Refractech - Australia, foundry filters, crucibles, thermocouples, pyrometers, hydrogen Al-melt testers REFRACTECH PTY. LTD.  -  AUSTRALIA

Refractech Pty. Ltd. is a renown Australian company which offers:
  • Ceramic foam filters - for use in filtering of aluminium castings, slabs and billets, iron and copper castings;
  • Filter boxes, filter crucibles and carousels to the customer specification;
  • Crucibles and accessories - silicon carbide and graphite crucibles;
  • Insulating materials - maxiwool bio soluble and maxifibre ceramic blankets, boards, paper, felt, bulk, rope, mastic, fibrecoat coating seals fibrous products, maxigrip adhesives for bonding;
  • Metal treatment products - environmentally friendly fluxes in fused flake and tablet forms for the treatment of aluminium, copper, zinc, magnesium and their alloys, silver and gold as well;
  • Laser spinning rotor degassing and fluxing machine - uses a high velocity ceramic spinner to introduce salts into the molten aluminium with the aid of a jet of gas such as Ar, N2, the machine combines a patented system of metal treatment via gas and flux to obtain degassing, modifying, grain refining and drossing.
  • Vacuum density instrumentation - measures grain size degree of modification and solidification time, inclusions, impurities and density index;
  • Aluvacuum - a detector of gas contained in molten aluminium;
  • Chapel Hydrogen melt tester - rapid and constant measurement of hydrogen content, thermal analysis instrumentation;
  • Thermocouples and portable digital pyrometers;


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tel.: +61 (0) 2 4271 6469,  fax: +61 (0) 2 4271 4648