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FESIL SALES S.A.  -  a complete range of products for the steel and foundry industry - aluminium, chromium metal, copper, manganese, silicon metal, tin, pig iron, ferroalloys, alloying elements, coal & coke, graphite electrodes, insulating / exothermic risers for steel, cast iron and non-ferrous casting, inoculants for ladle and in-mould treatment, recarburizers, extruded filters, foam filters, a subsidiary branch of the British Columbian global supply chain company MFC Industrial Ltd.

L.C.M.A. S.A.  -  manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of titanium alloy semi-finished products - titanium bars, titanium ingots, titanium tubes, titanium
sheets / plates and titanium wire.

NIZI INTERNATIONAL S.A.  -  trading and distribution of ferroalloys, high purity pig iron, nodular, basic and foundry pig iron, zinc metal and alloys, lead metal and alloys, nickel metal and powder, tin metal, and technical products to the foundry industry - silicon carbide, recarburizers, inoculants and cored wire, foundry coke,
a part of Holta Invest A.S. - Norway.

PAUL WURTH S.A.  -  a technology-oriented company, mainly active in the iron, steel and non-ferrous industries, the services range from engineering to commissioning of equipment and systems for the metals industry and environmental protection, including the management of large construction projects.

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