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ACE PATTERNS & MODELS LTD.  -  foundry patterns for the production of aluminium, brass, steel and cast iron castings.

ABSOLUTE TOOLING SOLUTIONS LTD.  -  toolmaking, die casting tools, press tools, plastic injection moulding tools, blow moulding tools, jigs and fixtures, precision engineering.

BARRACUDA ENGINEERING 2008 LTD.  -  specialised in the design and manufacture of casting patterns and boxes, plastic injection moulds, vacuum moulds, machined precision parts.

GLUCINA ALLOYS LTD.  -  manufacturer of certified aluminium ingot for the metal casting industry.

GIBSON PATTERNS & SOUTHERN LANTERNS  -  pattern making in wood, fibreglass, epoxy resin and metal, patterns for the general engineering industry, vacuum-form and roto-form tooling, a range of cast reproduction Victorian gas lanterns, pedestals, pillars, bollards, sun dials, letterboxes and signs.

HEASLIP ENGINEERING LTD.  -  design of many different forms of materials handling equipment from continuous conveyors and elevators through to discrete item manipulators, extensive experience in the design of special purpose machinery for the foundries and aluminium smelters - hot metal crucible tilting machines, crucible ladle tilter system, machines for clamping, rotating and holding anodes during reduction cell superstructure change-outs, dust and fume extraction systems.

HAYES METALS GROUP  -  an extensive range of copper based alloys in ingot form for sand and diecasting foundries which cast components particularly for the marine and plumbing industries, white metal alloys for the lining of bearings and for spin casting fine jewellery and other applications.

INDUSTRIAL PROCESSORS LTD.  -  perlite ore which is used in many ferrous and non-ferrous foundries as a slag coagulant.

INDUSTRIAL SANDS LTD.  -  supplier of sands and aggregates to the industrial markets, the product range & services include processed silica sands, processed iron sands, filter media, clay sands, resin coated sands.

INDUSTRIAL MINERALS (NZ) LTD.  -  integrated minerals supplier, the core product ranges include abrasive media, abrasive blasting equipment, minerals for foundries, drilling fluids and clays, filter media, processed sands.

INGATE PATTERN PRODUCTION LTD.  -  wooden, casting resins, fibreglass and aluminium foundry patterns, shell pattern plates and core boxes, investment casting tooling, foam moulding tools, vacuum forming tools, models, prototypes, rotational moulds.

METLAB LTD.  -  a metallurgical engineering consultancy, services include material selection, hardness testing, micro-hardness testing, mechanical testing, micro-structural analysis / metallography, chemical analysis, corrosion testing, failure analysis, case depths and hardness profiles, coat weight tests.

METCAST SERVICES LTD.  -  supplier of products and services to the foundry industry - foundry machinery, furnaces and spare parts, molten metal analysis and control products, mould paints, refractories and patternmaking consumables, filters, chromite sand, graphite, technical expertises in metallurgy, quality systems and general foundry engineering, representatives.

RPM INTERNATIONAL TOOL & DIE  -  high-pressure die cast moulds, gravity die-casting dies, stamping tools, plastic injection dies, repair services for moulds, dies and castings.

STEAM AND SAND PORIRUA LTD.  -  abrasive blasting, industrial coatings.

SMITH CNC PATTERNS  -  engineering patterns for foundry sand casting, fibreglass coreboxes, plugs and moulds, CNC routing, profile cutting, 3D CAD modelling.

SYNTECH DISTRIBUTORS LTD.  -  abrasive blasting and abrasive media, vibratory machinery, metal casting finishing, pressure blast cabinets, pressure blast pots,
a wide range of blast rooms for a variety of configurations for all types of cleaning, peening and finishing operations, combo turbine shot blasters, dual blast machine system, dust collection units.

SUNPLAS ENGINEERING LTD.  -  tooling for the plastics and pressure die-casting industries, a diverse range of tooling capability - from small, single cavity tools through to complex, multi-cavity tools with moving parts, a member of the Gallagher Group.

SPECIALTY METALS LTD.  -  traders of precious metals and alloys, recycling of metals and alloys in all forms including solids, chip, swarf and grindings, which are obtained from a wide range of industry and applications.

THE ELECTRIC FURNACE CO. LTD.  -  manufacturer of industrial furnaces, ovens and kilns, metal melting furnaces - electric resistance type or gas and oilfired, crucible melting and holding furnaces - stationary or hydraulic lip filling for lead, zinc, aluminium, bronze, from 10 kg to 3000 kg holding capacity, reverberatory melting holding furnaces - from 0.5 to 50 t capacity, special melting furnaces for precious metals, mobile ladles and metal transfer systems.

TOPMARK PRODUCTS  -  supplier of polyurethane, polyester and epoxy resins for patternmaking, silicone rubber for patternmakers, high temperature silicone for casting metal alloys, bodycasting silicones and accessories, sculpting wax for large art castings and lost wax industrial castings, metal coatings, patinas and coloured waxes for various surface effects of sculptures or work of art, low melt alloys suitable for jewellery, prototypes and scale model cars.

UNIVERSAL PATTERN & MOLDMAKERS CO. LTD.  -  patterns and moulds in wood, resin, steel and aluminium.

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