Center for Material Processing And Failure Analysis, University of Indonesia CMPFA  -  INDONESIA

The Center for Materials Processing and Failure Analysis (CMPFA) is a subsidiary of Metallurgical Department, University of Indonesia.

CMPFA is a full service materials research and testing facility serving manufacturers in a variety of industries. The firm specializes in chemical analysis, metallurgical evaluation, mechanical testing, corrosion simulation, failure analysis, and metallurgical course/training.

The firm is supported by high-qualified staffs (10 doctors & 14 master degree) as well as the facility of laboratories, such as:
  • Chemistry lab;
  • Mechanical test lab;
  • Metallography & heat treatment lab;
  • Metal forming lab;
  • Foundry lab;
  • Corrosion lab;
  • Non-destructive test lab;
  • SEM & EDX lab.
All of the facilities are mostly used by students and staffs for teaching and research purposes. However, they can also be used for materials testing for industries and other materials and metallurgy related institution.


CMPFA  -  Metallurgical Department, University of Indonesia

Jurusan Metalurgi FTUI, Kampus UI Depok 16424 West Java, INDONESIA
tel.: (++62 21) 786 3510,  fax: (++62 21) 787 2350