Almahdi Hormozal Aluminium Co., The Largest Aluminium Smelter In Iran,
NOOR Metal International Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. Iran, NOOR Metal International Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. - one of the largest exporters of remelted / pure lead ingots, antimonial lead ingots with various of Sb content, remelted copper ingots, aluminum tiles (remelted by Al tense scrap), primary zinc ingots, non-ferrous and stainless steel scrap in Iran -

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ARMAN AYEGHE SEPAHAN CO.  -  refractory bricks, refractory concrete and insulation, mortars, ceramic fiber insulation, fiberglass insulation, wool fiber.

ARYATEC CO.  -  engineering and commercial services, supplier of refractory raw material, lead ingot.

AMOL DIRGODAZ INDUSTRY CO.  -  manufacturer of lightweight refractory bricks and special refractory parts.

AKBARI FOUNDRY CO. (link does not work)  -  steel shot blast / grit producer.

ARIA FELEZ NAB CO.  -  production of aluminium alloy ingots, aluminium hemisphere, cone and wire, briquettes.

ALMAHDI HORMOZAL ALUMINIUM CO.  -  aluminium smelter, production of aliminium alloys ingots.

ARDAKAN INDUSTRIAL CERAMICS (A.I.C.) CO.  -  manufacturer of alumina-based and silicate-based industrial ceramics - alumina grinding balls and liners, wear resistant alumina-based bricks, catalyst bed supports and other special products used in the iron, steel and mining industries, ceramics, porcelain, glazing, pigment and cement industries, oil, natural gas, petrochemical and chemical industries.

ATBIN MFG & ENG. CO., INC.  -  industrial furnaces, ovens, temperature controllers and thermocouples for metal, metallurgy, chemical, casting, paint, food, ceramic, electric and electronic industries.

ATOOR REFRACTORIES CO.  -  production and supply of shaped and unshaped refractory products for steel, aluminium and cement industries.

AZAR REFRACTORIES CO.  -  manufacturer of refractories and dolomite products, capability to produce 150 000 mt shaped, unshaped and special refractories, and 300 000 mt lime for domestic & abroad steel, cement, aluminum, petrochemical, power plants, refineries, and copper industries.

AVA RASIS CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO.  -  manufacturer of spray machinery, industrial sprays and chemical products, metal casting micro-porosity treatment (impregnation) solutions.

AMIXE SAZ ARAK  -  production of aluminum alloys ingots for castings, capacity of 12 000 tons per year, production of aluminum de-oxidants for steel mills in form of ingots, granule and shots in variety of sizes, weights and shapes, production of aluminum and zinc sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection in marine, oil, gas, petrochemical and shipping industries.

BOOTE GODAZ CO.  -  production of carbon electrode paste for manufacturers of ferro-alloys, calcium carbide, copper & aluminum products, cold ramming paste for aluminum electrolysis cells, blast furnaces and other smelting furnaces.

BABAK SILICA (BABAKSILCA) CO.  -  silica sand mass production for sandblast, and cement mortar - an internal protection lining of steel and cast iron pipes for water distribution.

CHIROOK FOUNDRY SAND CO.  -  the main part of Ehya Sepahan Industries & Mines Complex, producer of silica granulated foundry sand and shell molding sand.

C.C.M. ASIA GROUP  -  import-export of foundry and steel industries equipment and raw materials, foundry bentonite, ferroalloys, coal coke, lime, sodium carbonate, chromite, magnetite iron ore.

DIRGODAZ AZARBAIJAN REFRACTORIES CO.  -  production of refractory bricks, castables, mortars, ramming masses and cements for cast iron, steel and non-ferrous foundries, power plants, refineries, petrochemical factories, plaster, cement, porcelain and ceramics plants.

DAFTAR KOLE KALA INDUSTRIAL CO. (DKKI)  -  equipment and accessories for foundry and steel industries, thermocouples, molten metal samplers for representative analysis, molten slag samplers, oxygen- and sublance probes, thermal analysis cups, thermal analysis systems, portable and stationary temperature measurement instruments, hydrogen in molten metal vacuum analysis system, accessories, consulting service, a member of Minco Group - USA.

FOOLAD ARYA CO.  -  steel shot and grit for cleaning, stripping and improving a metal surface.

FARAVARDEH FOOLADI CO.  -  manufacturer of steel abrasives - steel shot and grit, high chrome alloy spare parts for blasting equipment - blades, impellors and pins.

HAMOON N.A CO.  -  installation of moulding lines and foundry equipment, a representative of world renowned foundry suppliers.

HAMEDAN SILICA CO.  -  silica sand for foundries and refractory manufacturers.

IRANIAN ALUMINIUM COMPANY (IRALCO)  -  primary aluminium alloys, production capacity 170 000 t in the form of ingots, billets and slabs.

IRAN FERROSILICE CO.  -  the largest unit for manufacturing ferroalloys - ferrosilicon, magnesium and ferrosilicon bassed inoculants.

IRAN FERROALLOY INDUSTRIES CO. (IFI) (link does not work)  -  a raw materials supplier for steel & foundry industries, capacity of 25000 mt of ferrosilicon which produce 7000 mt microsilica annually.

IMAN GOHAR MATERIAL (IGM) CO.  -  import / export of metals and industry minerals, ferro alloys, pig iron ingot, bentonite, core making resins, core additives, foundry and metallurgical coke, recarburizers, inoculants, coatings, chaplets, ceramic filters, exothermic sleeves, steel shot & grit.

IRAN GULF MATERIAL (IGM) CO., IRAN  -  supplier of more than 60 000 tons / year of zinc & zinc alloy (zamak) ingots from the biggest and the most modern zinc producer in Iran - Zinc Holding Group.
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INDUSTRIAL INDUCTION MELTING CO., LTD. (link does not work)  -  induction melting furnaces.

IRAN I.M.D. CO.  -  production of conventional castables, low cement castables, light weight castables, special castables, mortars, distribution of raw materials for the metallurgical industries, steel plants, cast iron and aluminium foundries - ferro alloys, carburizers, inoculants and nodularisers, aluminium master alloys, graphite and silicon-carbide crucibles.

INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS DISTRIBUTOR (I.M.D.) CO. (link does not work)  -  export of ferro-molybdenum, ferro-manganese powder, castable refractories, import of nickel, silicon metal, ferro-alloys, zircon sand, ceramic fiber, phenol, refractories, etc.

ISFAHAN REFRACTORY INSULATION CO. (IRICO)  -  production of refractory & ceramic products, insulating and semi-insulating bricks, heavy refractory bricks, castables, refractory mortars, casting line runner systems, consulting services.

IRANIAN REFRACTORIES PROCUREMENT & PRODUCTION CO. (IRPPCO)  -  exploration, exploitation, ore processing, production, import and export of refractory minerals, refractory grade dead-burned magnesia, caustic calcined magnesia and magnesia base refractory clinkers, sister companies: Suravajin Aghigh Mining & Industrial Co. and Semirom Refractory Mining Co.

IRAN REFRACTORY PRODUCT CO. (IREPCO)  -  production of different kind of basic refractories (bricks and monolithics) for iron and steel plants and foundries, copper, lead and zinc factories, cement, glass and lime industries.

KANSAR GROUP (link does not work)  -  the most important producers of silica sand in Iran, the Group includes Iran Kansar Co. with capacity of 80 000 tons/year silica sand for foundry proposes, Mineral Kansar Nasouz Razi Co. with capacity of 90 000 tons / year silica sand for glass production and foundries, and Madankaran Nasouz Co. with capacity of 90 000 tons / year silica sand for glass production and foundry use.

KARA MAVAD CO. (link does not work)  -  supplier of ferro alloys, shot, crucibles, ingots and consumables for foundries.

MEHR KANAZ SANAT CO.  -  supplier of mobile and stationary measuring instruments, temperature measuring and monitoring contact and non-contact type and infrared cameras, infrared thermometers, portable thermographic systems, coating thickness gauges, gas analysers, dust measuring instruments.

MEHRGODAZ REFRACTORIES CO.  -  refractories for furnaces, convertors and ladles in steel, aluminum, copper, cement and petrochemical industries, direct bonded and silicate bonded magnesia bricks, magnesia spinel, chromite & forsterrite bricks, resin bonded magnesia carbon bricks, alumina magnesia carbon, phosphate bonded alumina bricks, alumina zircon bricks, basic masses (casting, gunning, ramming), insulating masses, alumina silicate, bauxite and corundum refractory bricks, refractory concretes and ultra low cement castables, insulating refractory castables, special refractories including sliding gates, nozzles, runners, stoppers, refractory mortars (wet & dry), fillers, refractory plastics, annual capacity 15 000 tons shaped refractories and 10 000 tons monolithic refractories.

NOVIN GODAZ AMIN CO.  -  production of non ferrous alloys, specially aluminum alloys and zinc alloys (zamak) for metallurgical / foundry industrial purpose, production capacity is 10 000 tons of aluminum and 3 000 tons of zamak per year, other ancillary activities of the company are converting and treatment of scrap metals.

NATIONAL IRANIAN LEAD & ZINC (NILZ) CO.  -  lead and lead alloy ingots, zinc ingots.

NOOR METAL INTERNATIONAL CO, (PVT.) LTD.  -  supplier of remelted / pure lead ingots, antimonial lead ingots with various of Sb content, remelted copper ingots, aluminum tiles (remelted by Al tense scrap), primary zinc ingots, non-ferrous scraps and stainless steel scrap.

PAK BRONZE CO.  -  ferrous and non-ferrous foundry, production of wood, aluminum, cast iron, araldite and copper alloys patterns and core-boxes.

PERSOL CORPORATION  -  supplier of metallurgical coke, iron ore, chrome ore and industrial chemicals.

PARTO KIMIA FELEZ CO. (link does not work)  -  molybdenum trioxide and ferro molybdenum producer & supplier.

PUYESH SANAT ALBORZ TAVANA  -  designer and manufacturer of metalography lab equipment.

PARS-SHENPASH CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of portable and cabinet sand blast machines, blast rooms & air spray systems, and paint spray machines with different kind of capacities, safety equipments & accessories.

RANGUIN AAHAN CO. (link does not work)  -  chromite sands for foundry industry, hematite iron oxide for using as additive in molding.

RESITAN CO.  -  various resins such as foundry resins and hardeners for hotbox, thermoshock, coldset, coldbox, and shell processes, phenolic binders, moulding resins, surface coating resins, adhesives, annual production capacity of over 20 000 tons.

RAZI METALLURGICAL RESEARCH CENTER (RMRC)  -  specializing in metals, polymers, ceramics and software engineering, metal casting processing design, failure analysis for all metals and alloys, consulting services.
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RAYAN REFRACTORIES ENGINEERING & PRODUCTION CO. (RRC)  -  refractory materials production and technical consultation on their application, shaped monolithics from pocket blocks in continuous casting systems up to huge delta part of electric arc furnace roof, unshaped monolithics - castables, mouldables, gunnings, mortars i.e. joint materials used in brickwork or for joining prefabricated parts, mastics, refractory coating materials, steel anchors and equipments required in monolithics installation.

ROWSHAN SANAAT ENG. CO.  -  designing and producing of industrial equipment for steel and cast iron industries, supplier of all kinds of machineries and equipment required by the casting industries, pneumatic conveyers for sand, bentonite and coal dust, mold transfer lines, continuous mixer for cold and hot set resins, molding compact tables, flasks, turnover and mold separators, sand reclamation plants, cold box sand crushers, vibratory shake-out conveyors, core shooters, ladles top and bottom pouring from 100 kg to 10 tons.

RAH SANAT REFRACTORIES CO.  -  insulating fire bricks, zircon ramming masses, high alumina dense castables, high alumina airset mortars, fire clay dense castables, products for industrial furnaces in iron and steel, aluminium, copper, cement, ceramic tile, glass, petrochemical, oil and gas sectors.

SHAHID BAHONAR COPPER INDUSTRIES CO.  -  manufacturer of copper and copper alloy semifinished products.
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SEPID CERAMIC FIBER CO.  -  ceramic fibre products for different types of thermal insulations in a wide range of applications up to 1400ºC - insulation for crucibles, canals and roofs of melting furnaces, covering casting nozzles, investment casting molds wrappings, seals between sections of metal pouring equipment, filtration medium for separating slag from metal melts, production of thermal pastes, mastics and coatings - inorganic liquid compounds with high temperature resistance in order to stick ceramic fiber products to furnace walls and roof.

SADID ZINC ZANJAN CO.  -  manufacturer of zinc ingots with the purity of 99/96 to 99/98 with the capacity of 9000 tons per year.

TAPKA CO.  -  design and manufacturing of induction melting, hardening and preheating furnaces.

YAZD FARANASOOZ CO. (YFC)  -  production of different insulators and refractories, bricks, mortars and special parts for iron and steel, aluminum, copper, oil, petrochemical, cement, tile and ceramic, glass and gypsum industries.

ZARAND COKE MAKING & TAR REFINERY CO.  -  production of metallurgical and foundry coke.

ZOB IRAN INDUSTRIES CO.  -  refractory materials for foundry industry, high alumina castables, chrome ore based castables, insulating fireclay castables, fireclay mortars.

ZANJAN ZINC KHALESSAZAN IND. CO.  -  the biggest zinc factory in Middle East, zinc ingots for foundries.

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