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ABF LT UAB  -  molds / dies design and manufacturing.

BALTICAL UAB  -  secondary aluminum refinery, production capacity is up to 16000 tons per year, aluminum alloys ingots for foundries and aluminum ingots for steel deoxidation in metallurgy plants.

DIRMETA UAB  -  manufacturer of mould tools for aluminum casting and plastic products, sheet metal stamping tools, machinery and non standard equipment.
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IDD UAB  -  metallographic microscopes for identification and analysis of the structures of different metals and alloys, binocular microscopes, accessories.

INTERAUTOMATIKA UAB  -  measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process engineering, temperature sensors for industrial metal alloys and for liquids / gas temperature measurement, industrial thermometers, temperature transmitters and controllers, temperature sensors accessories, frequency converters and contactors, laboratory equipment.

JUVELYRIKOS OAZE UAB  -  production of dies, tools and equipment for jewelers, manufacturer of cast silver jewelry.

MILVARAS UAB  -  production of pressure dies and other moulds and manufacturing equipment, aluminium alloys pressure die casting.

UMEGA AB  -  the Electrical Engineering Department develops and manufactures laboratory and industrial electric furnaces, gas furnaces, high temperature thermal insulation materials for use in furnaces, kilns, ovens and other high temperature applications.

UTERNA UAB  -  design and manufacture of electric furnaces and dryers for different branches of industry - stationary and tilted crucible furnaces for melting of non-ferrous metals, multi-purpose electrical furnaces for thermal processing, furnaces for ceramics and jewellery workshops, laboratory furnaces.

VARINE KARUNA UAB  -  wholesale non-ferrous metals and their alloys - copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, lead, solder, tin and babbitt.

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