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ALUTRON  -  a fully integrated optimization software that contains everything needed to correct a melt - melt planning, charging calculation, charged amount entry, melt correction calculation, automated spectrometer input, inventory, quality analysis.

BOLIDEN AB  -  mining and milling, smelting, refining and recycling of metals, the second largest copper supplier (cathodes, wires, plates, tubes, machined products and superconductors) and the third largest zinc supplier (slabs and jumbo ingots) in Europe, other metals produced include primary and secondary lead (cast ingots), gold (ingots and granules) and silver (granules).

BEIJER INDUSTRI AB  -  a technically orientated trading company, materials & equipment for the foundry industry and the industries of manufacturing and smelting of metals, refractory and insulation products, crucibles, quartz sand, bentonite, mold and core binders, a complete range of alcohol-and water-based coatings, insulating and exothermic feeding tubes and powders for aluminum, copper, iron and steel, foam filters, a part of Beijer Tech AB, which is included in the Beijer Alma Group.

BOHMS MODELLFABRIK AB  -  wooden and plastic patterns and core-boxes for the foundry industry.

CARBOMAX AB  -  virgin artificial graphite, calcined petroleum coke - recarburiser for gray cast iron, crushed graphite electrodes - recarburiser for ductile cast iron, ferroalloys, inoculants for gray and ductile cast iron, recarburisers, slag binders, metallurgical coke.

DYBACKEN METALL AB  -  scrap smelter, production of special and standard aluminum alloys in form of ingots.

ENTECH AB  -  supplier of standard and fully customized high temperature furnaces and kilns for various industrial applications, distributors in the Nordic countries for Nabertherm, EPSI and Zirc.

EXOVA AB  -  consultancy in materials technology, strength testing, non-destructive testing, corrosion testing, abrasion testing, blasting, peening and cleaning, chemical and physical analysis.

FERROLEGERINGAR AB  -  supplier of ferroalloys and carbon products for the steelworks, foundries, aluminium smelters, sintered carbide producers and the welding industry.

FERROMET AB  -  ferrous raw materials trading, on-time supply of noble and bulk ferroalloys, and metals - manganese, magnesium, silicon, cadmium, bismuth, antimony, chrome, nickel, tin, pig iron.

GIAB - GJUTERI & INDUSTRITEKNIK I HALMSTAD AB  -  suppliers to foundries, aluminum alloys grain refining and degassing materials, release agents for moulds and core boxes, ceramic filters, refractories, crucibles.

HOLGER ANDREASEN AB  -  portable XRF instrument for the most part the material identification of different types of metals, and sample preparation equipment for the metals, mining and cement industries.

HOGANAS BORGESTAD HOLDING AB  -  developer, producer and supplier of smart refractory and high temperature solutions, fire clay and high alumina bricks, magnesite bricks, refractory castables, prefabricated products, anchors, paddle mixers, non-destructive lining measurement devices, inorganic binders for use as surface coating, personnel protective equipment, supplier to the foundries, steel and aluminum industries, ferro-alloy producers, cement, petrochemical, pulp and paper industries.

HD GJUTERILEGERINGAR AB  -  metal alloys for the foundries - gunmetal / bronze, brass, manganese brass, aluminium bronze, aluminium, zinc, zamak, lead, tin.

HYBE MASKIN AB  -  green-sand mixers, conveyors, elevators, sieves, magnetic separators, moisture control devices, chemically bonded sand mixers, vibrating tables and sand recycling equipment, robotic cleaner units, moulding machines, induction furnaces, ladles.

IP MODELLER AB  -  block-material, cast iron, polyurethane and epoxy patterns, core-boxes, prototypes, tools and fixtures for foundries and machine-building industry.

KARLEBO GJUTERITEKNIK AB  -  technological trade with the foundry sector, engineering industry and steelworks, a wide range of products and services - induction furnaces for melting of iron and steel, heat treatment furnaces, ladles, mixers, moulding machines, core shooters, shakeout systems, casting coolers, grinding and cleaning machines, die casting machines, injection equipment for hot and cold chamber die casting machines, a part of Beijer Tech AB.

MODELLTEKNIK AB  -  manufacturer of patterns, moulds and prototypes.
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MEKAN & MODELL AB  -  foundry equipment - patterns and core boxes in cast iron, aluminum and plastics, forming tools for sheet metal.

NAXOFLEX AB  -  abrasive narrow belts, wide belts, discs, rolls and sheets for various industries - wood & furniture, engineering plants, steel mills, faucets, foundries, fabrics and leather.

NOVACAST SYSTEMS AB  -  foundry software.

PRECIMETER  -  metal level sensors, inductive and capacitive sensors, actuators, valves, molten metal pumps and complete automatic casting systems.

PA RESINS AB  -  refractories - ramming masses, tap-hole clay, tundish lining, carbon electrodes, foundry binders - furan resins, alkaline resins for high sand recovery, complete range of hardeners, abrasives - a wide range of liquid and powder phenolic resins for the grinding wheels & glass cloth industry.

RADASAND AB  -  manufacturer and supplier of special sand products customised for a range of different application areas - water treatment, iron casting foundries, building industries, thermal power stations and the leisure industry, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swerock-Sweden.

RHEOMETAL AB  -  Rapid S machines for aluminium alloys melts treatment.

RICHARDSSONS VERKTYGSSERVICE AB  -  design and manufacture of pressure die casting tools, service, maintenance and repairs, rebuilds and alterations, measuring, optimising detail components for die casting.

STENA ALUMINIUM AB  -  production of high-grade, customized aluminium alloys in the form of ingots for aluminium foundries and steel mills, the annual capacity of about 90 000 tons, a part of the Stena Metall Group, the Nordic regionís leading metals trader and recycler.

SARLIN FURNACES AB  -  one of the divisions of the Sarlin Group, industrial furnaces, equipment and spare parts for heat treatment, aluminium melting furnaces for diecasting foundries, crucibles for transport of molten aluminium.

TEBECO AB  -  supplier of foundry consumables, abrasives for surface treatment, steel sand, steel shot and grit, release agents, ceramic foam filters, insulating feeder sleeves, protective shirts, leggings, gloves and coats, a part of Beijer Tech AB.

TORSHALLA MODELLSNICKERI AB  -  prototypes and foundry patterns in wood, plastic or metal, vacuum forming tools.

UDDEHOLM AB  -  a wide range of tool steel and high performance steel in a wide variety of dimensions and executions, standard grades and customized, ingots produced in accordance with customer specifications ranging from 100 kg to 6 tons, granshot for foundries, mainly investment casters and stainless steel manufacturers, granshot is available in many different compositions - carbon and low alloy steels, tool steels, stainless steels, cobalt base alloys, nickel base alloys, copper base alloys.

VIHAB - VIBRERANDE HANTERING AB  -  foundry shakeouts, vibrating grids and vibrating tables, a part of Petro ETT AB.

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