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ALUMETAL S.A.  -  producer of aluminium casting alloys, steel deoxidation aluminium and master alloys, silicon alloys modified with strontium and phosphorus.

APLISENS S.A.  -  differential pressure transmitters, hydrostatic level probes, level transmitters, valves, power supplies, separators, gauges, temperature sensors - resistance and thermoelectic head sensors, resistance and thermoelectic cable sensors, temperature transmitters, digital indicators.

ASMET S.A.  -  aluminium alloys ingots and aluminium deoxidizers to steel, aluminum castings.

BATERPOL S.A.  -  recycling of lead-acid batteries and lead processing, producer of lead alloys and refined lead with antimony, tin, selenium, calcium, silver, rolled and extruded lead and its alloy products - sheets, strips, anodes, pipes, rods, wires, lead alloys and refined lead ingots.

CARBO-KOKS Sp. z o.o.  -  manufacturer of foundry coke, blast furnace and industrial fuel, and coal derivatives, coke production capacity is up to 250 000 tonnes per year.

CENTROZAP S.A.  -  a commercial-investment-production holding, acting in foundry, steel, chemical, machine, metallurgy, energy and raw materials markets - blast-furnace pig iron, blast furnace coke, foundry coke, ferroalloys - silico manganese, ferro manganese, ferro silicon, ferro chrome, ferro vanadium and ferro molybdenum.

CENTRALA ZAOPATRZENIA HUTNICTWA S.A.  -  sales of ferro-alloys, zircons, pig iron, steel products and semi-products, aluminium, chromite sand, foundry coke, blast-furnace coke.

DIMEX Sp. z o.o.  -  supplier of foundry and metallurgical coke, authorized dealer of two coking plants: Walbrzyskie Zaklady Koksownicze Victoria S.A. and Koksownia Zdzieszowice.

DOMET Sp. z o.o.  -  aluminium alloys ingots and deoxidizers in the form of chits, granules, pyramids, hemispheres, aluminium castings.

FMC-MIKODA  -  a former patternshop of Iron Foundry Kutno-Mikoda, epoxy resin and bronze patterns and core-boxes.

FERRO-TERM Sp. z o.o.  -  ceramic foam filters for cast iron, steel and aluminium alloys, refractory materials, chromite sand, pattern plates.
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HUTA ŁAZISKA S.A.  -  production of ferroalloys-additives in steel and foundry processes, ferrosilicon, ferrosilicomanganese, calcium-silicon, inoculants to cast iron, nodularizers, silicon briquettes, synthetic fluxes, products made of silica fume.

HUTMEN S.A.  -  producer of non-ferrous metal products - extruded and drawn products of copper, brass and bronze, casting copper alloys in ingots.
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HUTA ZABRZE S.A.  -  producer of machines and equipment for metallurgy, coke industry, power engineering and environment-oriented companies, tradition in the manufacturing of electric arc furnaces and arc-resistance furnaces and secondary metallurgy equipment, heat furnaces and heat treatment furnaces, coal charging machines and cars, mechanical slide valves for blast-furnace, specialized overhead cranes.
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JSW KOKS S.A.  -  supplier of blast furnace coke, metallurgical coke, foundry coke, and other industrial (heating) coke, as part of the JSW Koks S.A. operates the following plants: Koksownia Debiensko, Koksownia Jadwiga, Koksownia Przyjazn and Koksownia Radlin.

KOKSOWNIA CZESTOCHOWA NOWA Sp. z o.o.  -  manufacturer of foundry coke, blast furnace coke, heating coke, coal derivatives and coal gas to external customers.

LEGMOD  -  manufacturer of patterns in wide dimensional range, for castings from several kilograms up to dozens of tons.
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LERG S.A.  -  a renown manufacturer and exporter of synthetic resins for use in various industries, including foundry industry - furan resins for the production of self-curing moulding mixtures in both no-bake and hot-box processes, ester-cured and CO2-cured phenolic resins, novolak resins for resin-bonded sands for the production of hot-box cores by the Croning process, polyester resins characterised by a high filler absorption during mixing and a low exothermic peak in the post-cure processes, phenolic resins for the production of insulation materials.

MULTISERW-MOREK  -  foundry laboratory equipment for moulding and core mixtures tests, laboratory mixers, sieves and shakers, manual and automatic laboratory rammers, apparatus for testing the strength, sand compactibility and permeability of moulding mixtures, apparatus for determining the softening point of resin sands, laboratory scales, laboratory dryers, foundry tests services.

MASTERFORM Sp. z o.o.  -  producer of injection moulds for aluminum, zamak, plastics and rubber, chill moulds for aluminium and brass castings, moulds for foamed polystyrene, stamping and blanking dies, special cutting and measuring tools and devices.
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NICROMET  -  producer of casting aluminum alloys.

ODLEWNIA ALUMINIUM FRONTAL  -  aluminium alloys in ingots according to customer's specification, aluminium for desoxidation in form of cones, hemispheres, pyramids, ingots and the granules.

ODLEWNIA METALI SZOPIENICE (OMS) Sp. z o.o.  -  cast zinc alloys in ingots, zinc and aluminum primary alloys for galvanizing, rolled zinc anodes, solid and hollow rods from bronze and brass, modified / specialized brasses.

PMO KOMEX Sp. z o.o.  -  producer of refractory materials - aluminosilicate, basic, dolomite bricks and mixes, insulating and special products.
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PREC-ODLEW Sp. z o.o.  -  supplier of materials for the foundry industry, materials suitable for the alkyd binder technology, CO2 process, alpha-set technology, furan sand technology, hot-box process, thermoshock technology, coated sand technology, protective alcohol or water based coatings, reinforcing coatings, resins for refractories, concretes, auxiliary materials.

PIR (POLISH INTERNATIONAL RECYCLING)  -  a producer of aluminum casting alloys making 6000 tons of aluminum a year.

PEDMO S.A.  -  auxiliary materials for the ferrous / non-ferrous metallurgy, and foundry industry, moulding and core binders, separators, moulding sand additives, permanent mould coatings, protective coatings, materials for repairing steel, iron and non-ferrous metal castings, carburizing additives, graphites, exothermic and insulation mould powders, tundish insulation powders and crystallizer slag for the COS technology metallurgic plants, fluxes, refiners, modifiers for aluminium and copper alloys, crystallizer powders for semi-continuous and continuous casting of copper alloys.

REMIX S.A.  -  furnaces for melting and holding of liquid non-ferrous metals and its alloys: aluminium, copper, silver, zinc, tin and others, crucible, bath, electric (resistance), gas and oil, stationary and tilting furnaces, units for refining and modification of cast alloys in the casting houses, heat treatment equipment of metals, furnaces for hot galvanizing, crucibles made of graphite and silicon carbide, casting accessories, spare parts.

STANCHEM Sp. j.  -  supplier of raw materials for metallurgy, foundry, welding and refractory industries, abrasive materials and electroplating, primary aluminium ingots, aluminium master alloys ingots, aluminium based additives, zinc, lead, magnesium, manganese, tin, copper metals, brass, bronze, ferro alloys, ball-shaped steel and cast iron shot, graphite electrodes, bentonite, chromite sand, zirconium sand, silica gel, sodium metasilicate, a sister company of
PPH "Standard" Sp. z o.o., specialized in trade with raw materials and chemicals.

SPEKOM Sp. z o.o.  -  sales and service of emission spectrometers and X-ray spectrometers.

ZAKLADY CHEMICZNE ORGANIKA SARZYNA S.A.  -  manufacturer of epoxy resins, incl. for foundry patterns.

ZAKLADY MAGNEZYTOWE ROPCZYCE S.A.  -  Magnesite Works Ropszyce offers products for the linings of installations designed to operate in high temperatures - ceramic refractory materials for kilns, furnaces and thermal vessels, fired shaped materials, non-fired shaped materials, unshaped materials: loose castables, construction, repair, and protection mixes, insulating-protecting and sealing powders, mortars for brick joining, slag-forming mixes, special products: gas-purging plugs full lining of the RH snorkels for vacuum steel degassing, tapping sets for thermal vessels, biceramic sets, monolithic castable elements.


IMPEXMETAL S.A.  -  foreign trade of non-ferrous metals, semi-finished products, and bearings, supplier to the automotive, installation, machines, constructing, metallurgy and metal producing industries.

KGHM POLSKA MIEDZ S.A.  -  the 9th-largest producer of copper and the 3rd-largest producer of silver in the world, the yearly production of electrolytic copper is
532 974 t, and of metallic silver in bars - 1 215 t, technologically advanced exploration and smelting activities.

METALL-EXPRES Sp. z o.o.  -  distribution of non-ferrous metals - aluminium, copper and brass in the form of flat bars, rods, profiles, wires, tubes, sheets and strips, supplier of metallurgical products to the energy industry, railway, mechanical, aerospace, automotive and construction industries, scrap management process.

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