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ARM SA LTD.  -  manufacturer of sodium silicate in factories in Kenya (capacity of 60 000 ton per year) and South Africa (30 000 ton per year), sodium silicate in solid and liquid form for different industrial sectors, including foundry industry, a part of ARM Cement Ltd. - Kenya, a mineral extraction and processing company, supplier of cement, quick & hydrated lime, and various industrial minerals.

KENS METAL INDUSTRIES LTD.  -  distribution of special steels, cast iron, bronze, brass, copper and aluminium in form of ingots, profiles, plates, rods, bars, tubes, own foundry shop for production of cast iron, brass, bronze and aluminium castings.

KENYA METAL REFINERY EPZ LTD.  -  battery-scrap processing and lead recycling, production of pure lead and lead alloys ingots, a part of Metal Refinery Group - the leading lead smelter in the African Zone.

M-BENISA LTD.  -  supplier of washed high purity silica sand for foundries and industrial minerals.

RISHIT METALS LTD.  -  production of secondary aluminium ingots, brass ingots and copper ingots for foundries, production of forklift counter weights by
V-process, a part of Bajoria Group - India.

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