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ULBA METALLURGICAL PLANT (UMP) JSC  -  one of the world largest producers of uranium products - natural U3O8, UO2 powders, fuel pellets for atomic power plants, beryllium products - ingots, powders, copper-beryllium, aluminum-beryllium and nickel-beryllium master alloys, beryllium oxide base ceramics, tantalum products - ingots, rolled metal, chips, wires and rods, powders, materials for capacitors, TaW alloys and products, niobium products - ingots, chips, rods, wires, powders, NbTi alloy ingots, NbZr alloy ingots and products, niobium pentoxide, hydrofluoric acid, metallurgical grade fluorite, and manganese fluoride.

YUZHPOLIMETALL JSC  -  one of the largest plants of the world for production of rafinate lead - up to 160 thousand tons per year, production of metal zinc and zinc oxide of high purity, metal bismuth, salts and bismuth oxides, rare metals - thallium, cadmium, tellurium, rhenium, noble metals - gold and silver alloys, production of break stone, sand, grit, brick, quartz sand and bentonite, own foundry for cast iron, steel and nonferrous castings.

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