July 9, 2023, 4 links (not updated)

CHEMANEX LTD.  -  manufacturer of specialty industrial chemicals and additives, supplier of paraffin wax, polyvinyl alcohol and dextrin for foundry industry,
a member of CIC Group of Companies.

HUMRIZ (PVT.) LTD.  -  supplier of jewelry casting machinery tools and consumables.

LANKA REFRACTORIES (PVT.) LTD.  -  production of standard, end arch and other special shape fire bricks, insulation bricks, fire clays, refractory castables and ramming masses, and various other furnace / kiln furniture for the foundries, steel, cement, ceramic and porcelain industries.

NAVAM LANKA LTD.  -  recycling of lead battery scrap and smelting of lead ore / concentrate, production of pure lead and lead alloys ingots.

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