Termolit Ltd. - Ukraine, A whole series of induction equipment for hardening, heating and melting metals. Termolit Ltd.: A leading manufacturer of induction equipment for melting and heating metal, induction coreless melting electric furnaces, induction heating and hardening units, high-frequency transistor generators, thyristor frequency converters and not-standard induction equipment, .

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AVDEEVSKIY COKE-CHEMICAL PLANT JSC  -  metallurgical coke, chemicals and gases, the biggest coke producer in Europe, 4.7 mn tons / year.

AZOVSTAL JSC  -  iron and steel works, metallurgical coke and relevant chemical products, conversion pig iron.

ADM LTD.  -  metallurgical plant specialized in the metallurgical processing of aluminium scrap into aluminium alloys in form of ingots for foundries and aluminium roundels for production of aerosol cans.

AVS LTD.  -  carburization agents, graphite crucibles, graphite blocks, graphite powder, lubricants and coatings, additives for metal casting process, pig iron, ferroalloys, foundry coke, refractories.

DIPOL CHEMICAL INTERNATIONAL, INC.  -  expanded polystyrene materials for evaporated patterns used in lost foam ferrous and non-ferrous casting.

ELECTROVEK-STEEL LTD.  -  nichrome heating resistance alloys, kanthal heating resistance alloys, stainless tubes, strips, wires, sheets and plates, titanium and titanium alloy rods, wires, sheets and plates, thermocouple wires alumel, chromel, copel and constantan, tungsten products, molybdenum products, specialty steels inconel, incoloy, hastelloy.

FERROEX LTD.  -  supplier of ferroalloys - ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, ferrosilicomanganese, ferromolybdenum and ferrovanadium, metal and steel products, import / export, distribution.

INDUSTRIAL COMMODITIES INC. (ICI)  -  supplier of industrial materials for metallurgy and metal casting, manganese and chrome ore, ferro alloys, slags, metallurgical coke, scrap.

IN.KOL LTD.  -  design, manufacturing and repair of tools, dies and moulds, mechanical processing of components and metalworking, moulds for injection moulding of thermoplastics and thermosets, PET, direct extrusion, and moulds for nonferrous alloys pressure die casting, inhouse design and project departments.

KIP CENTR COMPANY  -  control and measuring devices, and electrical engineering and technological equipment for industrial enterprises, handy and stationary pyrometers, a full range of foundry laboratory devices and equipment.

MINING COMPANY MINERAL  -  ceramic and refractory raw materials, kaolin for production of refractories, ramming masses for furnaces, bentonite moulding clay and molding sands for foundries.

MEGATEX JSC  -  tin, lead and calcium babbitts in ingots, tin-lead solders in ingots and soldering products, pure lead, lead-antimony alloys.

NAS of UKRAINE - PHYSICO-TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE of METALS and ALLOYS  -  commercial designing, manufacturing, sale and adjustment of industrial and experimental original magnetodynamic equipment - inductive heating of molten metal, controlled electromagnetic stirring of melts, electromagnetic transporting of liquid metal, dosed electromagnetic pouring of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys, pouring of melts under low electromagnetic pressure.

PROMMETSPLAV LTD.  -  ferrous and non-ferrous scrap trade, manufacture of secondary aluminium alloys, foundry works - pressure / gravity die casting in aluminum alloys, zamak and brass.

PALMASH PLANT JSC  -  production of foundry automatic lines, machines and equipment - a wide range of mixers for the preparation and distribution of self-hardening moulding mixtures, core-blowing machines, jolting and squeezing moulding machines, vibrating tables for chemically hardening mixtures, machines and equipment for manufacturing shell moulds and cores, high / low pressure pulse moulding machines, flaskless moulding lines, a full cycle of manufacturing from cast iron and steel casting, heat treatment, machining, electroplating to build casting machines and units.

SPETSSPLAV JSC  -  a chemical-metallurgical enterprise, production of special alloys, metals of technical cleanliness, ferroalloys, welding and fused powder wire, powder wire for out-of-furnace processing of metallurgical melting, refractory compounds and compositions on their basis.

SVINETS JSC  -  a specialized metallurgical enterprise for lead & lead alloys production.

SPETZTEKHOSNASTKA LTD.  -  tools manufacturer - foundry patterns, dies for gravity metal pouring, pressure dies for non-ferrous castings, every kind of stamping dies, mould tools for plastic materials, non standard equipment and various metal spare parts.

SMF PRODECOLOGIA  -  design, manufacture and delivery of magnetic separators and metal detectors.

STEEL SHOT WORKS LTD.  -  steel shot and grit manufacturer.

TERMOLIT LTD.  -  a leading manufacturer of induction equipment for melting and heating metal, batch production of induction coreless melting electric furnaces of capacity from 30 kg to 5000 kg, induction heating and hardening units, high-frequency transistor generators, thyristor frequency converters and not-standard induction equipment.

TPK UKRSPLAV  -  a full cycle of scrap of nonferrous metals and alloys metallurgical processing, manufacturer of secondary non-ferrous metals and alloys in ingots- aluminium, bronze, brass, zinc, zamak, lead.

UKRTRANSFORMATOR LTD.  -  manufacturer of transformers and power reactors, furnace transformers up to 100 MVA for voltages up to 220 kV for power supply of arc steel furnaces AC and DC systems and ladle furnaces, induction furnaces, ore-smelting furnaces, re-melting furnaces, electric and electrothermal installations for different purposes.

VTORMET JSC  -  production and realization of alloys of nonferrous metals on the basis of aluminium, cooper, zinc, tin and lead, a purchase scraps and waste products of nonferrous metals and alloys.

VTORTEH LTD.  -  aluminium alloy ingots, aluminium powder, cover-refining fluxes for aluminium melts, degassing tablets, aluminium-strontium modifiers, castings.

YASYNOVSKIY COKE-CHEMICAL PLANT  -  metallurgical and foundry coke producer, production capacity of 1.8 mn tons yearly.

YUGAMET LLC  -  a manufacturer of aluminum ingots and aluminum casting alloys, production of aluminum pressure die castings.

ZAPOROZHSTAL INTEGRATED IRON & STEEL WORKS JSC  -  manufacture of conversion and foundry pig iron in pigs weighing from 15 to 18 kg.

ZAPOROZHOGNEUPOR JSC  -  production of chamotte, mullite-siliceous, mullite, mullite-corundum, magnesia, magnesia-chromite refractories, unmoulded refractory materials, and carbide-silicon electric heaters.

ZAPOROZHKOKS JSC (ZACO)  -  coke-chemical plant, production capacity of 2 mn tons of metallurgical coke yearly.

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