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FENI INDUSTRIES AD  -  mine and smelting plant, ferro-nickel producer, a subsidiary of Cunico Resources N.V. - The Netherlands.
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JUGOHROM FERROALLOYS DOO  -  production of ferro-silicon, silicon–chrome, low carbon ferro-chrome and technical silicon for the ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.

LIPTERM DOO  -  producer and supplier of products for steel and allied industries - continuous casting mould fluxes, casting fluxes and exothermic powders for ingot casting, tundish and ladle cover powders, lubricants for ingots, unshaped refractory products, gunning mixes for basic oxygen furnaces, electric arc furnaces and ladles, magnesia-chromate based taphole filler sands.

RENOSIL DOO  -  quartz manufacturing plant, raw quartz, micronized quartz and quartz sand for production of enamel and glaze, for medicine, chemistry and metallurgy, silica sand for foundries, a part of Renova Company-Macedonia.

RZ INSTITUT AD  -  production of aluminium and copper alloys in ingots, steel deoxidation aluminium alloys, ramming masses for induction industrial furnaces, masses for torquetting of electric furnaces, ground chamotte and dolomite, metallurgical lime, additives and other non-metal products for steel industry, foundries and metalwork plants, laboratory services for mining and metallurgy, aluminium and copper alloys castings, art casting.
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SKOPSKI LEGURI DOOEL  -  producer of steelmaking raw materials, supplier of ferroalloys, silicomanganese, ferromanganese high carbon, ferrosilicomanganese slag, limestone, quartzite.

TEAL AD  -  production of pressed aluminium profiles, pipes and bars, aluminium alloy ingots and aluminium products for deoxydation.

VARDAR DOLOMIT DOO  -  refractories, bricks and ramming masses for melting foundry / metallurgy furnaces, a part of Haznedar Refrakter Sanayi A.S.- Turkey.
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ZELEZNIK AD  -  manufacturer of low carbon steel shot, steel castings.
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BRAKO HOLDING  -  wire products, low carbon steel cold drawn wire, annealed wire, galvanized zinced wire, barbed wire, welded steel wire fabric, compact fence rolls, coil nails and construction nails.

FZC 11 OKTOMVRI AD  -  factory for welded pipes and sections - threaded tubes, precision tubes, line pipes, structural hollow sections, structural open sections, joining elements.

FAREKS DOO  -  sheet metal supplier.

MAKSTIL AD  -  production of hot rolled heavy plates, part of Dufferco Group.

TEAL AD  -  production of pressed aluminium profiles, pipes and bars, aluminium alloy ingots and aluminium products for deoxydation.

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