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AMURLITMASH  -  production of shot blast cleaning systems, hydro-sandblowing cleaning equipment, wet blast cabinets, and other systems that are used for cleaning, deburring, decoring, and peening a wide variety of products - ferrous and non-ferrous castings, steel sheet, plate and wire, small metal fabrications, heat treated forgings, and many others.

ALUSIL-MVT  -  consultancy services in the field of aluminium industry and state-of-the-art technologies: independent audit of the technical level of the existing operational facilities, review and forecasts for Russian and world markets development of aluminum and magnesium production and consumption, development and implementation of the projects for new extrusion and casting facilities creation, "turn-key" if necessary, modernization of the existing extrusion, casting and wire production equipment, development of new technological processes, comprehensive study of light metal and alloy materials, corporate knowledge management, organization of international conferences and exhibitions in Russia.

AKS PLANT LTD.  -  Contact System Armature Plant, equipment and complexes for the precision lost-foam castings, production of press molds for the lost-foam and lost-wax technologies, cast components for the machine tool industry, shipbuilding, power-plant engineering enterprises and electrified railroads.
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INTERSPLAV LTD.  -  trade company, export and import of ferro-alloys, non-ferrous metals, ores and concentrates.

KHAKASS BENTONITE  -  the largest Russian supplier of bentonitic clay for foundries, daily manufacture more than 200 tons.
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KOKSOCHIM of NTMK  -  metallurgical coke plant, a part of Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works (NTMK).

LUGA ABRASIVE PLANT JSC  -  graphite crucibles for casting non-ferrous metals and their alloys, for melting and distribution non-ferrous metals, for melting precious metals, graphite crucibles with a gutter for operations in rotating furnaces, graphite cylinder crucibles for operations in induction furnaces, foundry accessories, wide range of grinding and cut-off wheels.

LITEINYI DVOR  -  design and manufacture of induction furnaces and equipment for processing non-ferrous metals.
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NPP TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.  -  ferroalloys, Fe-Si-Mg modularizes for cast iron.

POLYTEG-MET  -  professional orientation - foundry, die forging, heat and chemicothermal treatment, the company presents both its own engineering development and products of leading foreign companies producers of equipment and materials for production of foundry moulds and cores, laboratory equipment for foundries, and works with more than 1000 plants in Russia and Belarus.

RESEARCH CENTER MODIFICATOR (RCM)  -  inoculants, inoculation, melt treatment of steel and cast iron, technologies, patents, books, etc.

RELTEC GROUP  -  development and manufacture of complicated, science intensive, electro-technology equipment, using in different branches of industry - induction melting furnaces of medium and high frequency with 0.25 kg-16 ton capacity, induction mixers up to 30 ton, unique plant of through thermal and surface treatment, frequency converters with up to 10 MW power and 440 kHz frequency, ultrasonic technological equipment for cleaning, degassing, soldering, etc.

RIWORD JSC  -  secondary aluminium alloys for casting.

SIC BENTONITE  -  bentonite clay and powders for foundries, metallurgical industry, petroleum gas industry, building construction, and agriculture.
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SIBLITMASH JSC  -  design and manufacture of lines, installations and machines for producing of temporary moulds by using any technology - from air impulse to jolt, jolt-squeeze, sand-throwing or vacuum-film moulding.
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SOLIKAMSK MAGNESIUM PLANT JSC  -  secondary smelting and refining of magnesium and rare metals, ingots, the oldest magnesium smelter in the world.

TEBOWA-NUR, RUSSIAN FEDERATION-REPUBLIC of TATARSTAN  -  production of cold-chamber pressure die casting machines and cells for casting aluminum, copper and zinc alloy, recondition and update second hand die casting machines.

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