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A.A.P. EQUIPMENT, INC., CANADA  -  a supplier of new, used and rebuilt equipments for the foundry industry, the company's warehouse holds over 50 000 square feet of reusable foundry equipment like mullers, mixers, laddles, moulding machines, air hoists, gear boxes, shot blasts, furnaces, permanent mould machinery, lab equipment, grinders and dust collectors.

AMELT CORPORATION, CANADA  -  specialist in induction furnaces in foundry industries, buy all types of used induction melting & holding furnaces.

AGTOS GmbH, GERMANY  -  turbine-wheel shot blast machines - steel mill tumble blast machines, hanger-type blast machines, roller conveyor blast machines, rotary table blast machines, rubber belt tumble blast machines, drum blast machines, airblast machines, spare parts for compressed air blast machines, used blast machines and blasting units, refurbished, retrofitted, modernized and painted according to the customer's requirements.

ALTECO GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  a machinery broker and consultant specialized in world wide marketing and sale of surplus machinery within the aluminium and non-ferrous metals processing industry - melting and casting machinery, extrusion presses, rolling mills, slitters, cut-to-length lines, foil converting machinery, and special equipment for the finishing industry.

AUTOWAX, INC., USA  -  a company servicing the investment casting industry, a full list of optional upgrades for re-manufactured machines including bottom injection, paste wax, pattern eject, automatic wax melters, core pulls, control systems and automation.

ADA METALURJI, TURKEY  -  used foundry plants, moulding lines, furnaces, equipment.

AVAK OSA CO., ARMENIA  -  import / export of a wide range of the forge equipment, iron cutting machine, foundry machines (die cast), CNC lathe, lathe, machining center, milling, surface grinder, presses, both new and second hand.

AJAX TOCCO MAGNETHERMIC CORPORATION (ATM), USA  -  a large international company with facilities worldwide, induction melting and heating equipment and associated services, replacement parts, used equipment, technical assistance.

BETA DIE CASTING EQUIPMENT, CANADA  -  a die casting machine dealer who specializes in new and used die casting machines and diecasting equipment, die casting machinery, buying excess equipment, plant liquidations and global equipment searching.

BRADFORD EQUIPMENT CO., INC., USA  -  buy and sell used foundry machinery & equipment.

BMM WESTON LTD., UK  -  producer a wide range of highly reliable moulding machines and associated equipment for a variety of applications in new or existing production lines, second hand moulding machines.

C & D EQUIPMENT, USA  -  a wide array of services for the crushing, screening and recycling industries, distributor of used foundry equipment - jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, screens, feeders and hoppers.

CARLO GENNARI FORNI, ITALY  -  plant and machinery supply for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, melting and holding furnaces, mini furnaces for low-medium capacity bronze, brass foundries, laboratory, educational, prototyping, gold, etc., ladles for liquid metal's transport, heat treatment furnaces, furnaces for forging processes, heating systems in metallurgy, mixers for paints for dies and sand moulds, second hand casting machines, second hand melting and holding furnaces for aluminium, brass, bronze, zamak, second hand complete plants for different sectors, metal news center specialized both in the study of ferrous and non ferrous metal markets from production to transformation and recycling, both in Italy and abroad, consulting services.

C. LEAR & SONS LTD., UK  -  supplier of new and good quality used foundry plant and equipment - green sand systems, resin bonded sand equipment, core equipment, pattern making equipment, moulding boxes, melting and heat treatment furnaces, ladles, fettling equipment, filter units, conveyors.

CYM MATERIALES S.A., ARGENTINA  -  a complete line of systems for surface preparation and blast cleaning - blasting by compressed air or turbines, shot peening equipment, hydro-sandblasters, spare parts, maintenance and alterations of all types of machines blasters, buy and sell used equipment.

COLOSIO S.r.l., ITALY  -  production of horizontal cold chamber pressure die casting machines for aluminium, brass and magnesium casting, hot chambers pressure die casting machines for zamak and magnesium casting, accessories - automatic ladles, die sprayers, pieces extractors and robots, used die casting machines and accessories.

DIE CAST MACHINERY LLC, USA  -  a global leader in procurement and sales of previously owned die cast machinery, all types of the equipment used in the die casting industry including: die cast machines, trim presses, furnaces, automation, finishing, process, inspection and machining equipment.

DIE CAST PRESS MFG. CO., INC., USA  -  manufacturer offering new and used diecast machines, remanufactured, and rebuilt die casting equipment, trim presses, shot ends, shot controls, retrofit manifold packages and replacement parts.

DEGENBECK GmbH, GERMANY  -  purchase and sale of used foundry machines, foundry liquidations.

DEL SOL INDUSTRIAL SERVICES INC., USA  -  provider with the best possible line of new foundry equipment and supplies available - pneumatic transporters, batch mixers, greensand control systems, shakeouts, transfer conveyors, fluidizing heaters and coolers, tele-manipulators, riser knock-off cannons, wedge riser removal systems, a full line of metal transfer vessels and accessories including retrofit gearboxes, automatic green sand molding machines, core machines, reclamation systems, melting furnaces, good used foundry equipment.

DE WINTER ENGINEERING B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  new aluminium melting furnaces (14 and 32 tons), furnace renovation including total upgraded melting furnaces, furnace pressure control systems, auxiliary equipment.

EQUIPMENT MERCHANTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. (EMI), USA  -  supplier to the foundry industry, equipment design, manufacture, technical assistance (for installation, start-up), equipment inspections / reviews, equipment remanufacturing programs, spare parts along with complete turn-key systems, equipment for core making, green sand molding, matchplate molding, flasks and pallet cars, semi-permanent mold casting, low pressure aluminum casting, robotic applications, casting wedge devices and briquetting presses, used equipment.

EUSKATFUND S.L., SPAIN  -  representation and distribution of a wide range of foundry materials and machinery of important European firms, silica sand, chromite sand, resins for mouldmaking and coremaking, refractory coatings, graphite products, insulating and exothermic sleeves, ceramic tubes, elbows, funnels and stoppers, ferroalloys, steel shot, auxiliary products, green-sand moulding machines, continuous sand mixers, core-shooter machines, carousels and other solutions for the transport and handling of moulds, sand reclaimers, thermal recuperators, second-hand foundry machinery.

EMTI S.R.L., ITALY  -  buy and sale good second hand machinery.

FOUNDRY DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY, USA  -  foundry consulting and implementation worldwide with ability to provide very good used, rebuilt and new equipment.

FABRICA DE MAQUINAS PARA FUNDICION ROSSI, ARGENTINA  -  manufacturer of moulding machines and special equipment for foundries, repair of used foundry machines.

FULWORTH ENGINEERING LTD., UK  -  the UK's premier provider of used foundry plant and equipment: fettling equipment, melting equipment, pattern shop equipment, laboratory & test equipment, core shop equipment including core shooters & blowers, handling equipment, sand plant, hoppers & silos, conveyors, mills and mixers for green sand and chemical sand, shell moulding equipment, moulding machines.

FOUNDRY MACHINERY AND SPARES LTD., UK  -  manufacturing a wide range of foundry equipment and spares to its customers worldwide, a full plant refurbishment service.

FISS MACHINES GmbH, GERMANY  -  a dealer of used pressure or gravity die casting machines and die casting equipment, new and second hand machines and equipments for foundry technology, continuous casting, melting, blasting technology, machining, metal forming and metal surface technology.

FL SALES, INC., USA  -  one of the leading companies for used equipment in the machinery industry, including foundry machines and equipment.

FOUNDRY TECHNOLOGY LTD., UK  -  new and used foundry plant and equipment - machinery for melting, pouring, moulding, coremaking, sand preparation, shotblasting and laboratory.
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Foundry Technology Ltd. - UK is your global partner for supplying new and second hand foundry equipment.

GENTEN MACHINES SPRL, BELGIUM  -  delivery of second-hand foundry equipments, new or second hand spare-parts.

GOSTOL TST d.d., SLOVENIA  -  design and manufacture of throwing-wheel shotblasting machines, moulding sand prepare installations, foundry materials transportation machinery, second hand foundry equipment.

GLOBAL TEST SUPPLY, USA  -  a distributor of new and refurbished test & measurement equipment from leading manufacturers.

GRANALLA TECNIC S.L., SPAIN  -  sale of industrial machinery for the surface treatment, shot blasting machines, custom build machinery, industrial vacuum cleaners, spare parts with anti-wear properties, perfectly restored and adjusted second-hand machines, used equipment, blast cleaning and impact surface treatment service, maintenance and repair of all kinds of blasting equipment.

HAGI, AUSTRIA  -  representative and advisor to leading foundry equipment manufacturers, consulting services to the foundry industry, a complete used equipment / spare parts service.

H.E. PHIPPS CO., INC. / METALS RECYCLING CORP., USA  -  international brokers of new and second-hand aluminum, steel and copper/brass equipment for all the processing disciplines related to melting, casting, and scrap-processing.

ING.-BURO KRAMER GmbH, GERMANY  -  a supplier and service provider to the foundries which cast molten metals via sand moulding, gravity / pressure die casting, centrifugal casting and continuous casting, supply and sale of second-hand foundry equipment and related machinery for melting plants, sand preparation, moulding shop, core shop, sand reclaim, conveying technology, fettling shop and finishing, measuring technology and material testing, extraction filter systems, tools and machine tools, new machines - fettling manipulators, conveyor belts, technology consultation, project planning, execution, supervision and commissioning, liquidation of foundries.

INTERNATIONAL FOUNDRY EQUIPMENT and SPARES LTD., UK  -  specialised in core machines, continuous mixers, batch mixers, attrition units, blowing units, die-casting machines, and other ancillary equipment for all the foundry needs, service for refurbishments, a various used plant.

ISERTECH GmbH, GERMANY  -  extensive all inclusive services to foundry and forging plants, long experience in repair and implementation of inductive casting equipment, after hours assistance and preventive maintenance, delivery of spare and replacement parts for induction system.

INDUSTRIALIZACION MAQUINAS INYECCION S.L.L. (IMF DIECASTING), SPAIN  -  services for the pressure diecasting sector, supplier of cold or hot chamber diecasting machines, temperature control and cooling equipment, furnaces, ladles, lubricators, trimming presses, spare parts, second hand machinery, aftersales technical assistance, representative services.

INGENIEURBURO UWE STEFFENS, GERMANY  -  supplier of new and second hand foundry machines and equipment, evaluation and sale of foundry equipment from closed foundries.

J. K. GEARS & MACHINERY, INDIA  -  exporter of used gear cutting & pressure die casting machines.

JUWE LABORGERATE GmbH, GERMANY  -  development, selling and service of analytical devices, used analysis and lab units.

J.W.Styles Australasia, Consultant Valuers & Auctioneers, Leaders in the valuation and sale of all types of capital assets, J.W.STYLES AUSTRALASIA PTY. LTD. - AUSTRALIA  -  consultant valuers and auctioneers, leaders in the valuation and sale of all types of capital assets in engineering, steel fabrication, manufacturing, mining, earthmoving, construction, defense, foundry machines, automotive, aeronautical, transport, petro-chemical, chemical and allied, plastics, textiles, printing, office and IT sectors.
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KRIMACO GmbH, GERMANY  -  cold and hot chamber pressure die casting machines, purchasing and sales of used foundry equipment, installation, setup, and rebuilding services.

LABOR AS D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  engineering and consulting, supplier of new and second-hand foundry equipment for melting, sand preparation, moulding, core producing, cleaning and finishing.

LAC, S.R.O., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  manufacturer and marketer of industrial furnaces - melting electric resistance or gas furnaces, induction furnaces for the melting of small amounts of non-ferrous metal (gold, silver, copper, brass), atypical furnaces, wax smelting furnaces, furnaces for metal heat treatment, laboratory furnaces, and dryers, refractory castable shapes, refractory concretes and refractory materials, heating patrons, spirals and elements, control and measurement elements, used melting furnaces.

MAYO ENGINEERING CO., UK  -  used foundry equipment for investment, green-sand, die, gravity pouring die, pressure die casting.

McKIE EQUIPMENT CO., USA  -  new and used foundry equipment & machinery, melting furnaces, sand handling equipment, mixers and mullers, molding machines, flasks and jackets, core machines, cleaning and blast equipment, conveyors, foundry / metallurgy lab equipment.

MORRIS EQUIPMENT SALES, INC., USA  -  used foundry equipment, shot blast equipment, dust collectors, and process equipment.

MONOMETER HOLDINGS LTD., UK  -  rotary furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, hydraulic tilting reverberatory furnaces for aluminium bulk melting and alloying, a full range of crucible and chamber heat treatment furnaces, furnace ancillary equipment, spares, used furnaces, consultation service.

MELTECH LTD., UK  -  induction furnaces for melting ferrous, copper, aluminium and precious metals, second hand rebuilt induction and electric resistance furnaces, spare parts.

McGEE SYSTEMS, LLC, USA  -  foundry equipment and machine retrofits, rebuilds and installations, used machinery, custom made parts, industrial automation systems.

OSKAR FRECH GmbH + CO. KG, GERMANY  -  diecasting machines for aluminium, magnesium and zinc alloys - hot chamber diecasting machines, cold chamber diecasting machines, automation equipment for the optimization of production processes, longlife diecasting dies, tooling and handling devices, ladling units, heating and cooling units, spraying units, casting extractors, weight sensors, conveyor belts, spare and wear parts for reliable machine operation, repaired, partially overhauled or completely overhauled second hand machines.

ONTOGEPSZERVIZ KFT., HUNGARY  -  service, renewal and maintenance of die casting machines, trading several kinds of hydraulic parts, distributor of Idra srl Italy.

OMSG S.p.A., ITALY  -  design and manufacture of shot blasting machines, shot-peening machines and machine systems for steel, cast iron and non ferrous foundries, pressing, heat treatment, steel structural works, tanks, pipe line plant, liquid and compressed gas bottles, metallic wire and bars, and paint removal, overhauled and reconditioned with original spare parts and skilled labor second hand shot and sand blasting machines.

OVEN TECHNIEK NEDERLAND B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  development, production, maintenance, repair and renovation of furnace installations, furnaces for melting aluminium, bronze, lead, silver and gold, furnaces for forging, gas-fired chamber furnaces for heat treatment of metal products, infrared heating furnaces for the surface treatment of steel sections and plates, galvanizing furnaces with high-speed burners, furnaces for the glass, plastics and ceramic industries.

PVM DIE CASTING MACHINES GmbH, GERMANY  -  worldwide dealer for second hand die casting machines & equipment, second hand sheet metal machines, forging presses, injection molding machines, rebuilding and modernisation, spare parts service worldwide.

PEK MACHINERY CO., USA  -  used foundry machinery and equipment.

PACIFIC RIM FOUNDRY SERVICES, AUSTRALIA  -  foundry chemicals - furan binder systems, phenolic urethane no-bake binder systems, release agents, second hand foundry machines, sand mixers and sand reclamation equipment, safety products to the foundry and related industries.

QUALIMACH LTD., UK  -  new and used furnace & foundry equipment from leading manufacturers - used electric arc furnaces, medium frequency solid state induction / mains frequency melting furnaces for foundry and steel applications, cold and hot box core making machines, core blowers, sand mixers, green sand mixers, sand reclamation plants, vertical and horizontal moulding lines and automatic moulding lines, new and used shotblast equipment, lab equipment - spectrometers and spectrographs.

RIKE EQUIPMENT CORP., USA  -  distributor Of all types of used die casting equipment, trim presses, foundry & related equipment.

RECCO FURNACES, USA  -  furnaces for specialty metals and aerospace materials, melting and holding furnaces for non-ferrous metals, metal heat-treating furnaces, transfer ladles and launder systems for conveying molten metal, refractory materials distribution, spare and replacement parts for heating equipment, installation and start-up, troubleshooting and repair, scheduled maintenance, system repairs and upgrades, control and automation retrofits, used furnaces, kilns and ovens, used manufacturing machinery and tools, a division of W.P. Keith Co., Inc..

R.W. HALE & ASSOCIATES, USA  -  remanufacturer of used foundry machines, after market replacement parts.

SONNIMAX A/S, DENMARK  -  distributor of new and used foundry machines and equipment, riser sleeves and tubes, foundry filters, steel shot and grit, cut wire, chemical for foundries - additives, cold box binders, inorganic binder system inotec and for CO2-process, furan binders and catalysts, release agents.

SIAPRO D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  supplier of second hand foundry equipment, official representative of world renown companies in area of foundry industry, consulting services.

SANZFOR di SANZOGNI RADAMES, ITALY  -  electric induction ovens for bronze, brass and aluminium melting, induction ovens suitable for scrap fusions and copper, bronze, brass to produce ingots and billets, and the standby oven of continuous casting plant, induction ovens for aluminium alloys melting suitable for use in pressure die casting (cold chamber) and gravity die casting, with the extraction of the manual or automatic molten metal, electric resistance ovens for melting aluminium and zinc alloys - from 35 kg up to 630 kg, control cabinets suitable for every type of induction ovens with a network frequency of 50/60 Hz, plant systems and installations for the forming of ingots or billets in copper, bronze and brass, constructions of continuous casting plants, used-overhauled induction melting ovens and control cabinets.

SAVONA EQUIPMENT LTD., CANADA  -  supplier of mining and milling equipment, used mineral processing equipment, new and used furnaces, propane fired melting furnaces, melting pots, pouring ladles, steel grinding media.

SMELKO FOUNDRY PRODUCTS LTD., CANADA  -  metal casting supply house, foundry equipment - sand systems, mullers / mixers, core machines, used equipment.

SCHREUDER GIETERIJ TECHNIEK, THE NETHERLANDS  -  an international trade import / export and distribution company serving the foundry and patternshop industry, second hand melting and holding furnaces, moulding sand mixers, pattern shop machines and accessories, cold and hot-chamber diecasting machines, trimming presses, grinding robots, blasting equipment, transport systems.

SHOTBLAST SUPPLIES LTD., UK  -  manufacture and supply of shot blasting equipment, dust extraction units, blast rooms, media recovery equipment, spare parts, quality second hand shot blasting equipment of all types, abrasive media - chilled iron, steel shot / grit, aluminium oxide, sinter ball, glass bead.

THE BHARAT ENGINEERING METAL WORKS, INDIA  -  all types of used and new machinery, induction furnaces, arc furnaces, ladles refining furnaces, die-casting machines, shot blasting equipment, friction screw presses, forging presses and hammers.

TEBOWA-NUR, RUSSIAN FEDERATION-REPUBLIC of TATARSTAN  -  production of cold-chamber pressure die casting machines and cells for casting aluminium, copper and zinc alloy, recondition and update second hand die casting machines.

TCT TESIC GmbH, GERMANY  -  a trading company in the field of used foundry plant & equipment - machinery for all sections of foundry such as melting, pouring, moulding, coremaking, sand preparation, fettling & laboratory.

VIKING BLAST & WASH SYSTEMS, USA  -  a full line of industrial cleaning equipment including abrasive shot blast machines, parts washers and vibratory deburring equipment, replacement parts - from blast wheel blades to electrical components, used blast cleaning & parts washing equipment, industries served - aerospace, automotive, foundry, forge, stamping, powder coat, structural steel, weldments, heat treat, pipe / oil field, general manufacturing.

VEI-ENGINEERING GmbH, GERMANY  -  induction crucible melting furnaces, electric melting furnaces, vacuum furnaces, pouring furnaces, induction type heating plants, second-hand foundry equipment and machinery, spare parts, consulting.

World Equipment & Machine Sales Co. - USA, second hand foundry machines and equipment. WORLD EQUIPMENT & MACHINE SALES CO., USA  -  used second hand foundry machines and equipment, sand mullers, core room equipment, melting equipment, shakeout and screens, shot blasting units.
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WOLLIN GmbH, GERMANY  -  production of automation products suitable for foundries and forging plants, spraying machines for pressure diecasting, robots for spraying, individual spray tools, die lubricant supply systems, plunger lubrication systems, automatic metal dosing units for diecasting and gravity diecasting machines, robots for extracting castings, special-purpose machines and equipment, thoroughly cleaned, examined, overhauled (if required) and the wiring checked second-hand machines, process optimization services.

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