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ALUCOP METALS DMCC  -  an ISO 9001 certified company, recycling and trading of ferrous and non ferrous metal alloys and scrap, copper anodes, rods, wire, granules and scrap, aluminium alloys ingots and scrap, zinc and zinc alloys ingots and scrap, lead ingots and scrap, brass scrap, ash and drosses, gunmetal, nickel cathodes, nickel-copper and nickel-silver scrap, carbon and stainless steel scrap.

DUBAI ALUMINIUM CO. LTD. - DUBAL  -  the world’s largest modern aluminium smelter, the company produces almost one million tonnes of high quality finished aluminium products per year, in three main forms: foundry alloy for automotive applications; extrusion billet for construction, industrial and transportation purposes; and high purity aluminium for the electronics and aerospace industries, foundry alloys are supplied in many ingot shapes, sizes, strontium modified and unmodified, and are grouped according to international designations, the alloys produced include: A356.2, ALSi7Mg, ALSi9Mg, ALSi10Mg, ALSi11Mg, ALSiCu, Silafont36.

EMIRATES ALUMINIUM (EMAL)  -  aluminium smelter complex, primary aluminium standard ingots, sheet ingots and extrusion billets.

EMIRATES RECYCLING LLC  -  one of the leading secondary aluminium recycling plant in UAE with a production capacity of 18 000 tons / year, production a wide range of cast alloys in ingot form to the automobile, architectural, furniture and other industries, a member of Harwal Group of Companies.

FALCON METALS LTD.  -  tin smelting and solder alloy manufacturing, tin / lead and lead free solder alloys, pure tin and lead, ingots, bars, sticks, billets.

GULF-ALLOYS FZE  -  manufacturer and exporter of wide-ranging secondary aluminium alloy ingots.

LUCKY GROUP  -  copper, brass and aluminium scrap recycling, secondary aluminium and semi-primary alloy manufacturing.

MINEREX GENERAL TRADING LLC  -  import and export of non-ferrous and ferrous metal and minerals, zinc metal ingots, zinc dross, zinc powder, zinc ash, lead ingots, tin ingots, aluminium ingots, copper concentrates, copper cathodes, copper wire rods, nickel, steel, silicon carbide, minerals.

PERFECT TOOLS MOULDS FACTORY LLC  -  production of pressure die cast dies, injection moulds, press tools and compression / transfer moulds.

SUPER INDUSTRIES DMCC  -  manufacturing and exporting of ferrous and non ferrous metals and alloys, aluminium and aluminium alloys ingots, brass ingots and billets, copper ingots, zinc and tin ingots, iron ingots and ferro silicon, the manufacturing unit "Sun & Sand Industries Ltd" is situated at Sangota Industrial Area - Nigeria.

SUN METAL CASTING LLC  -  scrap metal trading, recycling, processing and manufacturing, all types of aluminium alloys, aluminium billets, zinc alloys, zinc oxides, brass alloys, bronze alloys, sacrificial anodes and other tailor made alloys as per the required specifications of the customers of local and export market.

TRANS GULF ALUMINIUM INDUSTRIES CO. LLC  -  aluminium wire rods, aluminium alloy ingots and other allied products, annual production capacity of 30000 MT wire rods and 10000 MT of aluminium alloys ingots.

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