoring machine for aluminium castings.

CHEMOVATE PVT. LTD.  -  production of resins, polymers and specialty chemicals, novolac and resol phenolic resins, phenol formaldehyde resins, epoxy resins, refractory grade resins, foundry furan resins, resins for shell-moulding, resins for hot-box, cold-box, alpha-set or pep-set processes.

CAST WELL ENGINEERS  -  manufacturer, supplier and exporter of pressure die casting accessories, pressure die casting dies and supporting equipments - centralised diecoating systems, automatic spray systems, special jet spray cooling systems, plunger lubrication systems, stationary and mobile degassing units, die casting shot sleeves, automatic ladle machines, automatic furnace cover.

DALI ELECTRONICS  -  import-export company, supplier of special kinds of metal alloys and master alloys for metal casting, aluminum beryllium, beryllium copper (beryllium bronze) and aluminum titanium boron, invar, kovar, inconel, monel, chromel, silverin, tungsten and its alloys, molybdenum alloys, niobium alloys, rhenium alloys, titanium, vanadium, chromium, zirconium, hafnium, ruthenium, electrical, thermal and high temperature insulation materials for industrial furnaces, molten metal filters, protective clothing, a part of Domadia Group.

DHWANI ENGINEERING  -  manufacturer and exporter of cold and hot chamber die-casting machines, dies and foundry equipments, hydraulic gear pumps, cylinders, fitting, accumulators and other spares.

DYNAMIC EXIM CORPORATION  -  supplier of refractory materials to the ferrous, non-ferrous, chemical, petrochemical and sugar plants, cement, petroleum and electroplating industries - refractory fire bricks, fireclay bricks, high alumina bricks, dense fire bricks, acid resistance bricks, fireclay mortars and high alumina mortars, conventional and low cement castables.

DIVYA ENGINEERING WORKS PVT. LTD.  -  solutions in CAD / CAM / CAE application areas for a variety of products involving castings, machining and moulded items, prepare designs for production tools for metal casting, pattern making, machine master patterns in different materials, metal patterns for foundries using Disamatic lines and machine moulding, core boxes, gravity casting dies, patterns for shell moulding, etc.

DR. KHAN INDUSTRIAL CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD.  -  colloidal silica, fumed silica, ethyl silicate-40, tetraethyl orthosilicate, silicon tetrachloride.

DELMER PRODUCTS LTD.  -  supplier of jewellery manufacturing equipment, wax injectors, automatic investment mixers, rotary burnout furnaces, centrifugal vacuum casting machines, melting furnaces for the manual casting of gold, silver and other precious metal alloys in a graphite crucible suitable for quantities from 2 to 15 kg, finishing and polishing media and machines, tools and consumables.

DOSHI TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of electric arc furnaces, ladle refining furnaces, visualization systems for furnace control, ladle transfer cars, scrap charging buckets, a complete range of induction equipment for reliable operation of induction furnaces - aluminium frames, induction coils, hydraulic cylinders for lifting and tilting stands, top-bottom insulation blocks, water-cooled cables, electrolytic grade copper rope & end terminals, induction power supply and control panel components.

ESSEN INDUSTRIES  -  lustrous carbon additive for superior finish for green sand moulding in ferrous foundries, sulphur free carbon additive to ductile cast iron - shell coke, bentonite for foundries.

EMMANUEL PATTERN AND ENGINEERING WORKS  -  patterns in wood, aluminum, both with and without cores for use with steel, cast iron and aluminum, for hand or machine moulding.

ENVIRO TECHS  -  shot blasting machines, air pollution control equipment.

EXPORTS UNLIMITED  -  manufacturer and supplier of precision brass turned parts, brass stamped parts, brass electrical accessories, brass fasteners and fixing components, brass pipe fittings, aluminium turned parts, steel turned parts, moulding and foundry supplies - aluminium and brass core-box vents, brass dowels, clamps, brass screen filters, foundry chaplets, expansion inserts, own brass casting foundry.

FINCAST FOUNDRY FLUX CO.  -  exothermic compounds, desulpherisers, inoculants, slag coagulants, covering fluxes, deggasers, and nucleants, no bake air setting compounds, mould powders, mould paints, diecoats for the aluminium copper based alloys.

FURNOVA POLYMERS LTD.  -  foundry products - furan resin, phenol formaldehyde resins, furfuryl alcohol modified phenol resins, epoxy compounds.

GATHA ENTERPRISES  -  exporter of material testing machines, universal testing machines, impact testing machines, hardness testers, foundry lab equipments, metallography-specimen preparation equipments, ultrasonic flaw detectors, electro magnetic crack detectors.

GRAPHITE INDIA LTD.  -  graphite electrode manufacture, products for applications in the metallurgical (ferrous & nonferrous), chemical & process, aerospace and nuclear industries.
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GRAVITA INDIA LTD.  -  pure lead ingots, remelted lead alloys ingots, lead wire, pipe, powder, anodes.

GUNJAN MINERALS PVT. LTD.  -  supplier of foundry bentonite, attapulgite (hydrated magnesium-aluminum silicate) for oil base / water base foundry sand binders or foundry coatings and ceramic grade raw kaolin.

GOLD STAR POWDERS INDIA PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of investment powders for jewellery, industrial metal and dental casting processes, a subsidiary joint venture of Goodwin PLC - UK.

HAL - FOUNDRY and FORGE DIVISION, CENTRAL MATERIALS & PROCESSES LAB  -  metallurgical testing & characterization, chemical analysis, mechanical testing, non-destructive testing and training, materials research & development.
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HYDERABAD PIGMENTS PVT. LTD. (HPPL)  -  production and supply of pure lead and lead alloy ingots and lead oxides to a broad spectrum of clientele - storage batteries, rubber, paints, glass and plastic industries and allied manufacturing processes.

H.V.R INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of remelted lead ingots and blocks which contains about 97-99% lead metal with total 2-3% remaining impurity elements as antimony, tin, arsenic, iron, bismuth, copper and silver.

INTELLECT ASSOCIATES  -  manufacturer of industrial products, thermocouples - copper, constantan-iron, constantan-chromel, chromel-alumel, platinum-platinum rhodium, graphite crucibles, braided copper flexible connectors, carbon brushes.

INDOCHEM HYDROCOLLOIDS  -  manufacturer and supplier of sodium silicate, colloidal silica, resin coated silica, silica gel and other inorganic or speciality chemicals.

INCASTT MACHINES  -  design and manufacture the entire range of machinery required for setting up of an investment casting foundry: wax melting & conditioning units, hydraulic wax injection machines, slurry mixers, slurry pots, rainfall type stucco machines, fluidized bed type stucco machines, de-wax autoclaves, hot bath de-wax systems, shell firing furnaces, shell knockout machines, abrasive cut-off machines.

INDUS RITE METALS  -  manufacturer and supplier of aluminum alloy ingots, die casting aluminum alloy ingots, special aluminum alloys and aluminum alloy castings.

JHAS INDUSTRIES  -  aluminium & brass core box vents for foundry and moldmaking industry.

JEETMULL JAICHANDLALL PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of wire mesh, welded wire fabrics, vibrating screens, perforated sheets, chainlink fencing, hexagonal wire netting, dutch weave, double crimped mesh, dovex screen, rectangular screen cloth, wire conveyor belts, demister pads, test sieves, air filter mesh, wedge wire screen, and concertina barbed wire.

J. K. GEARS & MACHINERY  -  exporter of used gear cutting & pressure die casting machines.

KELSONS ENGINEERING AND FABRICATORS  -  laboratory equipment for sand testing.

KUTCH MINERALS  -  processor and manufacturer of foundry grade bentonite powder.

KRANTI METALLURGY PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of various grades of brazing alloys and fluxes, silver brazing alloys, copper brazing alloys, brazing products for joining of carbide to steel.

KHODEL PATTERN CRAFT  -  manufacturer and supplier of foundry wooden and metal patterns.

LAKSHMI MACHINE WORKS (LMW) LTD.  -  ductile / grey iron castings, pattern making in various materials such as seasoned teak wood, aluminium, epoxy resin, cast iron and expandable polysterene.

LUBGRAF SYNOILS PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of lubricants, greases and anti corrosives, lubricants and die release agents for aluminum and zinc pressure die-casting, forging compounds, drawing compounds, metal extrusion lubricants, cutting oils.

MAGNALENZ  -  manufacturer of medium frequency induction melting furnaces for steel, cast iron, copper, brass, aluminium, small capacity induction melting furnaces for silver & gold, solid state power converters, capacitors, thyristors, crucibles, spares and accessories.

METALLURGICAL CONSULTING GROUP  -  consultancy in metallurgy, materials testing, failure analysis, heat treatment, forging and foundry technology, product standardization, cost reduction, quality improvement & productivity enhancement.

MITTAL DHATU RASHAYAN UDYOG  -  metallic stearates, calcium stearate for resin coated sands.

MEGHA INSULATIONS PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of calcium silicate insulation for aluminum industry, steel industry, rolling mill furnaces, cement industry, and glass industry.

METAL LINK ALLOYS LTD.  -  a complete range of metal ingots, tin bronze, phosphorus bronze, aluminium bronze, leaded bronze, manganese bronze, silicon bronze, gunmetal, brass, copper based master alloys - cupro iron, cupro manganese, cupro nickel and phosphorus copper.

METACHEM MANUFACTURING COMPANY PVT. LTD.  -  a wide range of expandable graphite extremely effective when used with normal exothermic or insulating type anti-piping compounds, casting powders and bottom poured teeming compounds.

MAKANEY METALS PVT. LTD.  -  metals scrap recycling, production of primary & secondary lead metal ingots, copper-lead ingots, lead-bronze ingots, tin alloy ingots, aluminium-tin ingots.

MARUTI PROTECTIVES  -  manufacturer and supplier of waxes for investment casting foundries, wax formulations for use on all kinds of wax injection machines with reasonable controlling set-up, filled and unfilled pattern-waxes, water emulsifiable pattern-waxes, water soluble core-waxes, sticky and patch waxes.

METAL POWER ANALYTICAL (I) PVT. LTD.  -  products and services for analytical needs of ferrous and non-ferrous metal industries, laboratory optical / atomic emission spectrometers, mobile spectrometers, sample preparation machines for spectrometers, hydrogen analyzers for molten aluminium, services in material analyses and proficiency testing.

M.P.CARBON PVT. LTD.  -  furnaces, crucibles, graphite stopper heads.

MPM Pvt. Ltd., India's largest manufacturer of engineered Lustrous Carbon Additives, Lustron MPM PVT. LTD.  -  India's leading manufacturer of foundry consumables used and applied in the critical spectrum and eco system of casting preparation such as mold and core making, feeding and methoding systems and melt preparation. India's largest manufacturer of engineered lustrous carbon additives Lustron for use in foundry green sand molding practice.
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MEC SHOT BLASTING EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD.  -  surface preparation and abrasive blasting equipment, incl. for deburring of castings and finishing of castings for decorations or glare free surfaces or general cleaning, air operated / airless shot blasting machines, robotic shot peening machines, blast room systems, blasting cabinets, vacuum blasters, dust collectors for protection of environment, abrasive media - chilled iron grit and shot, steel grit and shot, steel cut wire, aluminum oxide.

MALPRO SILICA PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of sodium silicate and potassium silicate for foundries, precipitated silica and silica gel manufacturing, minerals and ceramics, mining, paper manufacturing, soap and detergent manufacturing, waste treatment, textile processing, zeolite manufacturing, technology, process expertise and consultancy in sodium silicate manufacturing and installation and commissioning of silicate plants on turnkey basis.

NILE LTD.  -  manufacturer of glass lined equipment, pressure vessels, and lead & lead alloys from used lead acid batteries and other lead bearing scrap, product range - pure lead ingots, lead-antimony alloys, lead-selenium alloys, lead-calcium alloys and lead-tin alloys.

NEELKANTH SODACLAYS PVT. LTD.  -  a multi mineral company, bentonite for foundry use, plaster of Paris and gypsum lump and powder.

PATEL FURNACE & FORGING PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of shot blasting machines, shot peening machines, sand blasting machines, surface preparation equipments and metal finishing machines, machines with new designs and new concepts for foundry, forging, shot peening, billet cleaning, strip cleaning, wire descalning and air pollution control equipments, spares for all type of shot blasting and sand blasting machines, abrasives.

PIONEER FURNACES PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of industrial furnaces for various applications in the field of melting, holding and heating, induction melting and holding furnaces for cast iron, copper, aluminium, zinc and their alloys, capacities from 300 kg up to 20 000 kg.

PEES INDUCTION EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of a wide range of induction melting furnaces, induction coils and equipments for ferrous and non ferrous foundries.

PRIYANKA INDUCTION SUPERMELT  -  manufacturer and exporter of medium frequency induction melting and heating furnaces, supplier of a complete range of spares required for reliable operation of induction equipment.

PATTERN-MAKE INDUSTRIES  -  pattern design & making.

PASSARY MINERALS LTD.  -  molding chromite sand.

PSI TECHNOLOGIES INC.  -  foundry sand vibrating screens, mould shake-out / knock-out equipment, industrial conveyors.

ROLL & GRIP CO.  -  manufacturer of dual action hand spray guns for spraying die-coats / release agents on die casting, sand moulding and other types of casting, forging, rubber or plastic moulding.

RSP CORP.  -  producer and exporter of quartz (glassy) and silica ramming mix (monolithic refractory for induction furnaces).
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REMSO CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of inoculants cored wire & other consumables products for iron & steel industries, wire feeding machines, slab tilting machines, hot metal ladles up to 300 Mt capacity, ladle transfer cars, ladle (pre-heaters-dryers) systems, tundish and tundish cars, tundish (pre-heater-dryers), temperature and sampling manipulators, scrap charging buckets, electric arc furnace roof, ladle refining furnace roof, manufacturer of different low voltage electrical and electronic controls systems, expendable thermocouples, sensor and probes for molten steel, immersion samplers.

RAPID FLOW INDIA PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer and exporter of cold chamber pressure die-casting machines, pipe bending machines, sheet metal nibbling machines and hydraulic copying attachment suitable for shaper and planner machines.

RNB GROUP  -  ferrous scrap, non ferrous scrap, stainless steel, primary metals, secondary metals, ferro alloys.

RAJSON INTERNATIONAL  -  jewellery casting equipments & jewellery project consultants.

RK MINERALS  -  manufacturer and exporter of industrial minerals: dunite / olivine sand for foundries, steel plants and refractory industry; dead burnt magnesite used in preparation of furnace ramming masses, refractories / bricks, magnesite mortar and coatings; magnesium oxide, raw magnesite powder, magnesium chloride hexahydrate flakes, magnesium sulphate, lightly calcined magnesite and calcium chloride.

RISHABH PHENOLICS PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of various types of phenolic resins and phenolic moulding materials, including novolac resins for making foundry shell moulds and cores, a part of Rishabh Group of Companies.

SIMPLICON  -  temperature instruments, thermocouples, thermowells, compensating & extension cables, special purpose heaters & heating systems.

SANE BROTHERS & ELLORA ENGINEERING ENGRAVERS  -  manufacturer and supplier of moulds and dies for investment casting.

SHREE BAJRANG SALES PVT. LTD.  -  a multi-locational manufacturer, importer, exporter and marketing agent of raw materials required by steel plants, foundries, ferro alloys, steel shots and welding electrode manufacturers, supplier of ferro alloys, pig iron - foundry grade, ductile iron grade and steel grade, metallurgical coke, aluminum ingots, aluminum shots, zinc ingots, tin ingots, copper ingots and tubes, manganese flakes, lumps and briquettes, cerium misch metals, lustrous carbon, carbon carburisers, carbonaceous additives, silicon inoculants, foundry fluxes, coresticks for silicate, nobake, cold-box and shell types of cores, parting agents for green sand molds, chromite sands, chromite ore - foundry grade, perlite ore, limestone mineral, dolomite and fluorspar, silicon & steel abrasives (shots), industrial furnace oils.

SMELTECH CARBONS  -  production of silicon carbide crucibles for cast iron and non-ferrous melting foundries, "Miracle" silicon carbide crucibles, manufacture of specially shaped refractories in graphite and silicon carbide for a wide range of applications.

STERLING CHEMICALS  -  colloidal silica for foundry, investment casting, refractory and construction industry.

STOKER CONCAST  -  casting machines, casting equipment.

SHARADAA CERAMICS PVT. LTD.  -  castable refractories, no cement castables, exothermic sleeves, insulating boards / swapes, wet mortors / coating materials, silicon carbide crucibles, perlite/mineril wool boards, phosphate bonded alumina/millite bricks.

SUSHA FOUNDERS AND ENGINEERS  -  manufacturer of core shooters / machines for "Hot Box" process and "Cold Box" process with amine gas generator with hot air, molding machines for foundry industry - low pressure die casting machines, gravity die casting machines, shell sand coating machines, continuous mixers, and sand testing equipment.

SWASTIK FURNACES PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous industry, combustion systems, automatic material handling systems, control and automation devices and furnace accessories.

SK GUPTA PVT. LTD. (SKG)  -  manufacturer, exporter and dealer of wide range of refractories and allied products for iron and steel, glass, cement, chemicals, thermal and power industries, castables, fire bricks, cupola bricks, insulation materials, mortars, ramming masses, slide gate refractories, tundish refractories.

SHIKOVI HEAT GEN TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of non ferrous metal melting furnaces - gas fired and oil fired for copper and its alloys and electrical version for aluminium and its alloys, the capacities ranging from 100 kg to 500 kg for copper, silver and its alloys and from 50 kg to 300 kg for aluminium and its alloys, production of laboratory furnaces, kilns, ovens, driers and custom built allied heating systems.

SHAMLAX META-CHEM PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer and exporter of foundry chemicals & foundry fluxes for steel, grey cast iron & nodular iron castings - slag holding compounds, exothermic and insulating riser powers, ladle covers and tundish covers, ladle additives, modified carbon dioxide binders, collapsible agents, pattern & core box stripping agents, sand additives, mould coatings, refractoty coatings, high temperature refractory binders.

SARGAM METALS PVT. LTD.  -  aluminium and zinc casting alloys, test laboratory offering a wide range of testing services.

SLM METAL PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of atomised iron powder, sponge iron powder, alloy iron powder & premixes, iron alloying tablets, iron briquettes, spherical bronze powder and atomised copper powder.

STEEL PLANT SPECIALITIES CO.  -  protective coatings for metallurgy and steel foundries.

SUYASH SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturing of thermal analysis equipment for cast iron, ductile iron & steel foundries in India and abroad - carbon silicon analyzers, temperature indicators, carbon cups, temperature measurement tips.
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SHRI VINAYAK ENGINEERS  -  manufacturer of equipment for foundries - pressure and gravity die casting dies, investment casting moulds, epoxy patterns, core-boxes and molds.

SWELL WELL MINECHEM PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer and supplier of foundry grade bentonite, own mines and most modern production / processing units,
selectively mined and treated bentonite Silverbond / Swellbond is intended for use in foundries with green sand molding and other alike processes.

SSA YANTHRA VIGYAN  -  manufacturer of material testing and metallographic equipments, a complete range of machines and consumables for sample preparation, systems for research laboratories, quality control, production lines and education to enable material characterization, ensure quality, and perform materials research, fields of application - aerospace, automotive & engineering industries, research & development, foundry and heat treatment.

TRISHAKTI ALLOYS PVT. LTD. / ADISHAKTI ALLOYS PVT. LTD.  -  aluminium alloy ingots for cast engineering components made by gravity die casting, pressure die casting and sand moulding.

THE BHARAT ENGINEERING METAL WORKS  -  all types of used and new machinery, induction furnaces, arc furnaces, ladles refining furnaces, die-casting machines, shot blasting equipment, friction screw presses, forging presses and hammers.

TOYO METALLURGICALS LTD.  -  chemicals for foundry use, mould and core coatings, pressure and gravity die casting coats, fluxes - covering and cleaning fluxes, mould and core binders, sand mould additives, auxiliaries.

U.K.PATTERNS  -  Unni Krishnan.K / Ullas Kumar.U Company, gravity die casting and pressure die-casting in aluminum alloys, brass, gun metal, lead and copper, all types of wood and metal patterns.

URJA PRODUCTS PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of fiber glass filter fabrics for molten aluminium filtration - mesh sizes 25, 36, 50, 100, 200, 300, and up to 400 mesh, filter baskets in any shape and dimension for smelters and foundries.

VERSATILE EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD.  -  greensand, reclaimed sand, thermally bonded sand and chemically bonded sand testing equipment, and expert service for foundry laboratories, all of the standard conventional sand testing equipments are offered, in addition to the advanced testing equipments such as friability, wet tensile, gas evolution, and the hot distortion strength.

V-SMART THERMOTECH PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of electronic equipments & sensors required for foundries & steel plants, the product range is widely used in ferrous foundries producing grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, malleable cast iron, various grade steel castings & nonferrous foundries.

WELLMAKE ENGINEERING COMPANY PVT. LTD.  -  electric resistance heating, oil / gas fired melting furnaces for copper, brass, aluminium, zinc and lead, rotary melting furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, accessories.

WESMAN GROUP  -  production of sand mixers and no-bake foundry equipment, design, manufacture, supply, installation, and export of industrial, heat treatment, and melting furnaces, as well as auxiliary combustion equipment, such as burners, blowers, fans, and controls.

ZIRCAR CRUCIBLES PVT. LTD.  -  manufacturer of carbon bonded silicon carbide crucibles, special refractories, clay graphite stoppers, stoppers head, clay graphite ingate sleeves, stands, muffle rings, covers and other related products for copper, brass, bronze, aluminium, silver and gold melting operation.


ESSAR STEEL  -  a global producer of steel, a fully integrated flat carbon steel manufacturer - from iron ore to ready-to-market products which find wide acceptance in highly discerning consumer sectors, such as automotive, white goods, construction, engineering and shipbuilding.

MEGHNA CORPORATION  -  manufacturer and supplier of metal turned components, which are used in electrical, electronics, pneumatics and other engineering industries - electric plug & socket, brass terminal pins, pneumatic parts, cable glands, general components, brass fasteners, and energy meter parts.
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NEELCON STEEL INDUSTRIES  -  manufacturer, supplier & exporter of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper alloys & exotic nickel alloys in form of pipe, tube, stainless steel sheets & plates, fittings & stainless steel flanges, stainless steel nut bolts & fasteners, cupro nickel fittings, valves and other industrial metal products for various sphere of industries ranging from basic industries such as paper, textile, sugar, dairy, cement, engineering to more complex such as petroleum, chemicals, power, offshore, onshore and nuclear industries.

RENAISSANCE GROUP  -  a renown manufacturer and exporter of wide range of stainless steel flanges, round bars, sheet / plates, pipes, nut bolts and fasteners, fittings, alloy steel pipes and round bars, carbon steel pipes and pipe fittings, nickel alloy round bars, metal products for various industrial sectors - chemical industries, oil and gas refineries, fertilizer processing industries, textile and other fabric manufacturing industries.

REGENT STEEL & ENGG. CO.  -  supplier of nickel alloys in the form of sheet, plate, coil, tube, pipe, and round bar.

STERLING ENTERPRISES  -  brass, copper and aluminium parts, cast iron and steel parts from rods, castings and forgings, turnings, sheet metals.
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SARJIT INDUSTRIES  -  manufacturer of metal rolls for rolling mills and other machinery line mills - alloy steel rolls, adamite (alloy steel base) rolls, nodular cast iron rolls, double pour spun cast rolls, indefinite chill solid rolls, and forged rolls.

VARDHAMAN ENGINEERING CORPORATION  -  supplier of ferrous / non-ferrous metals and industrial raw materials, high-purity metals, gallium, indium and magnesium ingots, metal flanges, bars, rods, wires, coils, industrial fasteners, operating worldwide.

VICTOR STEEL CORPORATION  -  manufacturer & exporter of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper alloys & exotic nickel alloys in form of pipes, tubes, sheets, plates, fittings & flanges for paper, textile, sugar, dairy, cement, engineering, petroleum, chemicals, power, offshore, onshore & nuclear industries.

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