5th International Conference ArtCast 2010, Galati - Romania       5th International Conference ArtCast 2010 - Casting, from Rigor of Technique to Art
University Dunarea de Jos of Galati, Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science
Galati, Romania, 14-15 May 2010

With the kind permission  of  Organizing Committee of the 5th International Conference ArtCast 2010.

63 Titles & Authors:

    New Developments in High Quality Grey Cast Irons - a Review
    Iulian Riposan, President of Romanian Foundry Technical Association

    Section I

  1. Applications of Non-invasive Techniques in the Analysis of Corrosion Crusts Formed on Archaeological Metal Objects
    Ion Sandu, O. Mircea, I. Sarghie, Andrei-Victor Sandu, C. Marian, Viorica Vasilache

  2. Scrap Quality and Metallurgical Effects Associated with Copper and Tin as Tramp Elements in the Casting Steels
    Anisoara Ciocan, Florentina Potecasu

  3. Art Casting: Foundries in Internet and Some Applications
    Olivier Duhamel, Denyo Alipiev

  4. Decorative Surfaces Obtained Through Thermal Zincking
    Tamara Radu, Florentina Potecasu

  5. The Exploitation of the Copper Sheet Wastage in Applied Art
    Gheorghe Florea, Daniela Buruiana (Negoita), Alexandru Chiriac, Adrian Vasiliu

  6. Artifacts in the Getae-Dacian Treasures
    Ana Doniga

  7. Alloys Used at Decorative Parts Inside the Airplanes
    Stefan Dragomir, Alexandru Chiriac

  8. History of Faberge Eggs
    Gheorghe Croitoru, Ion Rusu

  9. Time Analysis of King Matthias the 1st Sculptural Group
    Julieta Daniela Sabau (Chelaru), Vasile Filip Soporan, Ovidiu Nemes

  10. Value Analysis Between Art and Technique - Part I
    Florin Chichernea, Alexandru Chichernea

  11. Value Analysis Between Art and Technique - Part II
    Florin Chichernea, Alexandru Chichernea

  12. Making Art Replica Models Using 3D Scan and Electrodepositing
    Aurelia Stanescu, Alexandru Stanescu, Bogdan Florea

  13. Materials Used for Manufacturing Some Objects From 1600 Before Christ - 500 After Christ Period
    Petrica Hagioglu, Constantin Gheorghies

  14. Art Works Casting Using Wax Patterns
    Beatrice Tudor, Marian Bordei

  15. The Main Data About the "Big Bell" of the Black Church in Brasov
    Viorel Ene, Tibor Bedo, Marius Benta

  16. 27 March 2009 - 150 Years from the Blessing of the "Big Bell" of Black Church in Brasov
    Viorel Ene, Tibor Bedo, Marius Benta

  17. Sculpture, Extended Nature
    Elena Paraschiv, Victor Paunescu, Cristina Raducan

  18. The Process Involved in Making the Medals
    Daniela Buruiana (Negoita), Gheorghe Florea, Alexandru Chiriac

  19. Use of Unconventional Materials to Obtain Pieces of Urban Art
    Stefan Dragomir, Gheorghe Florea

  20. Sanitary Silicone Used to Make Small Art Cast Parts
    Tibor Bedo, Viorel Ene, Ioan Ciobanu

  21. Do Birds Represent a Menace to Outdoor Monuments?
    Adrian Vasiliu, Daniela Buruiana (Negoita)

  22. Artifacts Protection Coatings
    Ana Doniga, Miltiade Istrate

  23. Obtaining and Characterization of Vitroceram by Chemical Doped ZnO for Art Mosaic
    Ion Sandu, C. Bejinariu, Andrei-Victor Sandu, Viorica Vasilache, I.G. Sandu, M. Branzila

  24. Vacuum Casting of Objects Made of Precious Materials
    Beatrice Tudor, Daniela Buruiana

  25. New Achievements in Manufacturing of Church Bells
    Gheorghe Florea, C. Oancea, C. Gheorghies

  26. Studies Regarding the Achievement of Light Fuse Models for Casting the Art Objects
    Bogdan Florea, Cezar Balescu, Vasile Mirea, Augustin Semenescu

  27. Weapons as Work of Art
    Ana Doniga

    Section II

  28. Investgation of Titanium Hydride Produced from Titanium Waste
    Yavor Lukarski, Jordan Georgiev, Lubomir Anestiev, Rositsa Gavrilova, Simona Bejan

  29. Research on Abrasive Wear Behavior of Laser Cladding Layers with High-speed Steel Powder Type HS6-5-2-M2
    Simona Boiciuc, Elena Drugescu

  30. Study on the Material Flow at the ECAE Process
    Nicolae Cananau, Gheorghe Gurau, Carmela Gurau

  31. Research on the Complex Microalloyed Zinc Melts
    Tamara Radu, Lucica Balint, Maria Vlad

  32. Contributions to the Study of Some Special Materials from the Al-Mn-Fe System
    Alexandru Chiriac, Maria Vlad, Stefan Dragomir, Gheorghe Florea

  33. Physico-mechanical and Physico-chemical Properties of Bio-inert Composite Ceramics
    Anna Petrova, Silvia Simeonova, Radoslav Valov, Vladimir Petkov

  34. Some Considerations on Environmental Sand Cores with Inorganic Binder
    Tibor bedo, Viorel Ene, Ioan Ciobanu

  35. The Kinetics and Thermodynamic Transformation of a Special S.G. Cast Iron
    Ioan Milosan

  36. Some Key Elements for Improving the Total Quality Management Concept
    Ioan Milosan

  37. Influence of Inclinations Applied to Ribs on the Solidification of Cast Parts
    Aurel Crisan, Diana Tutuianu, Tibor Bedo, Ioan Ciobanu

  38. Influence of Corner Radii Applied to the Joining Area of the Rib to the Part Wall on the Solidification of Cast Parts
    Aurel Crisan, Diana Tutuianu, Tibor Bedo, Ioan Ciobanu

  39. Composite Coating in Copper Matrix with Molybdenum in Dispersion Phase Obtained by Electrochemical Methods
    Olga Mitoseriu, Florentina Potecasu, Stela Constantinescu, Lucica Orac

  40. Problems and Solutions Regarding the Centrifugal Casting of Wire Sheave for Heavy Cranes
    Nicolae Cananau, D. Scarlat, Gheorghe Florea

  41. The Ecological Impact of Metallurgical Industry
    Carmen-Penelopi Papadatu

  42. A Setup for Preparation of Glass-carbon Coatings on TiO2-Nb2O5 Intended for Hip Joint Prostheses
    Jordan Georgiev, Stefan Stefanov, Dimitar Teodosiev, Lubomir Anestiev

  43. The Influence of the Heat Trearment upon the Resistance to Corrosion of the Composite Obtained Using the Electrodepositing of TiO2 in a Nickel Matrix
    Raul Novac, Olga Mitoseriu

  44. Permanent Forms for Casting More Sustainable, Cladding Hard Alloys
    Ovidiu Dima

  45. Electro-corrosion Behavior of 7075 Aluminum Alloy After Ageing Treatment
    Roxana Stefanica, Carmen Nejneru, Vasile Manole, Ramona Cimpoesu Hanu

  46. Researches Regarding the Obtaining of Some Composite Materials with Metallic Matrix Obtained Through Casting
    Vasile Basliu

  47. Materials for Total Hip Joint Prostheses: Biaxial Flexural Strength of Two Ceramic Systems
    Bojana Tabakova, Ivanka Kalimanova, Ina Yankova, Hristiana Nikolova

  48. Thin Layers Obtaining by Electric Spark in Liquid Medium
    Ion Hopulele, Carmen Nejneru, Manuela Cristina Perju, Mihai Axinte

  49. Corrosion Resistance in Neutral Saline Fog of the Composites Cu-Mo Obtained by PVD Method.
    V.G. Grechanyuc, N.I. Grechanyuc, Lucica Orac

  50. Soil Pollution with Heavy Metals
    Maria Vlad, Gelu Movileanu

  51. Consideration Regarding the Heat Treatment of Sheets and Strips from Aluminum Alloy 5052 Type
    Alexandru Stancioiu, Olga Mitoseriu, Marian Bordei

  52. Theoretical Study Regarding the Flow Conditions for Alloys Through Thin Channels
    Ioan Marginean, Bogdan-Alexandru Verdes, Sorin-Adrian Cocolas

  53. Quality Assurance of Cylyndrical Casted Parts with Small Thickness
    Nicolae Cananau, Alexandru Chiriac, Vasile Bratu

  54. Research on the Effect of Temperature and Duration of Immersion on the Layer Thickness of Zinc Coating Obtained in Microalloyed Zinc Melts
    Tamara Radu, Lucica Balint, Viorel Dragan

  55. Characterisation of Niobium Carbide Chemical Deposition from Vapour at Normal Pressure
    Stela Constantinescu

  56. Glass-carbon Bioactive Coatings on a TiO2-Nb2O5 Substrate
    Dimitar Teodosiev, Lubomir Anestiev, Jordan Georgiev, Nartzislav Petrov, Petar Tzvetkov, Cristiana Nikolova

  57. Sources of Emissions in the Sintering and Blast Furnace Plant
    Alexandru Chiriac, Gheorghe Florea, Ioan Saracin, Olimpia Panda

  58. Influence of Rib Lenght on the Solidification of Cast Parts
    Ioan Ciobanu, Diana Tutuianu, Tibor Bedo, Aurel Crisan

  59. Influence of Rib Thickness on the Solidification of Cast Parts
    Ioan Ciobanu, Diana Tutuianu, Tibor Bedo, Aurel Crisan

  60. Electrodeposition and Characterization of Zinc-Cobalt Alloy Coatings
    Violeta Vasilache, Sonia Gutt, Ion Sandu, Gheorghe Gutt, Traian Vasilache

  61. Development of a New Installation of Elaboration-casting in order to Obtain Composite Materials with Metallic Matrix
    Vasile Basliu

  62. Structural Aspects of Antifriction Properties Brass
    Alexandru Chiriac, Gheorghe Florea, Marian Neacsu, Ioan Saracin, Olimpia Panda

  63. The Behavior of Some Non-conventional Treated Steels During Wear Process (III)
    Carmen-Penelopi Papadatu

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