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AL BURAQ STEEL INDUSTRY (ABSIL) LLC  -  importers and exporters of various types of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap, manufacturer of aluminium alloy ingots for foundries, remelt aluminium sows, copper ingots, zinc plates, aluminium deoxidizers - notch bars, cubes and ingots of various grades up to 99% purity, and sponge iron produced through direct reduction of iron ore.

ARAB LEAD COMPANY (ALC) LLC  -  processing and treatment of metal waste, used lead-acid batteries and other scrap into refined secondary lead ingots.

AL RAWNAQ INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES LLC  -  an Oman based group of companies, operating internationally, supplier of high quality silica sand and bentonite for foundries and other industrial manufacturing processes, dolomite and mica for refractory materials for industrial furnaces, barite powder for refining processes in the mining and metallurgy sectors, limestone primarily use in steel making, and other industrial products.

FARAH MINERALS CO. LLC  -  a professional company operating in the quarrying, asphalting, and contracting business sectors, renowned supplier of limestone for production of iron and steel.

GULF CHEMICAL CENTER (GCC) LLC  -  manufacturer and supplier of sodium silicate products in form of granules, powder and liquid (water glass).

JABAL AL SHAMS INDUSTRIAL SERVICES (JAS) LLC  -  JAS Aluminum Plant produces primary and secondary aluminium alloys ingots.

JINDAL SHADEED IRON & STEEL LLC  -  integrated steel manufacturer, production of hot briquetted iron (HBI) for electric arc furnaces, induction furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces, blast furnaces and foundry furnaces.

MUSCAT AND BARKA BUSINESS TRADING (MBBT)  -  manufacturer and supplier of many types of chemical raw materials for industrial applications, including for foundry usage - sodium silicate (water glass), silica sol binder, carbon powder, phenol-formaldehyde resin, novolac resin, polyethylene glycol binding agent and paraffin wax with ceresin.

MALPRO OMAN SILICATES (MALOM) LLC  -  manufacturer and exporter of solid sodium silicate, liquid sodium silicate, sodium silicate powder, water glass and potassium silicate, products for foundry sand moulds and cores manufacturing, refractory binders, adhesives, detergents, drilling mud fluids and welding electrodes.

NORTHERN MINERALS CO. LLC  -  a major manufacturer and supplier of limestone aggregates for metallurgy and chrome ore for production of ferro-chrome.

OMAN ALUMINIUM CAST (OAC) LLC  -  aluminium alloys foundry ingots with very low iron and impurity contents, continuous cast slabs and billets for extrusion and forging, and pure aluminium busbars with low hydrogen content and length up to 15 m.

OMAN ABRASIVES LLC  -  manufacturer of blasting abrasive (grit from mineral slag, commercially called copper slag) used for surface preparation.

OMAN CHEMICAL  -  production of a wide range of chemical products, including zircon sand for foundries, zircon powder for facing (coating) of foundry moulds, zircon for refractories, sodium silicate water glass as a sand mould binder, and silica sol for investment casting process.

SOHAR ALUMINIUM  -  a primary aluminium smelter and producer of metal in ingots, sows and hot metal (available to local downstream partners), jointly owned by Oman Oil Company, Abu Dhabi and Electrical Authority, and Rio Tinto Alcan.

SANVIRA CARBON (FZC) LLC  -  one of the leading manufacturers of calcined petroleum coke (CPC) - a high carbon content material used in aluminum smelting, steel recarburization, titanium dioxide production, graphite electrode production and other specialty uses, a part of Sanvira Industries Ltd. - India.

SAROJINI FERRO ALLOYS (FZC) LLC  -  manufacturer and exporter of ferro silicon lumps and low carbon ferro chrome lumps.

SAHEER MA'ADEN LLC  -  processing and manufacturing of primary and secondary aluminium foundry alloys, a joint venture company between Barik Group - Oman and Norton Aluminium - UK.


AL JAZEERA STEEL PRODUCTS CO. SAOG  -  one of the leading tubing manufacturers in the Middle East, black and hot dip galvanized steel pipes, square and rectangular hollow sections, hot rolled cut to length sheets and merchant bar products, structural steels, angles, flat bars, rounds and squares.

AL SAMNA METAL MANUFACTURING & TRADING CO. LLC  -  manufacture of electrical resistance welding (ERW) pipes and tubes of different size and shape, lighting poles and guard rails.

GULF INTERNATIONAL PIPE INDUSTRY (GIPI) SPC  -  manufacturer of high-pressure steel line pipes and casing pipes.

JINDAL SHADEED IRON & STEEL LLC  -  the largest privately-owned integrated steel manufacturer in the Persian Gulf region, continuously cast square billets of various cross-sections and length, round billets for industrial applications, reinforcement steel bars, hot briquetted iron (HBI) for electric arc furnaces, induction furnace, basic oxygen furnaces, blast furnaces and foundry furnaces.

MUSCAT STEEL INDUSTRIES CO. LLC  -  Muscat Steel Group is one of the major producers of reinforcement rebars with a capacity 400 000 MT per annum, and
(in Muscat Steel Melting Co.) continuous cast steel billets up to 200 000 MT per annum.

UNION IRON & STEEL LLC  -  one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range of steel products, welded wire mesh, cold rolled reinforcement coils, cold drawn rebars, galvanized and bright wire.

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