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AMPCO METAL S.A.  -  an integrated metal producer, specialty bronzes and copper alloys used as die-casting molds for the production of non-ferrous water taps, pieces of faucet and water mixers in low pressure die-casting process, water-cooled, copper-alloy plunger tips which are used to push molten zinc and aluminium through a polished steel sleeve into die cavities to form intricate parts.

A. STEBLER AG  -  aluminum foundry, production of foundry patterns, vacuum forming tools, deep drawing tools, gauges and prototypes made of plastics, aluminum or tool steel.

BUHLER DRUCKGUSS AG  -  die casting solutions from process specific die design to die cavity filling and solidification simulations up to the point of readiness for quantity production - die casting machines, dies, consulting services for conventional die casting of molten aluminum alloys, magnesium die casting and vacuum casting process.

CALCOM ESI  -  an engineering company which is involved in the development and marketing of the metallurgical simulation software ProCast, PAM-Cast and CalcaSoft.

CARL ZEISS AG  -  light and electron microscopes, optical sensor systems, industrial metrology, a part of Carl Zeiss Group - Germany, a leading organization of companies operating worldwide in the optical and optoelectronical industry.

DOBLER MODELLBAU  -  production of deep drawing dies, polyester forms, foundry patterns, architectural models.

ELTECNA AG  -  planning and project management, building materials industry, beam machines, dust and flue gas cleaning systems, foundry equipment and blasting machines - sand preparation / mixers, sand separation, pneumatic conveying systems, vibratory feeders.

ELAG GIESSEREIMASCHINEN AG  -  sales and consulting, individual support through proven foundry experts, foundry raw materials, consumables, auxiliary products and equipment, furnaces.

FONDEX ENGINEERING  -  engineering, expertise and services primarily on the area of the foundry and construction of facilities in general, advice and studies for new investments, studies of operational improvements, achievements layouts, project management, selling instructions.

GREMOLITH AG  -  an independent manufacturer and supplier of unsaturated polyester resins, furan resins and phenolic resins including various condensation resins and polymers for a wide range of uses, polyurethane fast curing casting resins and epoxy tooling resins for models and casting molds, foundry patterns and negatives, special fillers, Gremol and Zip Slip release agents for all surfaces.

GIESSEREI BENOIT AG  -  standard bronze ingots and a variety of special alloys based on copper, tin, lead, zinc and aluminum.

GILBERT GAUTHIER S.A.  -  raw materials for foundry and ceramic industries - silica sand, quartz gravel, corundum, silicon carbide, sandblasting accessories - nozzles, hoses, helmets.

HENRI IMHOF et FILS S.A.  -  modeling workshop, models and prototypes for shipbuilding, automotive and aerospace, production of foundry patterns and core-boxes made by wood, resin, foam or metal.

KAPYFRACT AG  -  products and services in the field of high-temperature and refractory engineering, steel and ceramics industries, foundries, cement mills, industrial wood-burning installations, grass-drying installations and waste incineration plants, refractory construction or repair work from planning, thermal-engineering calculations and refractory material supply through to assembly of the refractory lining, consultancy services.

KUNKEL-WAGNER SLS SWISSPOUR AG  -  automatic pouring systems for fast molding lines, pouring robots equipped with the weighing system, inoculation feeders for automatic dosing directly into the pouring jet.

LUBER GmbH  -  special products for the foundry industry, in particular core production, core sand preparation systems - core sand mixers and mixing plants for the preparation of core sand types such as cold box, betaset, SO2 (epoxy gas resin), CO2 hardening processes, hot box, warm box and inorganic binder systems, gassing units for all core manufacturing processes with gas hardening, centralized automatic catalyst supply system - automatic core sand mixing and distribution system, central store for core sand binders with automatic distribution, equipment for the coating of cores.

MAC GmbH  -  foundry planning, foundry engineering, foundry consulting, process optimization, foundry interim management, metallurgical assistance, experts in the light and heavy metals, iron casting, steel construction, sheet metal building, plastics and injection moulding, mechanical processing and maintenance, forging.

PLUSTHERM POINT GmbH  -  manufacturer of inductive and capacitive middle and high frequency generators / converters with output power ranging from 1.5 kW to 600 kW, used mainly to heat up or melt ferrous and non-ferrous metals and other materials, welding of pipes, brazing and soldering.

SCHMELZMETALL AG  -  manufacturer of copper-based materials made by vacuum melting operation, strip, wires, forged round bars, disks and plates, drawn bars, semi-finished products and finished parts for the aerospace and automobile industry, production of low pressure die casting moulds.

TOOL-TEMP AG  -  manufacturer of temperature control units and water chillers, products for the plastic, metal die casting, chemical, pharmaceutical and wood working industries.

UNITS IM-TECHNOLOGY AG  -  computer tomography - cast parts in aluminum or magnesium alloys up to 120 mm thickness, engineering & reverse engineering,
3D digitizing, laboratory measurement units.

VACUMET AG  -  special steels, nickel-, cobalt- and copper-base alloys, custom-made special materials, precious metals, production of shaped castings in metal and ceramic moulds (precision investment casting), alloy ingots, alloy samples for tests master alloys, pre alloys, semifinished products - blocks, round bars, rods, plates, sheets, technical equipment: high vacuum induction melting furnace, arc knob furnace - vacuum / inert atmosphere.

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