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AGRATI AEE S.r.l.  -  cold chamber and hot chamber pressure die-casting machines.

ALU-BRASS S.r.l.  -  moulds (dies) for production of medium-small aluminium and brass jets for mechanics, hydraulics, electrical and hobby applications.

A.CESANA S.r.l.  -  manufacturer and supplier of fluxes for the metallurgical treatment of aluminium, copper, magnesium and zinc alloys, casting release agents, coatings for low pressure and gravity die casting, lubricants for the aluminium extrusion, crucibles, refractory, insulation and accessories for cast-houses and foundries, degassing units, analyzers for molten aluminium control, accessories for continuous casting machines and casting slabs and billets, metallurgical processes consultancy - density, composition, dosage, maintenance, ecology and investment.

ANSALDO SISTEMI INDUSTRIALI S.p.A.  -  automation, electric motors and generators, power electronics and control, standard and customised products in iron and steel making for flat, long and non-ferrous products.

BIT & GML S.r.l.  -  production of plywood, polystyrene, resin and aluminium foundry patterns, rotational moulds, models for moulds in composite materials (fiberglass and carbon) for the marine, automotive, aeronautical sectors and furniture, thermoforming moulds, aesthetic and functional models.

BELLOI E ROMAGNOLI S.r.l.  -  production of foundry machinery and equipment, complete green sand preparation plants, automatic moulding lines for cast iron, steel and nonferrous metals, multi-piston squeeze head moulding machines, air impact + squeeze moulding machines, rotary sand and casting cooling drums, cold-blast cupolas and loading systems, automatic systems for sand control, every kind and size of ladles.

BOSELLO HIGH TECHNOLOGY S.r.l.  -  the company operates in the field of NDT (non-destructive testing), and specifically in industrial radioscopy to control product quality through X-Ray, which find their application in various sectors: automotive, aerospace, food, new radioscopic NDT solutions - computed tomography for castings which gives the third dimension to the fluoroscopic analysis for making measurements and identifying possible defects.

BARALDI LUBRIFICANTI S.r.l.  -  producer of lubricants and release agents for aluminum and magnesium die-casting.

BALOSSI S.r.l.  -  production of lubrication systems for die-casting machines, spray nozzles, hand spray gun models, automatic spray nozzles for robotics, manifolds with any kind of dimension, pitch and features, plunger lubrication systems, dispensers, tanks, pneumatic pumps, accessories.

BARATTIERI S.r.l.  -  hardness measuring instrumentation for forging, foundries, heat treatments industry and steel factories.

COLOMBO EDIGIO S.a.s.  -  mullers, screening and vibrating machines, jolting and squeezing moulding machines, core-blowing and core-shooting machines, shakeout systems, processing and distribution equipment for floor moulding, conveyor belts.

CARLO BANFI S.p.A.  -  airblast, wheelblast, peening equipment, suspended workpiece blasting machines, continuous feeding blasting machines, loose workpiece blasting machines, rotating table blasting machines for foundries, a part of IMF Group.

CARLO GENNARI FORNI  -  plant and machinery supply for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, melting and holding furnaces, mini furnaces for low-medium capacity bronze, brass foundries, laboratory, educational, prototyping and gold, ladles for liquid metal's transport, heat treatment furnaces, furnaces for forging processes, heating systems in metallurgy, mixers for paints for dies and sand moulds, second hand casting machines, second hand melting and holding furnaces for aluminium, brass, bronze, zamak, second hand complete plants for different sectors, metal news center specialized both in the study of ferrous and non ferrous metal markets from production to transformation and recycling, both in Italy and abroad, consulting services.

C.M. S.n.c. di TARICCO NATALINO & C.  -  dies for permanent mould casting.
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C.M. SURFACE TREATMENT S.p.A.  -  design, manufacture and sales of automatic blast cleaning and shot peening equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, light alloy extrusion, heat treatment, stamping, forging, glass container, plastics, tool manufacture, gear, and spring, equipment in ranges including rotary table units, tumble units, hanger units, in-line belt units and machines for special applications.

CAVENAGHI S.p.A.  -  coatings, binders, hardeners and other chemical products for foundry use, refractory materials.

CEEVER S.r.l.  -  producer of a robotized high pressure washing and deburring machines specific for cast aluminium products after mechanical processing, solutions for the automotive sector.

COLOSIO S.r.l.  -  production of horizontal cold chamber pressure die casting machines for aluminium, brass and magnesium casting, hot chambers pressure die casting machines for zamak and magnesium casting, accessories - automatic ladles, die sprayers, pieces extractors and robots, used die casting machines and accessories.

CRASE S.r.l.  -  measuring instruments, hardness testers, instruments and consumables for metallography.

CO.STAMP S.r.l.  -  production of moulds for die casting of aluminium and magnesium castings for the automotive industry, maintenance and optimization of existing moulds, production of medium / small batches, prototype series, project management.

DELTA MOULDS S.r.l.  -  specialised in design and production of permanent steel moulds and core boxes for gravity and low pressure die casting of aluminium alloys.

DEMO MODELTEC S.r.l.  -  production of small and large aluminium, cast iron, steel, wood, resin and polystyrene patterns, gravity / low pressure die-casting moulds, precision machining.

DALMEC S.p.A.  -  manufacture of industrial manipulators for various sectors from mechanical, chemical and food industry to the building sector, incl. manipulators for the foundry industry - for the handling of rims, moulds, precision castings, having different dimensions and weights.

ELANTAS CAMATTINI S.p.A.  -  supplier of a complete range of application cycles and products to the model and mould industry, the sales program includes the polyurethane, silicon and epoxy resins for negative and foundry patterns, tooling boards for foundry patterns, tooling boards for prototyping etc, a member of Altana AG - Germany.

ERGOLINES LAB S.r.l.  -  production of electromagnetic stirrers and special instrumentation for billet and bloom casters / continuous casting facilities - electromagnetic mould level measurement and control systems, powder thickness measurement and control systems, automatic mould powder feeder systems, portable electromagnetic gauss-meter probes, mould oscillation monitoring systems and oscillator checkers, mould thermal monitoring and breakout prevention systems, vibrational slag carry-over detection systems, spare parts, after sales consultancy, instrumental analysis and system calibration, personalized training courses.

EKELUND S.r.l.  -  holding furnaces for aluminium melting and heat treatment, solutions for the annealing and quenching of aluminium castings, lost wax casting technology solutions, customers: mechanical and metallurgical industrial plants, foundries, enterprises of heat treatment, manufacturers of automotive components, aerospace parts and construction equipment, agricultural, railway, electrical and electronic sectors.

ELECTROMAC S.r.l.  -  design and manufacture of electropneumatic machines for non-ferrous metal gravity casting.

EMTI S.r.l.  -  buy and sale good second hand machinery.

FATA ALUMINUM S.r.l.  -  supplier of a wide range of products for aluminium and iron foundries, multi-purpose casting machines for the gravity die casting of aluminium castings, piston casting machines, carousels, core shooting machines, sand reclamation / sand regeneration systems, lost foam systems, pouring robots for the production of gravity aluminium casting, pouring benches, automatic casting unloaders, core setters, engineering 6 axes robots, ancillary equipment, integrating cells, process control systems.

FOUNDRY ECOCER  -  products and auxiliaries for non-ferrous foundries, fluxes for modification, purification and refining of non-ferrous alloys, master intermediate alloys for melts, coatings for protection of metallic dies, cores and sand moulds with organic-inorganic binder, lubricants and detaching products for die-casting extrusion and metal working, refractory and insulating materials specific for aluminium alloys casting, refractory cements, pre-shaped ceramics, ceramic foam filters, glass fibers filtering tissue, filter-bowls, crucibles, transfer ladles, technical assistance and consulting services.

FRATELLI MAZZON S.p.A.  -  production of auxiliary chemical products for foundries - coatings for cores and molds, coatings for lost foam process, special coatings for metal molds, furan resins and phenol formaldehyde resins for No-bake process, cold and hot glues for cores and molds, parting agent for pattern plates, ceramic foam filters, silver graphite, natural graphite, talc, iron oxide, zirconium quartz.

FOUNDRY SERVICE S.p.A.  -  release lubricants, protective oils and waxes, fluxes and pads for every kind of alloy, capsules for degassing, modifying, deoxidating, ceramic filters, filtering nets, paints, refractory, melting pots, crucibles for aluminum, brass, bronze and zamak, foundry machinery and testing tools, consulting services.

FAPROSID S.r.l.  -  producer of exothermic and insulating materials for foundries and steel plants - exothermic microsleeves for spheroidal graphite cast iron and steel castings, insulating sleeves for all types of metal, sleeves with ceramic fibers, insulating sleeves with biosoluble fibres with melting point of 1000-1200 C for non-ferrous metals and some types of cast iron, insulating and exothermic hot tops for steel ingots manufacturing.

FOMET S.r.l.  -  induction furnaces for cast iron, copper and brass, furnace equipment and automation pouring systems.

GASPAROTTO-FONDAL S.r.l.  -  design, programming on the computer, and producing of metal moulds for pressure-die casting.

GERLI METALLI S.p.A.  -  products for steel mills, steel foundries, cast iron foundries and non ferrous metal industries, primary and secondary aluminium alloys for foundries, ingots, T-bars, billets, wire rod and half nuts for deox, zinc alloys, nickel-magnesium alloys, tin alloys, hematite pig iron, nodular pig iron and basic pig iron, ferro-alloys, nodularisers and inoculants, alloying tablets and briquettes for aluminium industry, cored wires for foundries.

GEFOND S.r.l.  -  representative and distributor of technologic equipment, consumables, spare parts and accessories for foundries, furnaces and crucibles for pressure diecasting, gravity diecasting and sand moulding, lubrication systems and spraying units for diecasting, sprue bushes, dosing / rising tubes, thermocouple accessories, ceramic foam filters, chemical products and fluxes for the metal treatment.

GNR S.r.l.  -  an analytical instruments group which designs and produces optical emission spectrometers for the measurement of elemental chemical composition of metal alloys and related accessories and sample's preparation, optical emission spectrometers for the measurement of contaminants, additives and wear metals in lubricants oils, coolants, hydraulic fluids, x-ray laboratory and portable diffractometers for the study of different material structure and composition.

IDRA CASTING MACHINES S.p.A.  -  producer of pressure die casting machines.

ITALIANA COKE S.p.A.  -  coke plant, supplier of blast furnace coke, metallurgical coke and foundry coke.

ITALPRESSE INDUSTRIE S.p.A.  -  high / low pressure and gravity die casting machines and automatic work cells for the production of complex automotive castings to the world's main OEM foundries.

IMR S.p.A.  -  machines and services for the casting of copper based alloys, low pressure die-casting machines, gravity die casting machines, core blowing machines, fast sand mixers, glass bead peening machines, low frequency channel induction furnaces for melting and holding brass.

IMF S.r.l. (IMPLIANTI e MACCHINE FONDERIA)  -  high-speed continuous mixers, fast-loop and roll-overs equipment, manual and automatic handlers, sand reclamation plants, shake-out units, machines for chemically hardened mould production.

JODOVIT S.r.l.  -  supplier of casting fireclays, silicon-aluminium refractories for foundries and steel plants, a complete range of insulating and exothermic powders, insulating powder for tundish covering, fluxes for the treatment of the liquid metal, alloy additive and degassing tablets for aluminium melts, insert sleeves suitable for cast iron and steel castings, insulating and exothermic vacuum feeders, filters and filtration systems for big steel and cast iron castings, alcohol or water based coatings for moulds and cores, lubricants for aluminium, magnesium and zinc die-casting.

LAVIOSA CHIMICA MINERARIA S.p.A.  -  bentonites, foundry sands, coal dusts, graphites, additives for the green sand molding.

LEGOR GROUP S.p.A.  -  supplier of gold, silver or other precious metals for jewellery sector, master alloys in the form of drops, powders, paste, liquids and semi-processed wire, non-precious metals (bronze and brass) for investment casting and processing, a complete line of alloys for dental applications, galvanic solutions and systems, machinery, tools and consumption products, own metal casting laboratory for investment casting in gold, silver and non-precious metals, CAD-CAM modeling and rapid prototyping, rubber moulds production and waxes and trees preparation.

LG PRIMET S.r.l.  -  production of cold-box and shell-molding cores for cast iron, steel, aluminum and special alloys castings.

LA REFRATTARIA S.n.c.  -  production of furnace refractory concretes, bricks, ceramic blocks, mortars and insulating materials.

LA TERMOTECNICA S.n.c.  -  production and design of resistance temperature detectors and thermocouple type temperature sensors for the furnaces in iron and steel industry, heating plants, chemical and petrochemical industry, glass and ceramic industry.

MODELLERIA BRAMBILLA S.r.l.  -  foundry patterns, core boxes, molds and dies.

MUSTO ET BUREAU S.r.l.  -  manufacturer of crucibles for magnesium alloys and stainless steel crucibles for zinc alloys for all types of furnaces - hot and cold chamber die casting, sand and gravity casting, remelting and recycling, supplier of equipment and plants for the casting of light alloys - separators, conveyor belts, casting and holding furnaces, probes, controller and instruments for the temperature control.

MODELLERIA FIERA S.a.s.  -  wood, resin or metal foundry patterns and core-boxes, metallic moulds for lost-wax process, creation or reproduction of artistic works of all kinds, prototypes.

MAGALDI GROUP  -  belt conveyor technologies and systems for castings handling, castings cooling, sprues handling and casting sorting, hot sand transportation, molds transportation, crusher feeding, furnace feeding, shot-blast machine loading.

MARBO ITALIA S.p.A.  -  manufacturer of chemical specialties for the footwear manufacturing, automotive, transportation, aerospace, wind energy, furniture, toys and packaging for cosmetics sectors, lubricants for die casting of aluminium, magnesium and zinc alloys, graphited products for forging, drawing and gravity casting, coatings for ladles and thermocouples, graphited paste for soldering prevention, aluminium pigmented paste for mould start up, graphited grease for general lubrication, water and solvent based semipermanent mould release agents.

MATTEUZZI MODELLI S.n.c.  -  manufacturer of foundry patterns, core-boxes, dies and prototypes in wood, resin, fibreglass and metal.

MODELMEC S.r.l.  -  production of foundry patterns in wood, polystyrene, resin and aluminium.

MUZZI S.r.l.  -  producer of electroplated diamond and CBN tools for applications in various technical fields, from precision mechanics to soft stone shaping, abrasive tools for deburring cast iron castings - deburring wheels for automatic machines and grinding robot cells, cutting discs for feeder heads, cylindrical burrs with round or flat head.

MODELLISTA STEZZANESE S.r.l.  -  manufacturer of wood or resin foundry patterns and core-boxes, without limits of complexity of shape or size, traditional and CAD-CAM technology, production of foundry polystyrene patterns manually or via 5-axis milling for full-mould process (replicast-process,evaporative-pattern casting).

MODELLERIA VENEZIANA S.n.c.  -  production of resin patterns for foundries.

MODELLERIA ZANCHETTIN  -  foundry patterns in wood, resin and metal, small and medium size.

NUOVA PROTECME S.r.l.  -  products for the foundry industry - protecting fluxes for aluminium, copper and zinc alloys, modifying, grain refining, degassing agents for aluminium alloys, refractory protecting coatings, lubricants for pressure die casting, master alloys, ceramic foam filters, crucibles.

NICEM S.p.A.  -  manufacturer of machines, plant and accessories for centrifugal casting of alloys with a low melting point like zinc, tin, eutectic and other alloys employed for the production of accessories for shoes and leatherwear, technical accessories, pewter items, costume jewellery, buckles and metal smallware,
a wide range of silicon rubbers for centrifugal casting and lost wax casting or micro-casting, and machines, systems and technologies to finish the surfaces of metal objects batches made of zamak, brass, aluminum, steel and stainless steel, used in the fields of jewellery and other industrial applications.

NORBLAST S.r.l.  -  surface treatment and finishing machines, spare parts for sand blasting machines - gloves, glass, seals, sand hoses, suction hoses, nozzles, valves, filtering cartridges, exhausters, grits - microballs of glass, steel and ceramic, white and red corundum, beads in cast iron and plastic, product sectors - ceramics, foundry, gears, stainless steel, small parts, plastics, moulds, turning shops, tools, glass.

OPDEL S.n.c.  -  furnaces and machinery for precious metals treatment - melting furnaces, tilting furnaces for melting, continuous casting furnaces and continuous casting machines, annealing furnaces, braze welding belt ovens, and vacuum casting machines, graphite crucibles, dies and cores in isostatic graphite for metal profiles, graphite accessories, refractory materials - ceramic fibre, plates for chambers and furnace refractory bricks, ceramic pastes, silicon and cement, machines for cleaning, degreasing and washing of the mechanical parts, hardware and equipment, sandblasting machines and sandblaster products, consulting services.

OMSG S.p.A.  -  design and manufacture of shot blasting machines, shot-peening machines and machine systems for steel, cast iron and non ferrous foundries, pressing, heat treatment, steel structural works, tanks, pipe line plant, liquid and compressed gas bottles, metallic wire and bars, and paint removal, overhauled and reconditioned with original spare parts and skilled labor second hand shot and sand blasting machines.

PROTECH S.r.l.  -  sandblasting machines, sandblasting plants, special machines and accessories.

R.B. AUTOMAZIONE S.r.l.  -  manufacturer of instrumentation for technological tests on coal, coke, iron ores and raw materials for coke plants, iron and steel industries, mines and inspection companies.

RAFFINERIA METALLI CAPRA S.p.A.  -  production plant for refining of scrap and production of secondary aluminium ingots for pressure die casting and semi-primary alloys for chill casting.

REMO SPERONI S.r.l.  -  production of modular moulding boxes for hand moulding and automatic moulding plants.

SANZFOR di SANZOGNI RADAMES  -  electric induction ovens for bronze, brass and aluminum melting, induction ovens suitable for scrap fusions and copper, bronze, brass to produce ingots and billets, and the standby oven of continuous casting plant, induction ovens for aluminum alloys melting suitable for use in pressure die casting (cold chamber) and gravity die casting, with the extraction of the manual or automatic molten metal, electric resistance ovens for melting aluminum and zinc alloys - from 35 kg up to 630 kg, control cabinets suitable for every type of induction ovens with a network frequency of 50/60 Hz, plant systems and installations for the forming of ingots or billets in copper, bronze and brass, constructions of continuous casting plants, used-overhauled induction melting ovens and control cabinets.

S. ERASMO ZINKAL S.p.A.  -  production of zamak ingots, zinc alloys for the pressure die casting.

SACAL - SOCIETA ALLUMINIO CARISIO S.p.A.  -  production of secondary aluminium alloys for foundries, a part of Cordifin Group.

SAVELLI S.p.A.  -  products and services for the foundry industry.

SIDERMES S.p.A.  -  supplier of measurement probes and instruments for the metallurgical industry.

SIMAR S.p.A.  -  production of zinc and copper semifinished products, zinc alloys (zamak) for pressure die-casting, zinc alloys for centrifugal casting in rubber moulds, a part of Cordifin Group.

SIR - SOLUZIONI INDUSTRIALI ROBOTIZZATE S.p.A.  -  industrial robotic solutions, light alloy machining, cutting, separation, deburring, solutions for removing residuals from gravity / pressure die castings, deadhead removal for moulded, green sand cast and die-cast parts, cast iron machining, steel processing, devices for automatic tool change.

STUDIO TECNICO di MARASTONI MASSIMILIANO  -  manufacturer of gravity die casting machines for aluminium and copper alloys.
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TMN-MOTORSPORT  -  design and production of wood and resin patterns and core-boxes for aluminum, magnesium, bronze or cast iron foundries.

TECNOPRESSE S.r.l.  -  manufacturer of high-pressure die-casting machines and relating spare-parts.

TOPCAST S.r.l.  -  equipment for jewellery - casting machines, melting furnaces, equipment for dental alloys - casting machines for sheet ingots, centrifugal casting machines, equipment for industrial alloys - furnaces and machines for lost-wax casting of aluminum, bronze, brass, titanium and steel, electronic
devices - frequency converter, power rectifiers, infrared pyrometers.

VENETA LOMBARDA REFRATTARI S.r.l  -  refractory materials for foundries and other industries.

VEMEK S.r.l.  -  foundry chaplets especially suitable in the ringed stem version, for casting motors, cylinders, boilers, and pumps.


BANDINELLI & FORNI METALLI S.p.A.  -  supplier of a wide range of semi-finished products in ferrous and nonferrous metals, brass bars, plates and profiles, round brass pipes, bronze pipes, copper bars, plates and wire, aluminium sheet, plates and bars, carbon steel and corrosion resistance steel bars.

EURAL GNUTTI S.p.A.  -  production of semi-finished aluminium products, aluminium alloy profiles for high-tech industrial applications, extruded and drawn rods and bars.

MIGLIARI ALLUMINIO S.r.l.  -  wholesalers of semi-finished products in aluminium and all its main alloys, products in copper, bronze, brass and other non-ferrous metals in form of sheets, strips, disks, wires, bars, tubes, cable conductors and profiles.

SILMET S.p.A.  -  production of copper tubes for water, heating and sanitary applications and industrial use in level wound coils.

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