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SOPRI  -  consultancy, training and customer support service, fields of competence - metallurgical, mechanical, chemical and plastics industries.

SOCIETE DES FONDERIES DE PLOMB DE ZELLIDJA (SFPZ)  -  lead-containing material processing, roasting, smelting and refining, production of primary soft lead ingots, fine silver and copper matte, a part of Somed Group.

SAMAB MAROC  -  lead recycling, smelting and refining, production of lead ingots.

SEDRIC S.A.  -  supplier of products and solutions for foundries, metallurgy, ceramics, cement and glassware industries, refractory and insulating bricks, concretes, insulating rockwool, glass wool, fibrous insulating ceramics.

SONEFI - SOCIETE NOUVELLE D'EQUIPEMENT ET FOURNITURES INDUSTRIELLES  -  supplier of ferro-alloys, graphite electrodes for arc furnaces, recarburants, deoxidizers of slags, mould coatings, refractory bricks, castables and concretes, ceramic foam filters, exothermic sleeves.


FONEX ALUMINIUM  -  extrusion of aluminium profiles for facades, windows and doors, removable partitions, verandas, guard rails, a subsidiary of
Delta Holding Group.

MAGHREB STEEL  -  hot rolled and cold rolled flat steel products, coils, sheet, strips, plates, overall production capacity of over one million tons of steel.

SOFAFER SARL  -  production of steel tubes, profiles, coils, strips, plates.

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