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AAGES LTD.  -  a range of induction heating equipments used in different areas of applications - heat treatments, melting in coreless furnaces, heating for metal forming by pressing, forging, rolling, stamping, pulling and extrusion, heating for brazing, warm assembly and plastic coating, heating in chemical industry, supply of individual subassemblies - thyristor converters, inductors, heat exchangers, pyrometers, capacitor banks.

ANDREESCU LABOR & SOFT S.R.L.  -  stationary and portable emission spectrometers, accessories, materials, auxiliary equipment for spectral analysis, machines and devices for sample preparation.

ANA MEP SDV S.A.  -  production of dies for pressure die casting of aluminium alloys, tools for manufacturing of plastic items, tools for steel cut and embossed items, punching machines, thread and creeper rollers, special gauges, measuremnt and control devices, a part of SC Ana Holding S.A. - Romania.

AMCO OTOPENI S.A.  -  systems for measurements in steel, cast iron and non-ferrous melts - sensors, measurement hardware, instruments, thermocouples, techniques for carbon determination in cast irons, protection equipment to accumulation of dangerous gases, industrial automation and equipments, recovery and refining scrap containing precious metals, precious metals laboratory equipment.

ALRO S.A.  -  the largest aluminum smelter in Central and Eastern Europe, producer of primary aluminum and aluminum alloys, including aluminum and aluminum alloy ingots for foundries.

CIE MATRICON S.A.  -  pressure die casting, design and manufacture of pressure die-casting moulds / tools for aluminum and zinc alloys, stamp tools, and moulds for plastic injection.
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IMA METAV S.A.  -  production of superalloys, stainless and refractory steels, high alloyed steels for die-blocks, high speed steels and any other grade of steels according to technical specification of the customers from the most critical industries - aerospace, oil and gas production, chemical processing, nuclear, biomedical, transportation, electronics.

INAS S.A.  -  a leading provider of software solutions and related services for the industry - from construction vehicles and heavy machinery to the nuclear industry and defense, an authorized reseller of software packages for foundries.
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MATRIS METAL PLAST S.A.  -  modeling, simulation design, and manufacturing of prototype and serial dies, multi cavity runnerless molds, injection moulds, pressure die casting moulds, foundry core boxes and patterns.
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UPETROLAM S.A., ROMANIA  -  a commercial company from the mechanical processing sector, a member of Uzingroup, continuous casting segments, continuous casting conveyors, rolling mill stands, presses, aluminium ingots casting and transport machines, spare parts - rods, nuts, columns, rams, anvils, rolling cylinders for cold- and hot-rolled strips, support cylinders, connecting rods and sleeves, stand bearings.
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VIROMET S.A.  -  manufacturer of furan resins, phenol resins, melamine resins, urea-formaldehyde resins, formaldehyde and derivates, hardeners, methanol.
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