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MBH ANALYTICAL LTD., UK  -  producer and distributor of certified materials for spectrochemical analysis, supplier of metallurgical and analytical laboratories.

METALLURGICAL CONSULTANCY & SERVICES (METACOS) SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  a metallurgical and testing laboratory, metallurgical consultancy, failure investigation, corrosion tests, microstructure analysis, development of welding procedures, destructive mechanical tests, non destructive examination.

MR CHEMIE GmbH, GERMANY  -  manufacturer and supplier of test media, equipment and accessories for surface testing, test lines and benches for penetrant testing, magnetic particle inspection and ultrasonic testing, UV-lamps and reference test bodies, special products - ultrasonic coupling agents for non destructive testing, heat resistant lubricants, metal surface anti-corrosion protection sprays, industrial removers of oil and grease, recalibration services, repairs, maintenance, spare parts.

METALLURGICAL CONSULTING, INC., USA  -  a consulting engineering firm specializing in fracture mechanics, failure analysis, metallurgy and materials, corrosion, welding, laboratory testing.

MATERIALS EVALUATION AND ENGINEERING (MEE), INC., USA  -  an independent laboratory solving materials-related problems for a diverse clientele, failure analysis, mechanical failure investigations, corrosion failure investigations, materials, process and product evaluations, forensic engineering, microsectioning and metallography, corrosion analysis and testing, mechanical testing (Rockwell hardness, microindentation hardness testing, tensile testing), surface analysis.

METALS ENGINEERING AND TESTING LABORATORY (METL), USA  -  a diversified, full service metallurgical testing laboratory, chemical analysis, mechanical testing, metallurgical analysis, consulting, expert metallurgical witness testimony, failure analysis, reverse engineering service, fastener testing, aviation services, scanning electron microscopy, welder qualification, warranty issues, materials and process problem solving, turbine engine component testing, electronic device testing, and miscellaneous tests on non-metallic materials.

MUSTO ET BUREAU S.r.l., ITALY  -  manufacturer of crucibles for magnesium alloys and stainless steel crucibles for zinc alloys for all types of furnaces - hot and cold chamber die casting, sand and gravity casting, remelting and recycling, supplier of equipment and plants for the casting of light alloys - separators, conveyor belts, casting and holding furnaces, probes, controller and instruments for the temperature control.

MK INDUSTRIEVERTRETUNGEN GmbH, GERMANY  -  development, production and sales of measuring systems for the aluminium industry - vacuum density unit, density balance, measuring Hydrogen content with the Chapel® portable, Hydrogen testing unit Alu Speed Tester, unit for monitoring the cooling curves and thermal analysis of Al-Si melts, Hydrogen analyser unit.

MATHEWS INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  supplier of gas, diesel or electric furnaces for fusion, cupellation, tilting, static, gold room or foundry smelting, graphite and silicon carbide foundry crucibles, multi-use fire assay crucibles, fire and insulation bricks, ceramic industrial insulation, furnace lining kits, furnace pouring spouts, locating and burner blocks, thermocouple complete systems, analytical combustion boats, cupels, laboratory consumables, protective clothing, footwear, gloves and safety equipment.

MEHR KANAZ SANAT CO., IRAN  -  supplier of mobile and stationary measuring instruments, temperature measuring and monitoring contact and non-contact type and infrared cameras, infrared thermometers, portable thermographic systems, coating thickness gauges, gas analysers, dust measuring instruments.

MARVEL LTD., BULGARIA  -  control equipment, microscopes, spectrometers, thermal analysis equipment, analytical and industrial ballances.

METLAB LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  a metallurgical engineering consultancy, services include material selection, hardness testing, micro-hardness testing, mechanical testing, micro-structural analysis / metallography, chemical analysis, corrosion testing, failure analysis, case depths and hardness profiles, coat weight tests.

MULTISERW-MOREK, POLAND  -  foundry laboratory equipment for moulding and core mixtures tests, laboratory mixers, sieves and shakers, manual and automatic laboratory rammers, apparatus for testing the strength, sand compactibility and permeability of moulding mixtures, apparatus for determining the softening point of resin sands, laboratory scales, laboratory dryers, foundry tests services.

MAT-MIC ARGENTINA, ARGENTINA  -  manufacturer of equipment for production of shell moulds and cores for foundries, manufacture of ceramic filters, carbon equivalent probes, components and accessories for thermal analysis.

MULTIFLUX - MAQUINAS ESPECIAIS INDUSTRIA e COMERCIO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  non-destructive tests by magnetic particles and parasite currents, parts automatic washers and inductive heating machines.

MATSUSHIMA MACHINERY LABORATORY CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  blast furnace level meters, belt speed monitoring sensors, various position sensors, dust measuring devices, defect inspection systems and other products for factory automation in the field of iron & steel, cement, power plant and mining.

MULTI METALINDO MURNI PT., INDONESIA  -  a sole agent in Indonesia and representing international manufacturers, who are world leaders in their respective fields, supplier of sensors for steel and foundry applications (Heraeus Electro-Nite, Belgium), remote controlled digital weighing scales for steel, foundry and heavy industries (EHP Wagetechnik, Germany), and filtration products (BWF Envirotec, Germany).

MTS METALLURGY PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  mechanical testing and metallurgical examination services - tensile load testing, compression testing, bend testing, Charpy impact testing, hardness testing, material identification and microstructural examination, metallurgical failure analysis, heat treatment of materials.

MESSPHYSIK MATERIALS TESTING GmbH, GERMANY  -  materials testing solutions, creep testing systems, optical strain measurement, special testing systems, universal testing machines.

MAYTEC MESS- und REGELTECHNIK GmbH, GERMANY  -  manufacturer of products for high temperature testing of materials.

METAL POWER ANALYTICAL (I) PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  products and services for analytical needs of ferrous and non-ferrous metal industries, laboratory optical / atomic emission spectrometers, mobile spectrometers, sample preparation machines for spectrometers, hydrogen analyzers for molten aluminium, services in material analyses and proficiency testing.

MC SCIENTIFIC PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  a laboratory consumable supplier, combustion analysis equipment, ceramic, graphite, porcelain and quartz crucibles, furnace silicon carbide heating elements, thermocouples, thermocouple tubes, furnace tubes, X-ray and spectro-chemical sample preparation equipment and accessories, metal sieves for industry and laboratory, safety equipment - clothing, glasses, gloves.

MEDEMET S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  manufacturer and supplier of raw materials for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, exothermic and insulating sleeves, refractory coatings, lubricants, fluxes, inoculants, ferro-alloys, master alloys, silicon carbide and graphite crucibles, ceramic foam filters, thermocouples.

MEDITERM S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  manufacturer of measuring instruments and temperature control devices for industrial processes, temperature sensors, thermocouples, resistance thermometers and pyrometers.

MSI TESTING & ENGINEERING, INC., USA  -  independent metallurgical consultants, testing and engineering services, ICP metal analysis and spectroscopy analysis, metallurgical failure analysis, corrosion testing, mechanical testing services, hardness test lab, metallographic examinations, weld testing, positive material identification.

METALLURGICAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC., USA  -  a metallurgical engineering service laboratory specializing in forensic failure analysis of metallurgical components, corrosion and defect investigations, mechanical testing, chemical analysis, metallography, reverse engineering, professional engineering and consulting services in various aspects of metallurgy, corrosion and manufacturing, material alloy selection, heat treatment and protective coatings recommendations.

MULTI TEKNINDO INFOTRONIKA PT, INDONESIA  -  customer-based products and systems for different facets of applications in research, education, oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, pharmacy and other relevant industries - metallurgical microscopes and digital cameras, crystallography systems and software, phase identification systems, X-ray microanalysis systems and spectrometers, multi-purpose research diffractometers, particle size and shape analyzers, sample preparation equipments, and other lab solutions.

METALS TECHNOLOGY TESTING LTD., UK  -  metal testing services - chemical analysis, mechanical testing, metallographic testing and non-destructive testing, consulting services.

NANMAC CORP., USA  -  temperature measurement and control in both industrial and research applications, standard thermocouples, industrial thermocouples, high temperature thermocouples, bare wire thermocouples, cable assemblies, ceramic insulators, fittings and bushings, accesories.

NISSABU CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  instrumentation for melt temperature measurement and control, immersion thermocouple units, thermal analysis equipment for nonferous alloys, portable digital thermometers, temperature controllers.

NOVA CIMNOR S.A.. PORTUGAL  -  distribution of industrial products, pig-iron, ferro-alloys, non-ferrous alloys, nodularizing catalysts and inoculants, recarburizing additives, fluxing and scarifying agents, bentonite, chromite sand, refractory and insulating materials, equipment and accessories for sand testing and temperature measurement, accessories for runner systems, abrasives for the metal casting industry.

NETZSCH-GERATEBAU GmbH, GERMANY  -  manufacturer of instrument line for thermal analysis and thermophysical properties measurement, testing services, materials and applications: metals and alloys - melting, crystallization, secondary phase transition and specific heat measurement, corrosion, oxidation or reduction, magnetic transitions and thermostability determination, and polymers, technical ceramics, glass, thermal insulation materials, adhesives and sealants.

NDC INFRARED ENGINEERING LTD., USA  -  development and manufacture of measurement and control solutions for a wide diversity of manufacturing and process industries, scanning and fixed point measurement and control systems, measurement sensors, scanning frames, analyzers for the measurement of key components in product samples.

NDT INSTRUMENTS PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  a German subsidiary, products, after-sales maintenance and repair calibration services to the ASEAN region customers in the field of non-destructive testing and quality assurance & control - radiography testing equipment & accessories, radiation detection systems for metal scraps, ultraviolet meters, X-ray equipment.

N.R.Z INSTRUMENTOS S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  supplier of hardness testers, optical microscopes, metallographic testing equipment, accessories.

NATIONAL SCIENTIFIC COMPANY (NSC), SAUDI ARABIA  -  specialty and industrial chemicals, scientific measurement and process control equipment, incl. for foundries.


NITON UK LTD., UK  -  portable alloy analysis and portable alloy sorting solutions and provided equipment for more general portable elemental analysis applications.

ONE EIGHTY (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  a materials / metallurgical engineering and consulting company, engineering solutions: selection and evaluation of engineering materials for a specific application, manufacturing process optimization, product design and development, reverse engineering of products and processes, failure investigation, expert witness work, commercial research and development technology development, materials testing services: corrosion testing, fatigue testing, Charpy impact test, strength testing, hardness testing, electron microscopy, light microscopy, composition testing.

OXFORD INSTRUMENTS PLC, UK  -  provider of hi-tech tools and systems for quality control, elemental analysis, compliance testing, scrap metal recycling and coating thickness measurement.

OMEL NDT EQ LTD., BULGARIA  -  supply, service and calibration of ultrasonic non-destructive testing equipment, supply of consumables and equipment for magnetic particle inspection and penetrant testing, own production of various equipment for non-destructive testing, own service center for all kinds and brands of non-destructive testing equipment, supply and service of equipment for determining the chemical composition of metals, supply machines for testing tensile, compression and bending of metals, sales representatives and certified service for portable metal hardness equipment.

OSTENCO PROMITRA JAYA PT., INDONESIA  -  distributor of material testing machines.

OLYMPUS SOFT IMAGING SOLUTIONS (OSIS) GmbH, GERMANY  -  electron microscopy / micro imaging hardware and software system development, production, distribution, support and service, solutions for the life sciences, materials sciences, semiconductor research and quality control.

OSHMA S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  hardness test machines and equipments, universal test machines, non destructive test inputs.

PRECIMETER, SWEDEN  -  metal level sensors, inductive and capacitive sensors, actuators, valves, molten metal pumps and complete automatic casting systems.

PORTABLE ANALYTICAL SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD. - PAS, AUSTRALIA  -  importer and distributer of a full range of Niton hand-held X-ray fluorescence analysers for screening incoming scrap, providing quick, non-destructive chemistry and grade verification of chill castings and final product.

PANALYTICAL B.V. THE NETHERLANDS  -  X-ray analysis systems.

PENDEX CORP., USA  -  process control, quality control testing, electronic test equipment, vacuum processing systems and controllers, laboratory equipment, industrial controls.

POWERCAP ELECTRIC SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  supplier of medium frequency water-cooled capacitors for induction heating and melting, industrial power converters, temperature controls and sensors.

POLYTEG-MET, RUSSIA  -  professional orientation - foundry, die forging, heat and chemicothermal treatment, the company presents both its own engineering development and products of leading foreign companies producers of equipment and materials for production of foundry moulds and cores, laboratory equipment for foundries, and works with more than 1000 plants in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

PACIFIC METALLURGICAL COMPANY, USA  -  metallurgical and materials consulting and laboratory services: failure analysis of metallic and non-metallic materials, fractography and fracture analysis, physical metallurgy, high and low temperature oxidation and corrosion of metals and alloys, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, optical microscopy, metallography, micro- and macro-hardness testing, production problem solving, expert witness testimony, routine and non-routine metallurgical testing, industrial and legal, forensic and production-related consulting services.

PRECISION METROLOGY, INC., USA  -  a full range of calibration and repair services - accelerometers & vibration, dimensional gages, electronics calibration, machine tools, temperature capabilities, sand testing equipment calibration: AFS clay testers, cone jolt toughness testers, friability testers, hot tensile testers, melt point apparatus, moisture tellers, mold strength testers, permability meters, sand rammers (compactability tester), green sand strength machines, sand squeezers, ultrasonic cleaner, wet tensile testers.

PRECISION RESOURCE CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  distribution and professional services for universal testing machines, materials testing machines and testing instruments.

PUYESH SANAT ALBORZ TAVANA, IRAN  -  designer and manufacturer of metalography lab equipment.

QUALIMET, CANADA  -  complete materials engineering services, metals testing, and metals-related inspections and certification to a variety of industries, including structural steel, pressure equipment, pipeline, lifting and hoisting equipment, industrial equipment & machinery, and dangerous goods transportation, metallurgical consulting services - metallurgical and welding engineering assessments, materials recommendations, codes and standards interpretation, weld and metallurgical forensic failure analysis, mechanical failure analysis, incident and accident investigation, expert witness services.

QUALITY ANALYSYS GmbH, GERMANY  -  industrial computed tomography, chemical element analysis for carbon or high alloy steel, minerals and aluminium oxides, nonferrous metals, smelting or auxiliaries, scanning electron microscopy by using a specially developed software that allows real three-dimensional components represent measured and analyzed, engineering services, monitoring of environmental conditions.

QUALIMACH LTD., UK  -  new and used furnace & foundry equipment from leading manufacturers - used electric arc furnaces, medium frequency solid state induction / mains frequency melting furnaces for foundry and steel applications, cold and hot box core making machines, core blowers, sand mixers, green sand mixers, sand reclamation plants, vertical and horizontal moulding lines and automatic moulding lines, new and used shotblast equipment, lab equipment - spectrometers and spectrographs.

QUALITY LAB AS, NORWAY  -  a private independent laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, metallurgical and mechanical test services, metallographic / microstructure investigations, corrosion tests, damage survey, non-destructive testing, hardness tests, strong technical evaluation of test results, consulting.

QUIMING S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  products for non-ferrous foundries, fluxes, grain refinement products, degassing tablets, water and alcohol based coatings, lubricants for die-casting, release agents, ceramic sheathed thermocouples, temperature indicators and controllers.

RIDSDALE & CO LTD., UK  -  consulting analysts specializing in the analysis of all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ores, refractories and other ceramic materials, manufacture a range of foundry sand testing and control equipment.

RESEARCH AND TESTING FACILITIES - THE SECAT INC., USA  -  a wide range of material testing and characterization capabilities - materials preparation, microstructural characterization using stereo and optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and micro analysis, X-ray diffraction for phase identification and preferred orientation determination, chemical analysis, mechanical testing equipment, etc.
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R.B. AUTOMAZIONE S.r.l., ITALY  -  manufacturer of instrumentation for technological tests on coal, coke, iron ores and raw materials for coke plants, iron and steel industries, mines and inspection companies.

RIGAKU CORPORATION, JAPAN  -  X-ray spectrometry and diffraction, computed tomography, nondestructive testing and thermal analysis, analytical and industrial instrumentation.

REMSO CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of inoculants cored wire & other consumables products for iron & steel industries, wire feeding machines, slab tilting machines, hot metal ladles up to 300 Mt capacity, ladle transfer cars, ladle (pre-heaters-dryers) systems, tundish and tundish cars, tundish
(pre-heater-dryers), temperature and sampling manipulators, scrap charging buckets, electric arc furnace roof, ladle refining furnace roof, manufacturer of different low voltage electrical and electronic controls systems, expendable thermocouples, sensor and probes for molten steel, immersion samplers.

RUSSELL FRASER SALES PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  ultrasonic testing equipment and accessories, industrial radiography equipment, cracktest range of non destructive testing products, infrared thermal imaging instruments for industrial, forensic, security and domestic use, hardness testers, second hand non destructive testing equipment.

RZ INSTITUT AD, NORTH MACEDONIA  -  production of aluminium and copper alloys in ingots, steel deoxidation aluminium alloys, ramming masses for induction industrial furnaces, masses for torquetting of electric furnaces, ground chamotte and dolomite, metallurgical lime, additives and other non-metal products for steel industry, foundries and metalwork plants, laboratory services for mining and metallurgy, aluminium and copper alloys castings, art casting.
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RAZI METALLURGICAL RESEARCH CENTER (RMRC), IRAN  -  specializing in metals, polymers, ceramics and software engineering, metal casting processing design, failure analysis for all metals and alloys, consulting services.
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REFRACTECH PTY LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  ceramic foam filters, crucibles and accessories, insulating materials, fluxes, thermocouples and portable digital pyrometers, vacuum density instrumentation, detectors of gas contained in molten aluminium, laser spinning rotor degassing and fluxing machine.
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SERT, FRANCE  -  systems and products for the improvement of metal flow control, on existing or new casting or pouring machines.

SIDIC, ARGENTINA  -  immersion pyrometers, infrared non-contact thermometers, ultrasonic systems, non-destructive detectors, fast scanners of metallographic structure, machines and consumables for metallographic analysis, hardness testers, profile projectors, laboratory instruments.

SIMPLICON, INDIA  -  miniature RTD & thermocouple assemblies, temperature instruments.

SUK AM CERAMICS, KOREA, SOUTH  -  ceramics for industrial uses - ceramics for industrial electric furnaces, ceramic for electric heaters, ceramics for welding, ceramics for measuring smelting temperature, sample ore analysis instruments and terminal plates, fine ceramics for automobiles and home appliances.

SPECTRO ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS GmbH, GERMANY  -  metal analyzers, laboratory analytical instruments, ICP / XRF spectrometers.

STRUERS A/S, DENMARK  -  manufacturer of equipment and consumables for materialographic surface preparation of solid materials, semi-automatic and automatic machines for laboratories of any size within industrial quality inspection and research.

SENSOR CONTROL GmbH, GERMANY  -  automation for foundry sand preparation-plants, moisture control equipment, sand-process controlers.

SUN EDGE ENTERPRISE, MALAYSIA  -  production of industrial thermocouples, temperature sensors, digital thermometers, infrared thermometers, thermostats, temperature controllers, temperature control panels, cast aluminium heaters, furnace heating elements.

STRESS ENGINEERING SERVICES, INC., USA  -  metallurgical services to hundreds of clients in the refinery, petrochemical, electric utility, and foundry industries, metallurgical consultants, material selection, corrosion characterization and mitigation, fracture surface evaluation, wear failures, field services including metallography, hardness testing, residual stress measurement and NDE, full laboratory characterization of metals, alloys and other engineering materials, mechanical testing of force, load, tension, pressure, fatigue, temperature, noise, vibration, torque, strain, creep and displacement.

SCOVAL-FONDARC TECHNOLOGIES, FRANCE  -  green sand mixers, coolers and control systems for different types of foundries - iron, steel, aluminium, bronze.

SINAR KHARISMA MITRA AGUNG (SIKMA) PT., INDONESIA  -  supplier of high temperature insulation material system and refractory products, fluxes, refractory coatings, riser tubes and sleeves, ceramic foam filters, wire mesh filters, fiberglass filtration cloth, round and square braid, vents, thermocouples, thermocouple protection tubes, spray gun buns, aluminium pipe spray for die-casting, wheel moving launders, transferring launders and crucibles, pouring cups.

SHERRY LABORATORIES, USA  -  a complete range of metallurgical, nonmetallic and environmental testing services, chemical analysis, corrosion tests, failure analysis, machining capabilities, mechanical testing, metallography, weld testing.

SINTERCAST LTD., UK  -  process control for the production of compacted graphite iron.

SARGAM METALS PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  test laboratory offering a wide range of testing services.

SPRINGFIELD METALLURGICAL SERVICES, INC., USA  -  full-service laboratory for metallurgical testing, analysis and consulting serving, expertise and testing in support of failure analysis, reverse engineering, product development, quality control, and litigation support.

SINTROL OY, FINLAND  -  a wide range of temperature measurement sensors and measurement systems, portable infrared devices, permanently installed pyrometers, industrial radiography, X-ray accessories, ultrasound equipment, metal hardness testers.

SIDERMES S.p.A., ITALY  -  supplier of measurement probes and instruments for the metallurgical industry.

SUYASH SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturing of thermal analysis equipment for cast iron, ductile iron & steel foundries in India and abroad - carbon silicon analyzers, temperature indicators, carbon cups, temperature measurement tips.
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SUG SCHMELZ- und GIESSANLAGEN GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  a supplier to the aluminium industry, rotary-drum aluminium furnaces, hydraulic tippable aluminium casting furnaces up to 100 t aluminium capacity, air-cooled pig-casting conveyors, water-cooled carousel-granulate facilities, liquid-metal transport containers for transport by truck, precise aluminium temperature measurement on rotating rotarydrum furnaces, automatic level-control systems per laser measurement on casting installations, all types of furnace repairs, optimisations, enlargements / extensions, optimisation of materials flow and of the channel system.

SPEKOM SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  sales and service of emission spectrometers (stationary, bench top and portables) and X-ray spectrometers (XRF + XRD), sales of radiation direction systems.

SCHOW TRADING, DENMARK  -  a trading company, agent for a number of companies in Germany and Britain, exothermic-insulating products, cold-box-bound feeder sleeves, chemical and metallurgical products for aluminum wrought and cast alloys, release agents, cold-hardening sands, hot-hardening sands, high temperature resistant coatings, activated charcoal, shot blasting, steel sand for surface cleaning, measuring and control equipment.

STORK TESTING & METALLURGICAL CONSULTING, INC., USA  -  tests on metals and alloys, metallurgical analysis, chemical analysis, nondestructive testing, liquid penetrant inspection. magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing and inspection, failure analysis and consulting, corrosion testing and consulting, a member of the
Stork Materials Technology (SMT) group of companies.

SIMPSON TECHNOLOGIES CORP., USA  -  sand lab testing equipment.

SHINKO TECHNOS CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  various equipment for temperature control, digital temperature indicating controllers, oven temperature control equipment, infrared thermocouples, software.

SAND TEAM, s r.o., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  production of cores and ecological binders, supplier of inorganic or organic binder systems, quartz and non quartz foundry sands, coated sands for shell-process, auxiliary and release agents, lubricants, chaplets, machines for bentonite moulding mixtures, machines for self-hadening moulding mixtures, machines and equipment for abrasive blasting, low-carbon steel blasting granulate, pouring ladles, instruments for a sand laboratory, provider of comprehensive services and technical support, new and recycled sands analysis, binder tests and foundry mixture technological tests.

SSA YANTHRA VIGYAN, INDIA  -  manufacturer of material testing and metallographic equipments, a complete range of machines and consumables for sample preparation, systems for research laboratories, quality control, production lines and education to enable material characterization, ensure quality, and perform materials research, fields of application - aerospace, automotive & engineering industries, research & development, foundry and heat treatment.

TOM BERTONE CONSULTING, INC., USA  -  metallurgical consulting, a wide variety of physical metallurgical services, expert witness testimony for litigations, chemical analysis, corrosion control, metallurgical failure analysis, fractography, mechanical testing, microhardness testing, microstructure analysis & metallography.

TEST CENTRE - FERROUS METALLURGY INSTITUTE JSC, BULGARIA  -  analysis of ferrous / non-ferrous metals, and foundry / metallurgy refractories, consulting services.
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THE CRUCIBLE GROUP PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  a research and consulting organisation - education, technology assessments, life cycle analysis, strategy development, analysis of complex technical, industry or policy issues, promotion of innovation, plant trials, laboratory projects, non-routine testing and problem solving, product development, clarification of process fundamentals, process modeling and material characterisations, improvements to costs, product quality and environmental performance, own laboratory which has a range of melting furnaces and complementary induction power supplies, a levitation apparatus designed to study liquid metal interfacial phenomena and solidification, analytical equipment for absorption spectrometry, gas chromatography and metallography.

TensileMill CNC Inc. - a North American leader in the production of tensile test sample preparation machines TENSILEMILL CNC INC., USA
A North American leader in the production of tensile test sample preparation machines.

THE CENTRAL MATERIALS & PROCESSES LAB, HAL, INDIA  -  materials testing and R&D laboratory.
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TEMPERATURE CONTROLS PTY LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  production of temperature and level sensors for all industries and applications, incl. foundry and metallurgy.

TECNALIA CORPORACION TECNOLOGICA, SPAIN  -  a strategic alliance between technological research and innovation centres, innovative projects and technological development, technological services, education and technological diffusion, innovation and technology management, metallurgical test and analysis, characterisation and quality control of materials and components, individual and joint testing of components, assessment and diagnosis of non-conformities, review and design of specifications, fault analysis, in-service performance and material selection.

THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC, INC., USA  -  analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables and reagents, a full range of XRF instrumentation to cover the specialized analysis needs of the foundry industry, tools for screening incoming scrap, nondestructive chemistry and grade verification of chill castings and final product, positive material identification (PMI) equipment to quickly and accurately test metal alloys.

TC LTD., UK  -  temperature measurement products - general thermocouples, mineral insulated thermocouples, thermocouple cables, thermocouple connectors, platinum resistance thermometers, temperature controllers for thermocouple and Pt100 usage and temperature control systems.

TECNOFUND LTDA., BRAZIL  -  control of casting processes.

TEi METALLURGICAL SERVICES, UK  -  design, supply, repair, maintenance and site installation in the power generation and petrochemical industries, metallurgical test house & consultants: material selection, component remnant life assessments, welder performance and weld procedure qualification, failure investigations, quality process control investigations, product and material conformance, material upgrades, third party surveillance, litigation and arbitration, annual approval testing programs, product durability, engineering, inspection and maintenance, ambient and elevated temperature tensile tests, Charpy impact tests, compression and bend tests, hardness tests, micro and macroscopic examination of materials, grain size and morphology, phase balance, defect evaluation, coating and thermal treatment evaluation, scanning electron microscopy, non-destructive testing, rapid spectrographic analysis of low and high alloy steels, corrosion tests.

TPW PRUFZENTRUM GmbH, GERMANY  -  accredited testing laboratory, chemical analysis, hardness testing, Charpy impact test, metallography, scanning electron microscopy, ultrasonic tests, magnetic particle testing, X-ray examination, computerized tomography, failure analysis.

TECH-QUALITY CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  universal material testing machines.

TERMOQUAR S.A.C.I.F., ARGENTINA  -  products related to measurement and temperature control, infrared sensors, thermocouples, tubular sheathed large industrial heating equipment.

TOPCAST S.R.L., ITALY  -  electronic devices - frequency converter, power rectifiers, infrared pyrometers.

TOOL-TEMP AG, SWITZERLAND  -  manufacturer of temperature control units and water chillers, products for the plastic, metal die casting, chemical, pharmaceutical and wood working industries.

TQD - TECHNISCHE QUALITATSSICHERUNG DREILANDERECK GmbH, GERMANY  -  destructive and non-destructive materials testing and analysis, microstructural analysis, alloy analysis and positive material identification tests, hardness testing, magnetic particle testing for ferromagnetic components, ultrasonic testing workpiece defects such as cracks, laminations, cavities, slag inclusions, pores, computed tomography, locate, analyze and visualize internal material defects such as blowholes in aluminium die-castings using X-ray equipment.

UTENOS ELEKTROTECHNIKA AB, LITHUANIA  -  design and manufacture of laboratory and industrial electric furnaces and ovens.

UNLIMITED FOUNDRY DEVELOPMENT (UFD) INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  supplier of full range foundry materials - release agents for green sand or furan sand moulding, anti-piping compounds, core adhesives, mould seals, ceramic-filters, riser sleeves, refractory coatings, carburizers, nodulizers, inoculants, deoxidising or desulphuring agents, covering agents, slag coagulants, refining agents for copper, degassing agents for aluminium alloys, release agents for gravity die casting, aluminium master alloys, aluminiun ingots, copper ingots, magnesium ingots, pig iron, ferro-alloys, foundry coke, limestone for cupola furnaces, quartz powder, zircon sand, bentonite, foundry sand testers, hardness testers, micro-structure analysis systems, spectrometers.

UNITS IM-TECHNOLOGY AG, SWITZERLAND  -  computer tomography - cast parts in aluminum or magnesium alloys up to 120 mm thickness, engineering and reverse engineering, 3D digitizing, laboratory measurement units.

UNIMEMS MANUFACTURING CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  micro-electromechanical systems manufacturing company, thermal sensors, digital pressure sensors, electronic products for industrial non-destructive testing.

VIMS ELEKTRIK, SERBIA  -  manufacture of electro-technical equipment for medicine, jewelry and engineering, electro-furnaces for laboratory assay of materials within processing engineering, dentist’s offices, goldsmith's factories and thermal processing in small factories.

VERSATILE EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  greensand, reclaimed sand, thermally bonded sand and chemically bonded sand testing equipment, and expert service for foundry laboratories, all of the standard conventional sand testing equipments are offered, in addition to the advanced testing equipments such as friability, wet tensile, gas evolution, and the hot distortion strength.

VESUVIUS GROUP S.A./N.V., BELGIUM  -  refractories, crucibles, flow control products, temperature measurement systems, dosing accessories.

VISTA SOLUTIONS, INC., USA  -  provider of turnkey automated machine vision inspection and vision-guided robot solutions for metalcasting.

V-SMART THERMOTECH PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of electronic equipments & sensors required for foundries & steel plants, the product range is widely used in ferrous foundries producing grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, malleable cast iron, various grade steel castings & nonferrous foundries.

VEGA Y CAMJI S.A.I.C., ARGENTINA  -  integral processing of precious metals and alloys, platinum and platinum-rhodium, thermocouples.

W.S. WERKSTOFF SERVICE GmbH, GERMANY  -  accredited testing laboratory, non-destructive materials testing, destructive materials testing, mechanical and technological testing, metallography, training courses for the materials testing.

WITEC WISSENSCHAFTLICHE INSTRUMENTE und TECHNOLOGIE GmbH, GERMANY  -  manufacturer of high-resolution optical and scanning probe microscopy solutions for scientific and industrial applications.

XRF SCIENTIFIC LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of platinum and platinum alloy crucibles, dishes and moulds for the fusion process which is used in a wide variety of industries - glass and ceramics industry, metallurgy / steel industry, analysing iron ores, blast furnace slags and even magnesite, base metal for the analysis of sulphides concentrates, silicate slags, mattes, sinters, mineral sands industry, cement industry, analysing sand, limestone, kiln feed, clinker, university’s and research organisations.

YXLON INTERNATIONAL, INC., USA  -  casting X-ray inspection solutions.

ZWICK GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  manufacturer of static and dynamic materials testing machines, systems, and software.

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