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BEST MACHINE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of foundry machines and equipment, molding sand hoppers, sand conveyors, vibrating tables, shake and screen systems, dust collectors, automatic sand mills, sand desintegrators for used green sand, automatic sand core blowing machines, jolt squeeze molding machines, shot blasting machines, accessories.

CHANG CHUN GROUP  -  phenol formaldehyde resins and furan no-bake resins for cast iron and steel foundries, epoxy resins for production of foundry patterns and core boxes, polyvinyl alcohol for coatings (for V-process foundries).

CHIH CHUEN INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  -  supplier of silica foundry sand, thermal reclaimed foundry sand and resin coated sand.

CHI CHIANG MOLD INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  -  production of die casting molds (dies) for aluminum, magnesium and zinc alloys die casting.

CHUAN NEN ALUMINUM CO., LTD.  -  aluminum materials melting and refining manufacturer, production of secondary aluminum ingots.

C.S. ALUMINUM CORP. (CSAC)  -  production of aluminum alloy ingots, aluminum alloy ingots for die-casting, zinc alloy ingots for die-casting and zinc anodes for electroplating, aluminum products - plate, sheets, coils and foils, wholly owned subsidiary of China Steel Corporation.

FU HSIUNG STEEL MOLD CO., LTD.  -  high pressure die casting mold-making for aluminum die casting foundries.

FIVE POWER ELECTRIC MACHINERY MFG. CO., LTD.  -  production of low, medium and high frequency induction furnaces for metal casting, forging furnaces, vacuum furnaces, heat treatment furnaces.

FONG YONG CHEMICAL CO., LTD.  -  a manufacturer of resins - epoxy, silicones, acrylic and polyurethane, the products are intended for mold making, pattern making, casting, coatings, adhesives.

GENGSHEAG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.  -  factory of recycled aluminum alloy ingots.

JOUSHING INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of pressure die casting molds (dies) and tooling, pressure die casting.

KUEN BONG CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CORP.  -  foundry phenolic resin for sand mould binding and shell moulding, phenolic resin for thermal insulation, grinding wheel and brake lining, curing agents for epoxy resins.

KUAN-HO REFRACTORIES INDUSTRIAL CO,. LTD.  -  production of fireclay bricks, high alumina bricks, pyrophylite bricks, zircon bricks, spinel bricks, magnesia-carbon bricks, silicon carbide bricks, insulating bricks, castables, ramming mixes, mortars, refractories for blast furnaces, torpedo-car, converters, electric arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, a part of Taiwan Cement Co., Ltd.

KAO KUEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of core shooting machines, shell molding machines, pre-mixed resin sand core shooting machines, manually operated core shooting machines, and sand core crushing machines.

KAINAN METALS INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of aluminum alloy ingots for foundries and aluminum extruded products.

LATITUDE CO., LTD.  -  import / export of products applied in the field of foundry and metallurgy - silicon carbide, magnesia and zirconium crucibles, glass fiber cloth, refractories, fluxes & degassers for zinc-, copper-, aluminum- and magnesium-alloys, ceramic foam filters, ceramic coating, lubricants for the gravity and low pressure die castings, magnesium ingot, magnesium alloys, silicon metal, thermocouple sheath.

LIH KUANG PLASTIC INDUSTRY CO,.LTD.  -  production of pure aluminum ingots, aluminum master alloy ingots, aluminum alloy billets, aluminum extruded products, polyvinyl-chloride extruded products, road work safety equipment.

NEW CHIEN TE HANG CO., LTD. (NCTH)  -  import and export of materials for the steel and foundry industry, pure metals, pig iron, aluminum ingot and powder, magnesium ingot, indium ingot, manganese flakes, cobalt flakes, ferro alloys, olivine sand and flour, quartz flour, microsilica powder, coke powder, inoculants, spheroidizers, carbon additives.

PRESIDENT CO., LTD.  -  supplier of materials for investment casting process - pattern wax, patching wax, stick wax, sprue wax, paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, filler wax, ethyl silicate, colloidal silica binder, silicon oil, gypsum, wax pattern cleaning agents, wetting agents, ceramic shell modifying agents, antifoam agents, zircon sand and flour, mulgrain sand and flour, mulright sand and flour, fused silica sand and flour, perlite sand, graphite powder, sand mould coatings, feeder exothermic caps, mica, slag catchers, recarburizers, steel refining agents, aluminium alloy, copper alloy, lead alloy, ferroalloys, inoculants, refractories.

PRODUCER CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of hot chamber automatic pressure die casting machines.

PASJA ENTERPRISE CORP.  -  supplier of refractories and furnace parts for foundries and steel industry.

RUI DA HUNG TECHNOLOGY MATERIALS CO., LTD.  -  tin metal smelting and recycling company, production of tin ingot, lead ingot and copper sulphate.

ROTAR MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.  -  solutions for polishing, manufacturer of machines for processing parts and components of hardware, cutlery, hand tools, handicraft, casting and forging pieces, electronic parts, watch and clock parts, car and motorcycle parts, bicycle frame, glasses, sport equipment, aero engine components, water supply parts, air-plane equipment accessories and parts.

RICH SOU TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.  -  production of sand / shot blasting equipment and engraving machines, an agent for various European and American made abrasives, spare parts and accessories for blasting equipment.

SOON CHAMPION ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.  -  supplier of materials and products for foundries - alloy ingots, ferroalloys, nodulants, inoculants, sand molding materials - silica sand, resin sand, bentonite, sodium silicate, artificial graphite, natural amorphous graphite, refractory materials, crucibles, ceramic foam filters for ferrous foundries, steel shot and grit, chaplets, release agents, plunger lubricant and coating pastes for die casting, handle air spray guns.

SIMHOPE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.  -  die casting machines and national defence parts production, moulds and dies.

SHIN MOLD PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of die-casting molds for zinc, aluminum and magnesium casting, and plastic injection molds, end market applications: automobile / motorcycle parts, consumer electric parts, electronic products, lawn / gardening parts and sporting goods.

SUNWARD REFRACTORIES CO., LTD.  -  production of high temperature refractory materials for the ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, and steel, cement and petrochemical industries, refractories for blast furnaces, torpedo-car, converters, electric arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, long-nozzles, submerged entry nozzles, monoblock stoppers and bricks for continuous casting, fireclay bricks, high alumina bricks, alumina-silicon carbide-carbon bricks, insulating fire bricks and insulating products, ceramic fiber blankets, boards, blocks and paper, magnesia-carbon bricks, zircon bricks, castable refractories, gunning refractories, low cement castables, mortars.

SHIN YU STAINLESS STEEL CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of alloy ingots, steel ingots, stainless steel ingots.

TECHNOLOGY BASE CORPORATION (TBC)  -  manufacturer of cold chamber pressure die casting machines, automatic ladlers, automatic sprayers, automatic extractors, die casting robots, water-solubled release agent dilutors.

THE ENVOY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.  -  supplier of steel mill and foundry refractory foundry raw materials and machinery, sand mould sullies, furan resin, phenolic based sand binder resins, refractory coatings, core pastes, exothermic sleeves, fluxes, deoxidants, grain refiners, parting agents, die lubricants, after-sales service: sand mould laboratory testing, reclaimed sand analysis, recommendations for systems improvement and appropriate resin and catalyst to suit customer needs.

TEMC METAL & CHEMICAL CORP.  -  supplier of foundry materials for all steps of melting, mold preparation and casting, refractory mold coatings for alloy steel, high manganese steel, gray iron and ductile iron castings and for different mold making processes like silicate bonded mold, furan mold, hot box process, cold box process, release agents for green sand, striping agents for furan-sand patterns, core adhesives, lubricants and release agents for pressure / gravity die casting, slag coagulants, degassing fluxes, covering fluxes, modifying fluxes for aluminum-silicon alloys, grain refining agents, varied shape of riser sleeves for production of all kind of steel, cast iron, copper and aluminum alloy castings.

UNLIMITED FOUNDRY DEVELOPMENT (UFD) INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.  -  supplier of full range foundry materials - release agents for green sand or furan sand moulding, anti-piping compounds, core adhesives, mould seals, ceramic-filters, riser sleeves, refractory coatings, carburizers, nodulizers, inoculants, deoxidising or desulphuring agents, covering agents, slag coagulants, refining agents for copper, degassing agents for aluminium alloys, release agents for gravity die casting, aluminium master alloys, aluminiun ingots, copper ingots, magnesium ingots, pig iron, ferro-alloys, foundry coke, limestone for cupola furnaces, quartz powder, zircon sand, bentonite, foundry sand testers, hardness testers, micro-structure analysis systems, spectrometers.

UNIMEMS MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.  -  micro-electromechanical systems manufacturing company, thermal sensors, digital pressure sensors, electronic products for industrial non-destructive testing.

YIELD CHANCE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.  -  supplier of pure metal, aluminum master alloys, alloying additives, ferro-alloys, ceramic foam filters, fiberglass filters, flux granules for covering, refining and drossing off of aluminum and aluminum alloys, steel granules and pellets, thermic lances, calorized oxygen lances, lance holders, protective equipment, safety clothing.

YOTA INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.  -  cold / hot die casting machines, automation accessories.

ZITAI PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD.  -  production of cold chamber high pressure die casting machines and gravity casting machines.


JIN HON FORGING INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of alloy-steel, stainless-steel and aluminum-alloy forgings, automobile & motorcycle tools and parts, hardware tools and forged products - snap hooks, buckles and ratchets for various applications.

SHENG YU STEEL CO., LTD. (SYSCO)  -  aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel coils, galvanized steel coils, prepainted aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel coils / galvanized steel coils, cold rolled steel sheets and coils, chrome-free anti-fingerprint zinc coated steel sheets, printed color steel sheets, highly glossy pearl pre-painted steel coils, anti-static prepainted steel sheets, antiseptic prepainted steel sheets, heat-resistant prepainted steel sheets.

TUNG HO STEEL ENTERPRISE CORPORATION  -  production of construction steel products, deformed bars, H or I-beams, universal mill plates, tapered-flange or parallel-flange channels.

TAN KONG PRECISION TECH CO., LTD.  -  low, medium and high carbon steel ball products for light duty bearing, conveyer belt, bicycle and automobile parts, slide bearing, caster wheels, computer peripheral products, toys, metal milling, hand tools, monthly production capacity is approximately 500 metric tons of balls in various sizes.

YIEH UNITED STEEL CORPORATION (YUSCO)  -  the largest integrated stainless steel mill in Southeast Asia, an annual capacity of 1 000 000 metric tons of stainless steel slabs and billets, 900 000 metric tons of hot rolled stainless steel coils and plates per year, 250 000 metric tons of hot rolled coils, 340 000 metric tons of 2D and 2B stainless steel coils and 60 000 metric tons of bright annealed stainless steel coils, certified by ISO 9002 and 14001.

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