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DILERS SIA  -  production of secondary aluminium alloys in ingots, sales and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals scrap, collection and utilization of domestic and hazardous wastes.

FONEKSS METALS SIA  -  production of full range of aluminium casting alloy ingots, aluminium alloys for specific engineering requirements, aluminium dross-skimming and powder, and copper alloys, processing and trading of non-ferrous metal scrap.

HIDROLATS SERVISS SIA  -  one of the Hidrolats Group of companies, specialized in finishing of castings - fettling, grinding, cutting, steel-blasting, polishing, painting, welding, machining, assembling, manufacturer of of various supplementary and service equipment for foundries from welded steel sheet and profiles: storage boxes and racks, molding frames and molding boxes, hooks and baskets for shot-blasting equipment, building elements and constructions.

KMM METALS SIA  -  production of continuous casting bronze semi-finished products - flat bares, hexagonal and octagonal bares, and tubes, supplier of bronze ingots for foundries.

KERAMSERVISS SIA  -  graphite and ceramic crucibles, cups and auxiliary instruments for metal casting, high temperature insulating refractory materials, high temperature fire proof insulating materials - insulating ropes, laggings, tapes, bricks, blocks, moduls, blanket and bulk type fiber wool, heat treatment equipment - muffles, kilns, crucible furnaces, dryers and their spare parts, metrology equipment and calibrators, temperature measurement accessories, thermocouples, heat protection clothing - gloves, jackets, trousers, coats, hoods.

LEKON SIA  -  precious metals refining and trading, semi-finished precious metals products in form of ingots, wires and sheets.

VALMIERA FIBER GLASS SIA  -  manufacturers of glass fiber based products for technical thermal insulation for the metallurgy, automobile and machine building, aerospace, chemical, military and protective clothing and other industrial markets, the Group companies are located in Latvia, UK and USA.

V LESS PLUS LTD.  -  aluminium scrap buying and recycling, production of secondary aluminium alloys in form of ingots up to 5 kg, non-ferrous metals trading.

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