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ADVANCED LABORATORY SOLUTIONS (PTY) LTD.  -  supplier of laboratory and test instrumentation, testing solutions to manufacturing and research organisations in the fields of aerospace, automotive, metallurgy, polymers, mineralogy, coatings, textiles, biotechnology, nanotechnology and life science, fully-automatic micro / vickers hardness testing systems, rockwell type hardness testers, sample preparation equipment, optical microscopes, scanning electron microscopes, X-ray microanalysis systems.

ALLIED METALLURG SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD. (AMETSA)  -  monolithic refractory products and services utilized in various industries in differing applications: integrated steel works, foundry, primary and secondary aluminum, power, and all non-ferrous industries.

AFRICAN PEGMATITE (PTY) LTD.  -  miller and processor of base minerals, specially designed coal dusts for green sand molding cast iron foundries, glass powder used in the foundry fluxes and in the manufacture of tundish liners, supplier of chrome sands for refractory monolithics, bricks and foundry purposes.

AGE TECHNOLOGIES (PTY) LTD.  -  supplier of industrial control systems, production of molten metal level control system for automating the pouring process of aluminium foundries.

BRONX MINING & INVESTMENTS (PTY) LTD.  -  supplier of graded silica sand for filtration, glass and foundry use.

CARBON & GRAPHIC SUPPLIES CC  -  manufacturer and supplier of composite and non composite carbon and graphite products for industry, graphite moulds, carbon brushes, brush holders, brush gear assemblies, mechanical seals, sleeves, furnace electrodes, carbon crucibles.

CONSOL INDUSTRIAL MINERALS (CIM)  -  supplier of foundry and metallurgical industry silica sands, a part of Consol Group.

CEREFCO (PTY) LTD.  -  services to the foundry, metallurgical and industrial sectors, a representative of Inductotherm Corp. - USA.

DUROCAST (PTY) LTD.  -  supplier of refractory, corrosion resistant and specialized building products, manufacturer of refractory concretes used in blast furnace runners and steel plant ladles.

DURRANS RMS (PTY) LTD.  -  the Resistant Materials Services Group (RMS Group) offers high temperature insulation products - ceramic fibers, bricks and mortars, refractories - induction furnace linings, castable refractories, foundry consumables - exothermic sleeves, insulating powders, parting powders, mould coatings, sodium silicate, slag coagulants.

ELITE CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (PTY) LTD.  -  a manufacturer of a wide range of epoxy / polyurethane and polyester resin systems for the electronic, mining and quarrying, general and civil engineering sectors of the industry, wear resistant epoxy compounds for production of foundry resin patterns, mould making, general casting and repair worn castings.

FOCHEM INTERNATIONAL (PTY) LTD.  -  manufacturer and supplier of application-specific products for many different processes of the metal working industry and other related industries, a large range of natural and synthetic graphite powders in different particle sizes, graphite dispersions in water and oil, spray type water-based wax-free release agents, oil-based release agents, thermo-insulating coatings, graphite-based release agents and graphite coatings for pressure and gravity die-casting, paste form release agents, plunger lubricants, plunger beads, graphite oils and pastes, lubricants for cold, semi-hot and hot-die forging, dry lubricants, liquids and pastes for extrusion process, specialised products for aluminium refineries and mining.

FERNOTECH (PTY) LTD.  -  foundry and welding protection equipment, safety clothing, gloves, lenses, helmets.

FALCON SMELTERS  -  primary and secondary based aluminium alloys to international and customer specifications and standards, products and services to the foundry related industries.

H.BIRKENMAYER (PTY) LTD.  -  specialist in the local manufacture of Eirich (Germany) industrial mixers for bentonite-bound moulding sand, refractory and ceramics preparation, supplier of digital microwave moisture meters and moisture sensors for moulding sand preparation and other industrial applications.

INTERNATIONAL FURAN TECHNOLOGY (PTY) LTD.  -  manufacturer of bio-based chemicals, including furfural and its many by-products.

INDUCTION HEATING SERVICES CC  -  manufacture and repair of induction heating / melting equipment.

IMD (PTY) LTD.  -  Independent Mineral Distributors - suppliers of raw materials, industrial minerals, alloys and chemicals to the foundry, refractory, steel, abrasive and paint industries, aluminium oxide, bauxite graphite, bentonite, fused silica, chromite (concentrates and sand), calcium silicon alloys, ferro manganese, ferro chrome, magnesium metal, stainless steel fibers.

JBM STEEL  -  suppliers of raw steel, stainless steel and aluminium material for construction, industrial and domestic purposes.

KRIER AFRICA (PTY) LTD.  -  supplier of foundry machines and equipment - sand mixers, Disa vertical moulding lines, jolt-squeeze moulding machines, core shooting machines, cooling drums, impact hammers and hydraulic wedges, dust extraction installations, manipulators, forge equipment, shot blast and surface preparation equipment, deep mining cooling systems, consulting services.

KIMONY (PTY) LTD.  -  magnetite iron oxide additive for resin coated sand used in shell moulding process in the foundry industry.

METLITE ALLOYS (PTY) LTD.  -  manufacturer of secondary aluminium alloy ingots, dry cast de-oxidant aluminium pellets and nuggets, a part of Insimbi Group of Companies - suppliers of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and refractory materials.

METALLICON PROCESS CONSULTING (PTY) LTD.  -  a consulting company, technical support to the metallurgical industry, from minerals processing to hydro- and pyrometallurgy, services available include: process consulting and optimisation, operations management consulting, third party verification, engineering design reviews, process reviews, data analysis and strategy recommendation, management of test programmes, client representation on projects, research project management, option studies development of metallurgical design criteria, risk analysis.

METFLUX (PTY) LTD.  -  manufacturer of products for the steel and aluminium foundry industry, cover fluxes, degassing agents, grain refiners, modifiers, magremover tabletted product for the removal of small quantities of unwanted magnesium from molten aluminium, titanium boron master alloy / strontium master alloy in wire and tablet form, chromite based nozzle fillers, coatings and diecoats - water based zircon dressing for coating launders, risers, ladles and furnace linings, zircon based coatings for steel casting and ingot moulds, die coatings for aluminium alloys pressure or gravity die casting, plunger lubricants for pressure die casting.

ONE EIGHTY (PTY) LTD.  -  a materials / metallurgical engineering and consulting company, engineering solutions: selection and evaluation of engineering materials for a specific application, manufacturing process optimization, product design and development, reverse engineering of products and processes, failure investigation, expert witness work, commercial research and development technology development, materials testing services: corrosion testing, fatigue testing, Charpy impact test, strength testing, hardness testing, electron microscopy, light microscopy, composition testing.

PROCOR FOUNDRY AND STEEL SUPPLIES CC  -  manufacturer and supplier of auxiliary foundry consumables, sodium silicate, slag coagulants, parting powder, foundry spirits, heat insulating sleeves, exothermic sleeves, exothermic inserts, exothermic and insulating powders, cover fluxes, foundry mould coatings, high temperature insulation products.

PRESTIGE THERMAL EQUIPMENT (PTY) LTD.  -  a broad range of kilns, furnaces, ovens and thermal systems.

QTE TRAINING & CONSULTING CC  -  metal industry / foundry training provider - basic foundry technology, patternmakers theory, moulding theory, crucibles and furnaces, basic heat treatment, management technology, occupational health and safety, consulting services.

REINARD IMPORT EXPORT  -  high pressure die casting machinery, low pressure die casting machinery, gravity die casting machinery, induction, resistance, low pressure & dosing furnaces.

RAND YORK MINERALS (PTY) LTD.  -  supplier of foundry chromite sand for cores and moulds, chemical and metallurgical grade chrome ore.

SARUM ENGINEERING  -  refractory supply, firebricks and mouldables for steel works, foundries and general heavy industry.

THOMAS ABRASIVES (PTY) LTD.  -  a manufacturer of cast steel abrasives, low carbon steel shot, steel grit.

THOSBEGBIE HOLDINGS (PTY) LTD.  -  manufacturer of granulated metals for the foundry and steel making industries, copper ingots for forging industry, water cooled components for the melting industry, tubular products, supplier of induction furnaces and furnace protection systems.
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ZIMCO ALUMINIUM CO. (PTY) LTD. (ZIMALCO)  -  secondary aluminium producer, master alloys, deoxidants and powders.

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