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BENTONITE, OOO (LTD.)  -  extraction of raw material and production of bentonite for oil and gas industry, metallurgy and foundries, agriculture sector, ceramic, construction and textile industry.

POLIMER OSNASTKA, ООО (LTD.)  -  design, manufacture, repair and rework of pressure die casting moulds, cold stamping dies, tools and other non-standard equipment serving for the production of serial parts made of plastic, rubber, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, mini foundry for non-ferrous metals, pressure die casting, manufacture of component parts for Samarkand Automobile Factory.

TASHRANGMETZAVOD, AO AI (JSC)  -  collection and processing of non-ferrous metals scrap and metal waste, production of secondary aluminium alloys (ingots) for sand casting and pressure die casting, bronze and brass ingots, zinc and lead alloys ingots, aluminium selected dross, and castings in bronze, brass and aluminium alloys.

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