MPM Pvt. Ltd., India's largest manufacturer of engineered Lustrous Carbon Additives, Lustron MPM PVT. LTD.  -  INDIA

MPM is the pioneer and India's largest manufacturer of engineered Lustrous Carbon Additives for use in foundry green sand molding practice, since 1984.

Founded by Mr. Deepak Chowdhary, a first generation entrepreneur - In our history spanning 35+ years, we have relentlessly focused on innovating both in product and application services in the green sand eco-system of iron foundries.

Our strategy is to deliver very simple but powerful products and services differentiation to our customers in terms of the following three major performance metrics which they can see on the castings on their shop floor:
  • Improved surface finish;
  • Reduced sand related casting defects;
  • Reduced consumption of sand additives, shots and sand.
MPM's application services are well known for their professional approach to customer's need for optimization of their system and processes in green sand. We also have a green sand consultancy division for those who want their molding process to be audited from time to time.

Over the years, we have followed the natural instinct of adding to our product offerings and have established a JV to manufacture Refractory Coatings with James Durrans and Sons, UK, who have a 150 year tradition of product and service excellence in the field of foundry consumables. We have added to our technical profile by forming a JV with European renowned HD sleeve innovator:
GTP Schaefer GmbH, Germany. We not only market their products but also offer technical services in associated methoding solutions.
With HIRADO of Japan we offer a very high quality range of casting preparation machines like wedge and runner riser cutters.

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Sanjay Singh  -  VP-International Business


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