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ELEKTROKARBON A.S.  -  manufacturing and sale of final and semi-finished products made from carbon materials - crystallizers for continuous metal casting, crucibles for metal melting, moulds for metal casting, heating resistance elements.

EUROCAST KOSICE S.R.O.  -  cast iron foundry, production of patterns made of epoxide and others castings materials for automatic moulding lines, and patterns made of wood for hand moulding.

FOMPEX SPOL. S.R.O.  -  ferro-alloys, graphitisation inoculants and modificators, briquettes, auxiliary materials for foundries and metallurgy.

IPM TOOLS S.R.O.  -  production of dies for gravity and pressure die-casting, foundry metal patterns for sand moulding.

KERKOSAND S.R.O.  -  a part of Quarzwerke Group, foundry quartz sands for synthetic molding mixtures, quartz flours, filling agents - sand, milled silica, cristobalit.
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KOMPOZITUM S.R.O.  -  production of carbongraphite, electrographite and silicon carbide materials, sliding bearings, sliding seal rings, segmental rings, vanes, guide strips, rotor mixers, graphite pumps, graphite products for aluminium and foundry industry, crucibles, heating elements for furnaces, fluxing tubes and porous heads, dies for continuous casting.

MEC.F.CONSULTING  -  metal casting, forging and heat treatment solutions and services.

MODELAREN MARTIN  -  wooden, metallic and feldspathic moulds for piece and serial production.

METAL SERVIS INZINIERING S.R.O.  -  representative services, supplier of raw materials, refractory materials and technologies for metallurgical, foundry and power industry, anti-corrosive protection and industrial filter systems, blast and spraying machines, trade with ferrous and non-ferrous waste metals.

MODES S.R.O.  -  manufacture of wood, resin, metal and polystyrene patterns and wood-resin core-boxes for ferrous and non-ferrous casting, metal moulds for production of polystyrene patterns for lost foam process, and dies for gravity die casting.

OFZ A.S.  -  producer of ferroalloys based on silicon, chromium, manganese as well as other complex alloys, powdered ferroalloys, inoculants and nodulizers.

PEEG - KORUND S.R.O.  -  sales of grinding and polishing materials, abrasive papers, discs, safety clothes, etc., for foundries, machine-building industry and other end users.

PROMET SLOVAKIA S.R.O.  -  supplier of raw materials for foundries and steel works - foundry pig iron in ingots, ferro-alloys, blast furnace coke, foundry coke, coke breeze, innoculants and nodulisers, recarburisers.

SLOVALCO A.S.  -  primary foundry aluminium and aluminium alloys in ingots, the alloys are grain refined (Ti-B) and modified (Sr, Sb) depending on customer requirements, production of extrusion billets and pre baked anodes.

SLOVENSKE MAGNEZITOVE ZAVODY A.S.  -  mining and manufacturing magnesite plant, products for metallurgical, ceramic, chemical, agriculture and building industry, sintered magnesia for brickmaking, slagging mixes, basic refractory monolithic mixes, ramming and repair mixes for electric arc furnaces, casting ladles, basic oxygen furnaces, slurry gunning mixes for tundishes, raw magnesite, brickmaking powder, magnesite sand and gravel of different fractions.

TAVAL S.R.O.  -  full and coherent ecological service in scraps processing and metallurgical processing of aluminium scraps and its alloys, manufacturing of final products - aluminium alloys in form of blocks in compliance with the international standards or according to demands of the customers.

TECHSERVICE S.R.O.  -  supplier of pig iron and ferroalloys, monthly volumes represent approximately 8 000 - 10 000 MT of pig iron.
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VSS FOUNDRY A.S.  -  grey cast iron and nodular cast iron castings, production of patterns and pattern equipment with complicated shapes up to maximum size of 6000 x 2500 x 2000 mm, made of wood, metals and synthetic resins.

VARMET S.R.O.  -  manufacture of foundry chaplets, trade in ferrous alloys, metals, alloying elements and auxiliary materials for foundries and metallurgical plants.

ZLIEVAREN TRNAVA S.R.O.  -  grey cast iron foundry, production of wood, metal and epoxy resin patterns.

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