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ALEASTUR  -  production of grain refiners and master alloys for the aluminium industry, precast shapes, mixes, castables, insulating products, and monolithics for metallurgical industries - iron and steel, aluminium & ferroalloys production plants.

ASTURIANA DE ZINC S.A.  -  manufacturer of zinc (99.995%) ingot, strip and T-bar, zinc base alloys, zamak.

APD FUNDICION S.L.  -  manufacturer of copper-based alloys in ingots and continuous casting bars.

ALUMINIO LA ESTRELLA S.L.  -  production of secondary aluminium alloys in ingots, production capacity 25 000 tons annually.

AMR REFRACTARIOS S.A.  -  refractory materials to steel, iron-alloys, copper and cement industries - BOF converters, electric arc furnaces, steel ladles, tundish, RH degassers, copper Converters, cement rotary kilns, a part of Krosaki Harima Corporation - Japan.

ARCILLAS REFRACTARIAS S.A. - ARCIRESA  -  supplier of refractory raw materials, bentonite, molding sands, fused silica in different sizes, chamotte with different percentages of alumina, recarburants with different carbon contents.

ALFRAN S.A.  -  refractory products.

AURRENAK S. COOP.  -  manufacturer of pattern plates, core boxes and assembly fixtures sand moulding, dies for gravity and pressure die casting, machines for gravity die casting.

AMV SOLUCIONES INFORMATICAS S.L.  -  creation of customized computer software, applications specifically for the foundry industry - AMV Alea least cost charge calculation program, AMV Pronox production lines organizer program, AMV Fitbox packaging and palletizing optimization program.

ANALISIS Y SIMULACION S.L.  -  reseller of software packages for gravity, low and high pressure die-casting foundries, simulation of smelting and metal filling software.

BARROMEX ESPANA S.A.  -  refractory materials for steel, aluminium, ceramic and cement industries.

BEFESA MEDIO AMBIENTE S.A. (BEFESA)  -  steel waste recycling, aluminium waste and salt slags recycling, industrial waste management, production of aluminium alloys for the automotive industry and the construction sector.

BERG S.L.U.  -  supplier of products for the foundry industry - handle ladles, fork ladles, carrying forks for ladles, siphon-ladles, crane ladles and drums, stopper ladles, pouring bowls and spoons, skimmers, immersion bells, crucible scrapers, hand and crane tongs for crucibles, melting crucibles of refractory cast iron or stainless steel for die casting machines suitable for melting aluminium, zinc, lead and zamak, melting crucibles especially for magnesium casting, graphite and silicon carbide melting crucibles, graphite pyrometer pipes, immersion type pyrometers, infrared handheld thermometers, magnetic high-temp thermometers, ceramic foam filters, chaplets, chill nails, sleekers, riddles, pattern plates, bentonite, zircon sand, sodium silicate, mould powder, zircon mould coatings, melting, covering and refining fluxes, pattern and sculpture waxes for art castings.

CERQUISA ANTIACIDOS Y REFRACTARIOS S.A.  -  manufacture of shaped and unshaped refractory products for cast iron and steel, aluminium, copper, tin, brass, lead and zinc foundries, bricks, special refractory parts, concrete, masses, putties, mortars, paints, graphite powder for foundry sands.

CONFECCIONES ESTE S.L.  -  producer of workwear - heat & flame retardant and metal splash articles certified up to D3 and E3 for aluminium and molten iron splash.

COMPANIA REFINERA DE ALUMINIO S.A. - COREAL  -  recycling, smelting and refining of aluminium, production of aluminium alloys for green-sand moulding, pressure die casting, gravity die casting and shell moulding.

COMETAL S.A.  -  a variety of products covering the area of grey, nodular and compact graphite iron - magnesium alloys, inoculants for grey and nodular iron, core wire alloys for nodular iron, long life inoculants, cerium mischmetal, dispersit, representation services - machinery and equipment for steelworks and foundries.
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CONIEX S.A.  -  plate semi-automatic and automatic centrifugal machines for the production of cast accessories for the footwear industry, costume jewellery, promotional articles, key rings, automatic presses for the vulcanization of rubber, silicon and organic moulds, automatic electric ovens for melting of zamak and pewter, extensive range of rubber and silicon moulds, specially designed for zamak, pewter, lead, and other materials such as resins and waxes, zamak and pewter alloy ingots, online consultations.

DEGUISA S.A.  -  manufacture products related to the cast iron, steel and non-ferrous foundries, metallurgical, glass, petrochemical, cement and ceramic industries, shaped and unshaped refractories, sliding gate valves systems for ladles, tundishes and electric furnaces, combustion and control systems.

EUSKATFUND S.L.  -  representation and distribution of a wide range of foundry materials and machinery of important European firms, silica sand, chromite sand, resins for mouldmaking and coremaking, refractory coatings, graphite products, insulating and exothermic sleeves, ceramic tubes, elbows, funnels and stoppers, ferroalloys, steel shot, auxiliary products, green-sand moulding machines, continuous sand mixers, core-shooter machines, carousels and other solutions for the transport and handling of moulds, sand reclaimers, thermal recuperators, second-hand foundry machinery.

ESTANOS Y SOLDADURAS SENRA S.L.  -  manufacturer of tin-lead alloys, tin-silver alloys, tin-copper alloys, high silver content filler rods, copper phosphorus rods, lead-free ecological ingots and ecological anodes, and a complete line of fluxes, products for the building industry, automotive industry, electronics and imitation jewellery.

FASEG S.A.  -  manufacturer of foundry patterns in iron, aluminium, resin and wood, gravity dies for aluminium die casting, prototyping tools and series tooling.

FERROVAS S.L.  -  secondary smelting and refining of aluminium alloys, aluminium ingots in different shapes and weights ranging from 100 g pyramid-shaped piglets to quadrangular large ingots weighting 900 kg, distribution of ferro-alloys.

GARCIA-MUNTE ENERGIA  -  metallurgical and foundry coke.

GRANALLA TECNIC S.L.  -  sale of industrial machinery for the surface treatment, shot blasting machines, custom build machinery, industrial vacuum cleaners, spare parts with anti-wear properties, perfectly restored and adjusted second-hand machines, used equipment, blast cleaning and impact surface treatment service, maintenance and repair of all kinds of blasting equipment.

HORMIREFRA S.A.  -  production and commercialization of refractory, insulation and antacid materials - monolithic refractory, insulation and antacid concrete with different technical characteristics, refractory bricks, ceramic fiber insulation products, refractory anchors, etc., a part of Grupo R.A.G.
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HORNOS Y METALES S.A. - HORMESA  -  induction channel furnaces for gravity and high pressure die casting, gravity die casting machines, sand core automatic blowing machines, mixers, cutting machines, auxiliary equipment, continuous casting machines.

INSERTEC - INGENIERIA Y SERVICIOS TECNICOS S.A.  -  manufacturer of industrial furnaces for aluminium foundries, aluminium recycling and heat-treatment, refractory products - monolithics and precast shapes.

INDUSTRIALIZACION MAQUINAS INYECCION S.L.L. (IMF DIECASTING)  -  services for the pressure diecasting sector, supplier of cold or hot chamber diecasting machines, temperature control and cooling equipment, furnaces, ladles, lubricators, trimming presses, spare parts, second hand machinery, aftersales technical assistance, representative services.

INDUSTRIAL QUIMICA del NALON S.A.  -  producer of foundry coke.
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ILARDUYA S.A.  -  wide range of products for the foundry industry sector - furan resins for no-bake moulding, alkaline phenolic resins for steel casting, inorganic
no-bake systems based on sodium silicate for steel and non-ferrous casting, phenolic urethane reactive systems for steel and aluminium casting, cold box binders for foundry sand core shot manufacturing, hot box binding systems (pre-coated sand, damp mixtures, cordis inorganic system), refractory coatings for moulds and cores, chromite, olivine, zirconium, cerabeads and bauxite special sands, ferroalloys, silicon, manganese, chromium, silicon carbide, phosphorus and fluorspar briquettes for cupola melting, nodulisers, inoculants, exothermic sleeves and feeders, steel shot, steel grit, cut wire pellets.

INALI S.L.  -  robotic systems for automation of pressure die-casting of aluminum alloys and zamak.

LORAMENDI S. COOP.  -  design and manufacturing of foundry machinery, flaskless vertical moulding lines, installations for sand core production, spare parts.

LORDA Y ROIG S.A.  -  foundry silica sand, plastic clay and bentonite binders for moulding sands, refractory concrete, refractory ceramic fibres based on pure alumina and silica, graphite electrodes, chamotte, kaolin, dolomite, feldspar.

MOLPA 98 S.L.  -  manufacturer of moulds (dies) for gravity / pressure die casting of aluminium, zamak and brass.

MANGUITOS ARROSI S.L.  -  products for foundries - exothermic and insulating sleeves, refractory fireclay shapes for gating systems, ceramic foam filters, carbon composite based non ceramic foam filters.

MODELFUSA S.L.  -  foundry patterns, prototypes and dies in proper material - wood, epoxy resin, polyurethane, bronze, aluminum, steel.

MODELOS VIAL S.A.  -  wooden, metal, plastic (epoxy resin) and polystyrene foundry patterns, core boxes, pattern plates, prototypes, metal moulds for gravity die casting, tooling.

NOCU S.A.  -  foundry patterns, prototypes and pieces of special design in any size, the production dedicated to the industry of naval propulsion, propellers, machinery, valves, bombs, machine-tools, dies, wind power, compressors, reducers, aeronautics.

NOYMAN S.A.  -  a smelting auxiliary company, manufacturing of cores by croning process and cold box, automatic installation for pre-coated sand production.

PRASID S.A.  -  refractory shaped and Unshaped products for iron, steel and metallurgical industries, taphole mass for blast furnaces, casting channels refractory and insulating concrete, ladle concrete, nozzle caps, injection lances, technical ceramics and all kinds of coatings in high alumina for thermal power plants, ceramic, concrete, mining, iron and steel industries.

PAULINO SORARRAIN S.A.  -  foundry patterns in wood, resin and polystyrene, patterns for propellers, wheels, valves, lamps, benches.

QUANTECH ATZ  -  simulation software for metal casting and sheet metal forming, Click2Cast - a casting process simulation software, Vulcan - a casting simulation software for defect prediction in the processes of gravity sand casting, gravity tilt pouring, gravity die casting, low and high pressure die casting, Stampack -
a simulation software for multi-stage process in the metal forming industry.

R.A.G., S.L.  -  installation and engineering projects for industrial furnaces and kilns of refractory materials.
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REFINERIA DIAZ S.A. - REDISA  -  recycling, smelting and refining of aluminium, production of secondary aluminium alloys ingots for foundries.

REFRACTARIOS DAVID SOLIS S.A.  -  taphole clays and protective clays for blast furnaces, plastic clays for pouring tracks, refractory concretes, dense refractory materials, insulating refractory materials, sealer castable for coke batteries.

REFRACTARIA S.A.  -  refractory bricks, castables and refractory cement.

REFRACTARIOS TEIDE S.A.  -  a part of Pyroterm Group, shaped and non-shaped refractory materials and products for a variety of industrial applications - electrical furnaces used for steel casting, cupola furnaces, glass, cement and ceramic industries.

SIMULACIONES Y PROYECTOS, S.L.  -  supplier of casting process simulations, fluid-thermal systems simulations, thermal and hydraulic transients, customized training solutions, a representative of Flow Science Inc.

TALLERES ALJU S.L.  -  manufacturer of surface treatment machinery and auxiliary equipment, shot blast machines, cabins and rooms.

TECNALIA CORPORACION TECNOLOGICA  -  a strategic alliance between technological research and innovation centres, innovative projects and technological development, technological services, education and technological diffusion, innovation and technology management, metallurgical test and analysis, characterisation and quality control of materials and components, individual and joint testing of components, assessment and diagnosis of non-conformities, review and design of specifications, fault analysis, in-service performance and material selection.

TALLERES FABIO MURGA S.A.  -  producer of steel shot and grit for cleaning of castings and forgings, preparation of surfaces before painting or coating of workpieces, structures, tubing, etc., shot peening - a special application used to length workpieces’ life subject to fatigue.
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