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ALBOMAY d.o.o.  -  processing scrap secondary non-ferrous metals, production of aluminium and zinc alloys, and deoxidised aluminium.

ALPARI d.o.o.  -  production and sale of flame-resistant products on the basis of graphite and additives for high temperature applications, products for the various metalcasting techniques, graphite crucibles, plugs, dosing tubes, ladle bowls, plungers, launders, stoppers and nozzles for steel casting, pyrometer tubes, filling cones, masses for the repair of furnaces solvent, foundry accessories, a representative of Aug. Gundlach GmbH GmbH - Germany.

AURENIS d.o.o.  -  production of silver alloys and recycling of waste materials, production of cast and roll silver anodes for galvanization, silver granules, silver foil and silver wires.

ABRASIV MUTA d.o.o.  -  production of high-carbon heat treated steel abrasives and stainless abrasives.

BO-DA d.o.o.  -  spare parts for machines and equipment on lines of casting, sandblasting and dust-collecting technologies.

BOSIO d.o.o.  -  production of electrical and gas heated industrial furnaces - for heat treatment, for aluminum alloys melting, for ceramic and glass products, laboratory furnaces, gas furnaces for warming up and cooling of small pieces up to weight of 100 t, high temperature ceramic fibres insulating materials for temperature range up to 1600C, measurements of temperatures in the furnaces, control programmes, control thermoelements and equipment, temperature regulators.

BAR-METAL d.o.o.  -  trading and distribution, products for metalcasting: Si-C ladles and protective tubes, foundry guns, dippers, clamps, digital thermometers, kanthal wire, accessories, ingots for foundries: bronze and special copper alloys, aluminium alloys, pig iron.

CINKARNA CELJE d.d.  -  chemical processing company, production of zinc-aluminium alloys / zamak for foundries, titanium-zinc sheets for deep drawing, zinc wire for anticorrosion protection of metals, zinc anodes for zinc coating by galvanizing, cathode protection of land pipelines and metallic constructions in the sea, recycling old zinc sheets.

CHEMETS d.o.o.  -  rapid prototyping, manufacture of plastic prototypes in silicone moulds, polymethylmethacrylate patterns / models impregnated with epoxy resin or wax suitable for investment casting and art casting, manufacture of sand moulds for gravity casting.

ELOR d.o.o.  -  moulds for pressure / gravity diecasting, stamping tools, plastic injection mould, tooling services.

EXOTERM-IT d.o.o.  -  manufacturer and supplier of auxiliary materials for foundries and steel industry - exothermic compounds, fluxes, graphite, carbon electrodes for furnaces, coatings for sand moulds and cores, mould / core binding agents, aluminium powder, ferrosilicon.

FENOLIT d.d.  -  producer of phenolic moulding compounds (thermosetts), phenol-formaldehyde resins "Borofen", phenol "Fenolit".

FERROCRTALIC d.o.o.  -  sand / shot blasting machine and painting equipment, blasting solution for cleaning and deburring of moulds, tools between technological procedures, removing of foundry sand.

FIMAGO d.o.o.  -  consultancy and assistance services, personnel recruitment, marketing strategy and planning, representation, production service in aluminium gravity diecasting.

FEAL-INZENIRING d.o.o.  -  supplier of auxiliary materials for foundries - fluxes for metallurgical treatment of non-ferrous alloys, modifying and grain refining materials, inoculants, foundry binders - water glass, ester-cured no-bake compounds, cold-box binders and catalysts, furan resins, consulting services - expertise and optimisation of the foundry processes, quality increasing systems, specializing in pressure die-casting defects.

GALERO d.o.o.  -  manufacturer of tools for pressure die casting, tools for steel processing, and cutting tools for metal processing.

GOSTOL TST d.d.  -  specialize in designing and manufacturing of throwing-wheel shotblasting machines, moulding sand prepare installations, foundry materials transportation machinery, second hand foundry equipment.

INCO d.o.o.  -  manufacture of pressure die-casting dies and plastic injection molds.

INTERMETAL, PROIZVODNJA STROJEV IN LIVARSKE OPREME d.o.o.  -  manufacturer of units for gravity die-casting, robots for automatic dosing and pouring of aluminium alloys in gravity / pressure die casting dies (machines), metal pouring units for automatic green sand moulding lines.

JUTRONIC d.o.o.  -  a wide range of medium frequency generators for induction systems, designed in latest IGBT transistor technology, from the smallest units with ratings of 5 kW to 2.000 kW in the nominal frequency range from 300 Hz to 90 kHz, medium frequency melting systems and casting machines for ferrous and
non-ferrous metals, precious metals and alloys, with the crucibles of pure high density graphite, silicon-graphite or ceramic materials, for vacuum furnaces and / or within inert gas atmosphere.

KOBAN d.o.o.  -  tools for series batch production of metals, plastics, rubber and glass, moulds for pressure / gravity die casting.

KOVINOPLASTIKA LOZ d.d.  -  diecasting dies, hot chambers casting machines for Zn alloys, sheet metal forming toolsets.
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KREMEN NOVO MESTO d.d.  -  a wide range of products, reaching from raw flint stone to the fire resistant wet and dry silica / quartzite masses for cupolas furnaces, induction furnaces, transfer and treatment ladles, die casting pots and pans, quartz sand for foundries and metallurgy, quartz gravel for refractories and filter production.

LABOR AS d.o.o.  -  engineering and consulting, supplier of new and second-hand foundry equipment for melting, sand preparation, molding, core producing, cleaning and finishing.

LAMA AVTOMATIZACIJA d.o.o.  -  development, engineering and manufacture of machines, devices and components for automation of assembly in various production processes of electrical industry, automotive industry, industry of medical devices and metal-processing industry, development and manufacture of tools for spraying of thermoplasts, reshaping of sheetmetal and pressure die casting of non-ferrous metals, production of Lama Caster machine for manufacturing of small zinc die castings, a subsidiary company of Lama d.d. and the member of the International group held by the English company Titus International.

LETRIKA ASING d.o.o.  -  manufacturer of simple and demanding tools for pressure die casting of aluminium alloys, cutting tools and tools for cold forming of sheet metal, a subsidiary of Letrika d.d. - a Slovenia based global manufacturer of starter motors, alternators and drive systems for battery powered vehicles.

LIOR d.o.o.  -  complete die production for pressure / gravity die-casting foundries, plastic injection moulds, prototype production.

LIVING d.o.o.  -  shotblast machines, air pollution control equipment, engineering.

LIVMARK d.o.o.  -  production of zinc alloys, processing of scrap and secondary non-ferrous metals, purchase of non-ferrous metals - Zn, Al, Cu, and skimmings.

LIBELA ORODJA d.o.o.  -  moulds for gravity diecasting of metals, sheet forming tools, curving, bending, cutting and traction tools, moulds for plastic, rubber and minerals, precision parts of tools.

LIVARSTVO-ORODJARSTVO MARJAN PODKUBOVSEK s.p.  -  non-ferrous foundry, toolmaking section offers tools for pressure die casting, cutting tools, smithy's tools, different appliances, other tools.

MODELARSTVO HOHLER d.o.o.  -  complete pattern production for foundry industry, master patterns and core-boxes of wood and resins (araldite) for mould manufacturers, expandable foam co-polymers patterns for the precision lost-foam castings, prototype models.

MELTAL IS d.o.o.  -  purchase, recycling, and sale of non-ferrous metal scrap - aluminium, copper, brass, zinc, lead, sales of products and half-products made of non-ferrous metals, sales of aluminium alloys for foundry, silicium, lead, nickel, copper, pure tin and tin for solder, bronze, pure zinc, zinc anodes.

OLMA d.d.  -  industrial lubricants, metalworking fluids and additives for metalworking fluids, fire resistant hydraulic fluids for die casting shops, foundries, steel plants, glassworks, rolling mills and mines, heat treatment products, heat transfer oils, anticorrosion agents, greases, automotive lubricants.

ORODJARSTVO GORJAK d.o.o.  -  pressure / gravity die casting moulds, patterns and core boxes for sand casting, trimming dies, drop forging tools, injection moulding equipment.

RONDAL d.o.o.  -  production and distribution of slugs from pure aluminium and aluminium alloys.

SIAPRO d.o.o.  -  supplier of second hand foundry equipment, official representative of world renown companies in area of foundry industry, consulting services.

SILKEM d.o.o.  -  manufacturer of raw materials - zeolites, silicates, granulates, calcinated and alumina - for the detergent industry, chemicals industry, ceramics industry, for the manufacture of refractory materials - bricks for lining kilns, fire resistance putty, fire resistance masses, and for foundries - sodium water glass binding material for mouldmaking and tabular alumina for investment casting.

SPECOR d.o.o.  -  tools for pressure / gravity die-casting in aluminium alloys, tools for spouting of plastics.

SWATYCOMET d.o.o.  -  wheels with silicon carbide and aluminium oxide used for mechanical treatment of metals, steel, light alloys, stainless steel, refractory products - castables, ramming masses, jointing materials.

SAMOT G d.o.o.  -  refractory materials for metallurgy and metalcasting.

SAMSON KAMNIK d.o.o.  -  raw materials, industrial chemicals, additives and chemical specialties, resins and binders - shellac, dextrin, esters, epoxies, polyurethanes, silicon resins for patterns, synthetic waxes.

TALUM d.d.  -  alumina processing plant, total capacity of 75 000 t per year, billets, rolling slabs, casting strip, primary foundry alloys production 30 000 t per year - ingots for the following alloy of groups: Al-Si, Al-Si-Mg, Al-Si-Cu-Mg, Al-Cu, Al-Zn-Si-Mg, Al-Mg, Al-Mg-Si.
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TERMIT d.d.  -  silica sands and auxiliary materials for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries.

TELKOM-OT d.o.o.  -  mechanical processing company, tools for pressure-die casting.

WIRE d.o.o.  -  production of cored wire for liquid metal treatment - for nodulizing grey iron castings on the basis of FeSiMg and Mg, for inoculation on the basis of FeSi, Ba and La.

Invited Companies:

Modelarstvo Lauko s.p. - wooden and araldite foundry patterns, Orkom d.o.o. - tools for pressure die casting, OPZ Panorama d.o.o. - dies for pressure die casting, Stirotech d.o.o. - polystyrene foundry patterns.

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