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A & S METALLURGICAL RESOURCES LTD.  -  pig iron, inmould inoculants, nodularisers, ferro alloys, aluminium master alloys, fluxes, foundry refractories, ceramic filters.

ACETARC ENGINEERING CO. LTD.  -  the UK's leading manufacturer of foundry ladles - transfer and casting ladles, treatment ladles for the production of ductile iron, desulphurising ladles, bottom pour ladles, special pouring units, lip-axis-pouring ladles.
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ALTEK EUROPE LTD.  -  design, manufacture and installation of aluminium dross and scrap processing systems, dross processing presses, dross pans, dross and salt cake cooling heads, magneto-hydrodynamic induction stirring systems, tilting rotary furnaces, auto furnace tending machines, spares support, consultancy services to many aluminium operations around the world in the area of dross minimization, handling and aluminium recovery from dross.

ALFRED H KNIGHT HOLDINGS LTD.  -  a comprehensive range of independent inspection, analytical and consultancy services for the metals and minerals industries worldwide, an extensive international network of laboratories and sample preparation facilities.

ALCHEMIE LTD.  -  specialised in the development and formulation of epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, silicone, model board, sheet wax and vacuum casting materials used in the preparation of prototypes, resin tools, foundry patterns, models and pre-production series.

AVON METALS LTD.  -  aluminium recycling and non-ferrous metals trading company, production of 10 000 metric tonnes per annum of primary and secondary based aluminium master alloys, grain refiners and modifiers, privately owned by The Remet Company, an international non-ferrous trading company.

ALLCHEM PERFORMANCE - ACI GROUP LTD.  -  provider of raw materials for a range of manufacturing industries such as foundry resins, binders for investment casting, adhesives and sealants, a part of ACI Group Ltd.

ATLAS POLYMERS LTD.  -  formulation, design and manufacture of a wide range of polymer systems and ancillary products, the product range includes 2-part polyurethanes and epoxy casting resins, epoxy and polyurethane adhesives.

ALERIS RECYCLING (SWANSEA) LTD.  -  aluminium dross reprocessor, liquid metal deliveries, low profile sows, ingots, de-oxidants, a part of
Aleris International, Inc. - USA.

BPB FORMULA  -  an industrial plaster division of BPB plc, manufacturer of metal casting plasters, the products are used for a wide variety of purposes including investment or precious metal casting (gold, silver) pressure or static casting of metals with high temperature melting points such as aluminium, copper and brass, and non-ferrous metal alloys, and for making bronze statue pieces.

BODYCOTE INTERNATIONAL PLC  -  heat treating, hot isostatic pressing, materials testing and metallurgical coatings service company.

BLASTCLEAN LTD.  -  designers and manufacturers of shotblasting / sandblasting machines and equipment, consumables, protection clothing.

BROCK METAL COMPANY  -  zinc and aluminum alloy ingots for pressure die casting.

BLAYSON OLEFINES LTD.  -  investment casting wax and equipment for the lost wax process.

BMM WESTON LTD.  -  producer a wide range of highly reliable moulding machines and associated equipment for a variety of applications in new or existing production lines.

COLESHILL ALUMINIUM LTD.  -  aluminium smelter, production of primary and secondary aluminium alloys.

CLANSMAN DYNAMICS LTD.  -  manufacturer of industrial manipulators and robots for foundry, forge, and waste processing applications.

CERAMISIS LTD.  -  production of laboratory heating basic elements, sample heaters and sample heater controllers, high temperature laboratory vacuum / inert atmosphere furnaces with graphite hot zones, laboratory crucibles, a complete range of technical ceramic materials and components, pyrotytic boron nitride and pyrolytic graphite, carbon and graphite materials and components, graphite and carbon composites.

C. LEAR & SONS LTD.  -  supplier of new and good quality used foundry plant and equipment - green sand systems, resin bonded sand equipment, core equipment, pattern making equipment, moulding boxes, melting and heat treatment furnaces, ladles, fettling equipment, filter units, conveyors.

CARN METALS LTD.  -  manufacturer of lead free pewters for centrifugal or spin casting into vulcanised rubber moulds, and lead free solders for use with pewter.

CAPITAL REFRACTORIES LTD.  -  manufacture and supply of linings for coreless induction furnaces, a complete range of castables for the melting and holding of aluminium, crucibles, ancillary products - chamottes, earth leakage electrodes, furnace formers, gas diffusers, insulation products, temperature measurement, vibration equipment, wash coats.

CURTIS VIBRATORS (GRANTHAM) LTD.  -  foundry equipment - shakeouts grids, retractable compaction tables, sand mills, conveyors with stainless steel section for use with an overband magnet, screens, low level shakeout / sand mill combined, recycling equipment, spiral elevators.
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DELPHORGE 83 LTD.  -  hand pouring ladles & plungers, robotic ladle cups & steel crucibles, filters, studs, chaplets and brads, protective wear.

DROSS ENGINEERING  -  a Franco-British company dedicated to the design and manufacture of furnaces and equipment for processing non-ferrous metals.

D. M. FOUNDRIES LTD.  -  ferrous and non-ferrous sand castings, wood, metal and plastic patterns.

DATUM PATTERN & MODEL MAKERS LTD.  -  production of pattern and model equipment in wood, resin, metal and polystyrene.

DDL PATTERN SHOP  -  patterns for foundries.

DYSON TECHNICAL CERAMICS LTD.  -  manufacturer of advanced refractories and ceramics - zirconia tundish metering nozzles, exchangeable and stationary metering nozzles, zirconia inserts, sliding gate plate inserts and firebricks for the steel industry, pressed foundry ladle nozzles, composite nozzles, holloware and firebricks for foundries, zirconia crucibles for the investment casting, medical and aerospace industries.

EVANS & REID ALLOYS LTD.  -  production of primary aluminium alloy ingots.

ELI-CHEM RESINS UK LTD.  -  suppliers of epoxy resins & adhesives, polyurethane resins, polyester resins & gelcoats, acrylic resins & adhesives for a wide variety of industrial applications.

EILDON REFRACTORIES  -  refractories and ladle products.

FULWORTH ENGINEERING LTD.  -  a provider of used foundry plant and equipment: fettling equipment, melting equipment, pattern shop equipment, laboratory & test equipment, core shop equipment including core shooters & blowers, handling equipment, sand plant, hoppers & silos, conveyors, mills and mixers for green sand and chemical sand, shell moulding equipment, moulding machines.

FAIREY INDUSTRIAL CERAMICS LTD.  -  ceramic foam filters for the casting industry.

FOSECO INTERNATIONAL LTD.  -  products for foundries, a part of Vesuvius.

FOUNDRY MACHINERY AND SPARES LTD.  -  manufacturing a wide range of foundry equipment and spares to its customers worldwide, a full plant refurbishment service.

FOUNDRY TECHNOLOGY LTD.  -  new and used foundry plant & equipment - machinery for melting, pouring, moulding, coremaking, sand preparation, shotblasting & laboratory.
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Foundry Technology Ltd. - UK is your global partner for supplying new and 
	  second hand foundry equipment. www.foundrytechnology.co.uk

GIBSON CENTRI TECH LTD.  -  design and manufacture of centrifugal casting systems, a full range of horizontal, vertical and dual faceplate centrifugal casting machines for a variety of applications including roll making, cylinder liners, reformer tubes, pipes, bearings and bushes.

GRANTHAM ENGINEERING LTD.  -  manufacturer of vibrators for use in all type of industry - food, foundries, ports, chemical and pharmaceutical, and mineral extraction.

H.A. WATSON & CO. LTD.  -  foundry pig irons, ferro alloys, noble alloys and other metals, various filters for foundry industy.

HOBEN INTERNATIONAL LTD.  -  investment powders for the casting of jewellery products and for casting industrial components by the lost wax process, powders are suitable for aluminium, brass, bronze, platinum, palladium and other high temperature alloys castings, products for refractory and steel plant applications, mortars and patching refractories for investment casting and foundry industry.

HODSON'S PATTERN MAKING  -  foundry patterns in wood, metal or resins.

HP TECHNICAL CERAMICS  -  ceramic shapes - corrosion and erosion resistance from molten metals, alumina, mullite, zircon, zirconia, fused silica and bonded silicon carbide crucibles, ceramic lined stainless steel crucibles, high temperature adhesives, porous ceramic components, high temperature non-flammable water based paints for coating metals, graphite and ceramics.

INCAST CONSULTANCY  -  consultants to the investment casting industry, services to both existing foundries and those entering the field of investment casting.

INGOTECH DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE  -  furnace tapping equipment, ingot casting machines.

INTERNATIONAL FOUNDRY EQUIPMENT and SPARES LTD.  -  specialised in core machines, continuous mixers, batch mixers, attrition units, blowing units,
die-casting machines, and other ancillary equipment for all the foundry needs, service for refurbishments, a various used plant.

ISOTHERMAL TECHNOLOGY LTD.  -  research, development and manufacture of temperature products, standard platinum resistance thermometers, fixed point cells and associated equipment.

JOHN BURN & CO (B'HAM) LTD.  -  specialised in materials for the tooling industry as well as the rapid prototyping market and foundry industry, the company is unique in that not only does it have one of the most comprehensive stocks of epoxies and polyurethane resins, tooling and modelling boards but it also stocks a wide range of consumables and ancillaries to complement these products, the product range includes Sika Epoxy & PU Biresin systems and SikaBlock, John Burn tooling systems and boards, mineral fillers, release agents and ancillaries, repair pastes, fillers & adhesives, pattern finishes, paints & varnishes, consumables.

J B FURNACE ENGINEERING LTD.  -  consultants, designers and installers of refractory linings on a world wide basis.

JAMES DURRANS & SONS  -  refractory coatings for all moulding media, graded coal, bentonite blends for optimum green sand practice, carburisers for steel, foundry and allied industries.

JBMI GROUP  -  aluminium waste recycling, production of aluminium alloys and aluminium casting alloy ingots.

JOHN WINTER & CO. LTD.  -  blended silicates, adhesives, bonded sands, mould dressings, die dressings, esters, core putty, moldseel, parting power, clays, filters, crucibles.

JAMES W. SHENTON LTD.  -  manufacturer of grey iron castings for the engineering industry, own pattern shop for pine, resin, and aluminium patterns.

KEMET INTERNATIONAL LTD.  -  lapping machines, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, diamond products - diamond pastes, compounds, suspensions and gels, liquid diamond and diamond slurry, complete metallographic program covering cutting, mounting, grinding, polishing & image analysis, hardness testers and microscopes.

LANGLEY ALLOYS LTD.  -  supplier and manufacturer of nickel alloys, copper alloys, austenitic stainless steels, duplex stainless steels and super duplex alloys.

LONDON & SCANDINAVIAN METALLURGICAL (LSM) CO. LTD.  -  a manufacturer of aluminium master alloys and grain refiners, metal treatment and modification alloys, hardeners and special powders, a member of the Advanced Metallurgical Group (AMG) - USA.

MAC'ANTS GROUP  -  chilled iron grit, steel shot & grit and stainless steel shot both chrome and chrome nickel available, and cut wire pellets in stainless and regular carbon steel.
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MBH ANALYTICAL LTD.  -  producer and distributor of certified materials for spectrochemical analysis, supplier of metallurgical and analytical laboratories.

MORGAN ADVANCED MATERIALS PLC  -  metal melting and molten metal delivery solutions for non-ferrous foundries, crucibles and other refractory consumables.

MAGNESIUM ELEKTRON LTD.  -  development, manufacture and supply of magnesium alloys and products for applications in the aerospace, automotive and power generation industries, magnesium casting / die casting alloys, magnesium alloy welding rod, magnesium billet, magnesium raspings, flakes and chips, magnesium sheet, plate and coil, coarse magnesium powders, fluxes, magnesium alloy thixogranules, a Luxfer Group Company.

MAYO ENGINEERING LTD.  -  used foundry equipment for investment, green-sand, die, gravity pouring die, pressure die casting.

METAL FILTRATION LTD.  -  manufacturer and supplier of technical ceramics, refractories, textiles and insulation - corundum resistant refractory AL11, silicon carbide and clay graphite crucibles, low pressure riser tubes, ceramic dosing tubes, aluminium filter bags, ladle stopper heads, ceramic thermocouple protection tubes, fibreglass cloth.

MONOMETER HOLDINGS LTD.  -  rotary furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, hydraulic tilting reverberatory furnaces for aluminium bulk melting and alloying, a full range of crucible and chamber heat treatment furnaces, furnace ancillary equipment, spares, used furnaces, consultation service.

MELTECH LTD.  -  induction furnaces for melting ferrous, copper, aluminium and precious metals, second hand rebuilt induction and electric resistance furnaces, spare parts.

METABRASIVE LTD.  -  manufacturer of metallic abrasives - steel shot, steel grit, cast iron abrasives, cut wire pellets.

MICRA PATTERN CO. LTD.  -  CNC machined patterns in wood, resin and metal, shell moulding equipment.

MIDAS PATTERN CO. LTD.  -  production of pattern equipment and foundry tooling for supply to both ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, patterns and tools in hardwood, composites, resin and metal.

METALS TECHNOLOGY TESTING LTD.  -  metal testing services - chemical analysis, mechanical testing, metallographic testing and non-destructive testing, consulting services.

MIL-VER METAL CO. LTD.  -  manufacturer of secondary aluminium casting alloy ingots produced from aluminium scrap feedstock, production of aluminium sows for remelting and aluminium deox products in various sizes and shapes.

NORTHFIELD ALUMINIUM LTD.  -  manufacturer and supplier of secondary aluminium ingots from aluminium scrap feedstock.

NORTON ALUMINIUM LTD.  -  manufacturer of primary, secondary, master and aerospace aluminium foundry alloys.

NORTHERN INSTRUMENTS  -  temperature conversion, immersion pyrometer, thermal analysis of molten metal, infrared thermometers, thermocouples.

NITON UK LTD.  -  portable alloy analysis and portable alloy sorting solutions and provided equipment for more general portable elemental analysis applications.

OXFORD INSTRUMENTS PLC  -  provider of hi-tech tools and systems for quality control, elemental analysis, compliance testing, scrap metal recycling and coating thickness measurement.

PREMIER PATTERNS LTD.  -  a press tool pattern making firm which produces mainly patterns / models in polystyrene but also conventional engineering patterns in metal, wood and resin.

P.S. AUTO GRINDING LTD. (PSAG)  -  supplier of automatic grinding machines for processing iron, aluminium, bronze and brass castings in the foundries,
a distributor of Koyama Co., Ltd. - Japan.

PANGBORN-UK LTD.  -  a representative of Pangborn Corporation - USA, manufacturer of standard blast machines and custom designed systems for cleaning, deburring, descaling, decoring, deflashing, and peening a wide variety of products - ferrous and nonferrous castings, steel sheet, plate and wire, small metal fabrications, heat treated forgings, die castings, and small automotive parts, abrasive media - steel shot and grit.
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QUALIMACH LTD.  -  new and used furnace & foundry equipment from leading manufacturers - used electric arc furnaces, medium frequency solid state induction / mains frequency melting furnaces for foundry and steel applications, cold and hot box core making machines, core blowers, sand mixers, green sand mixers, sand reclamation plants, vertical and horizontal moulding lines and automatic moulding lines, new and used shotblast equipment, lab equipment - spectrometers and spectrographs.

RIDSDALE & CO LTD.  -  consulting analysts specializing in the analysis of all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ores, refractories and other ceramic materials, manufacture a range of foundry sand testing and control equipment.

ROSS CERAMICS LTD.  -  manufacturer of complex geometry ceramic cores used in the investment casting of directionally solidified and single crystal gas turbine engine components for aerospace and industrial applications, a part of the Rolls-Royce Group.

RICHARDS ENGINEERING, INC.  -  a wholly owned subsidiary of Vulcan Engineering Co. - USA, designers and manufactures of foundry plant, foundry machinery and foundry equipment, robot integration, automation systems for the automotive, investment casting, die casting, aerospace and general foundry industries.

ROBNOR RESINS LTD.  -  manufacturer and distributor of resin systems for the marine, automotive, aerospace, defence, civil engineering, telecommunication, railways and OEM industries, epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, potting compound, encapsulation, elastomers, thermosets, casting, tooling, insulation compounds, coatings, epoxy moulding compounds.

STEETLEY BENTONITE & ABSORBENDS LTD.  -  industrial clays - bentonite for foundry processes.

SELEE CORPORATION - UK OFFICE  -  a representative of Selee Corp. - USA, supplier of reticulated ceramic foam filter technology to aluminum producers, foundries, and other metal producers throughout the world.
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SYNCHRO ERP  -  a substantial management information system created specifically for the foundry / cast metal industry.

STEMCOR HOLDINGS LTD.  -  iron ore, pig iron, hot briquetted iron (HBI), direct reduced iron (DRI), coal, coke, ferroalloys, manganese and scrap.

SINTERCAST LTD.  -  process control for the production of compacted graphite iron.

SORWABUCO LTD.  -  trading enterprise, raw materials and solid fuels for iron and steel, cement, aluminium and construction industries - nodular cast pig iron, foundry pig iron, ferro alloys, manganese metal and silicon metal, billets, cold / hot rolled coils, wire rods, blast furnace coke, foundry coke.

SERVICEPOWER LTD. T/A SEBA DEVELOPMENTS  -  manufacture and supply an extensive range of electric process heating equipment for the industrial and craft markets, automated programmable / manual centrifugal casting machines for whitemetal, pewter, zinc, lead and tin, solder pots and baths, hydraulic vulcanising presses for natural and silicone rubbers, accessories for foundries - ladles, ingot moulds and sprue cutters, production of metal melters - bench top melters, free standing melters, tilting metal melters, bale out metal melters, bottom pour metal melters, etc.

SHEFFIELD REFRACTORIES LTD.  -  refractory products.

SHOTBLAST SUPPLIES LTD.  -  manufacture and supply of shot blasting equipment, dust extraction units, blast rooms, media recovery equipment, spare parts, quality second hand shot blasting equipment of all types, abrasive media - chilled iron, steel shot / grit, aluminium oxide, sinter ball, glass bead.

TC LTD.  -  temperature measurement products - general thermocouples, mineral insulated thermocouples, thermocouple cables, thermocouple connectors, platinum resistance thermometers, temperature controllers for thermocouple and Pt100 usage and temperature control systems.

T.MASTERS & SONS CO. LTD.  -  specialists in the design and production of ingot casting machines and specialized equipment for the non-ferrous and ferrous secondary and primary metal refining industries.

TANDOM METALLURGICAL GROUP LTD.  -  consumption, tolling and trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metal, production of aluminium alloy ingots for the diecasting and de-oxidant pebbles, domes, pyramids, pellets and notched bar for the steel industry.

TENNANT METALLURGICAL GROUP LTD.  -  supplier of ferro alloys, pure metals and ceramic materials to the steel, foundry and refractory industries.

TEi METALLURGICAL SERVICES  -  design, supply, repair, maintenance and site installation in the power generation and petrochemical industries, metallurgical test house & consultants: material selection, component remnant life assessments, welder performance and weld procedure qualification, failure investigations, quality / process control investigations, product and material conformance, material upgrades, third party surveillance, litigation and arbitration, annual approval testing programs, product durability, engineering, inspection and maintenance, ambient and elevated temperature tensile tests, Charpy impact tests, compression and bend tests, hardness tests, micro and macroscopic examination of materials, grain size and morphology, phase balance, defect evaluation, coating and thermal treatment evaluation, scanning electron microscopy, non-destructive testing, rapid spectrographic analysis of low and high alloy steels, corrosion tests.

TAB REFRACTORY CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE LTD.  -  design and installations of refractory linings for aluminium melting and holding furnaces, a part of Pyrotek.

UKCG GROUP LTD.  -  production, distribution and servicing of carbon, graphite and magnesium based products to global industrial sectors including aerospace, defence and steel - graphite electrodes which are utilised by leading steel, foundry and fused mineral producers, carbon electrodes which are used in varying customer applications including ferroalloy and silicon production, a full range of carbon gouging rods suitable for all industrial applications, a varied range of high carbon content powders and particles for use predominantly by steel makers and carbon and graphite product manufacturers, specialty graphite products, carbon / graphite scrap.

VAUGHANS (HOPE WORKS)  -  blacksmithing and foundry supplies, crucibles, seamless steel ladles, loose bottom ladles, skimming ladles, large foundry ladles in all shapes and sizes, ladle handle, foundry tongs, coke and stone forks, riddles, sieves, leaf, square, round and oval spoon, moulding boxes, moulders dry brushes, leather gloves, panorama safety spectacles, martindale face mask, screw type goggles.

VITCAS LTD.  -  manufacturer of refractory castables, plastic mouldables & rams, fire bricks, refractory cements / mortars, chemical & acid resistant cements, zircon refractory products and high temperature insulation materials for use in industries including steel plants, heat and power stations, foundries both ferrous and non-ferrous, cement producers, lime producers, glass works, ceramics, coke plants, incinerators, renewable energy, chemical works, sugar refineries and petrochemical industry.

WHITEHEAD ALLOYS LTD.  -  manufacturer of specification aluminium casting alloy ingots and aluminium de-oxidant.

WBB MINERALS  -  silica sands, resin-coated sands and special low-expansion sands for mould and core making.

W.P. NOTCUTT LTD.  -  a range of mould-making materials and polyurethane casting resins supplying sculptors, bronze founders, pattern / model makers, resin casters, and the restoration profession.

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