July 9, 2023, 5 links (not updated)

3DTECH LDA.  -  production of moulds for pressure die casting of aluminium alloys.

FUNDIPOR LDA.  -  phenol-formaldehyde resins, furan resins and catalysts, silica, chromite, olivine and zirconium sands, pre-coated sands, water based and alcohol based graphite, zirconium, magnesite and aluminium silicate mould coatings, ferro-alloys, nodularizers, inoculants, fluxes, graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces.

IMFU - INDUSTRIA DE MOLDES FERRAMENTAS E UTENSILIOS S.A.  -  production of tools and moulds for die-casting foundries and plastic items manufacturers.

NOVA CIMNOR S.A.  -  distribution of industrial products, pig-iron, ferro-alloys, non-ferrous alloys, nodularizing catalysts and inoculants, recarburizing additives, fluxing and scarifying agents, bentonite, chromite sand, refractory and insulating materials, equipment and accessories for sand testing and temperature measurement, accessories for runner systems, abrasives for the metal casting industry.

RODRIGUES & BRANDAO LDA.  -  importer and distributer, ferro-alloys, steel shot and grit for foundry industry, steel grit for the cutting of granite blocks, raw materials and rubber products for rubber industry.

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