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Due to the contingencies that have become more frequent of malevolent preventing in the Board for free ads of CastingArea, indefinitely, the Board will be closed for direct publications. Please,  send  an e-mail with your ad and it will be posted here. D.Alipiev, CastingArea, .

Foundry Technology - UK, Your global partner for supplying new and second hand foundry equipment,

Armex Trade Ltd. Bulgaria, exclusive representative of world renown manufacturers of Refractories, Graphite electrodes and powder, Steel, Ferroalloys, etc

Remeko Ltd., a representive of leading companies from Europe and USA: Elkem - Norway, Refratechnik - Germany, Boehm & Lange - Austria, Silicon - Holland, Novacast - Sweden, Ferro-Term - Poland, Martin Engineering - USA,

ReactChem Co., Ltd.-China, World renown manufacturer of specialty solvent for the foundry industry,
ReactChem, China
Specialty solvent
for the foundry industry

Mingxi Jinfeng Silicon Industry Co., Ltd., a World renowned manufacturer of various materials for foundry industry,

ReactChem Co., Ltd. - China
World renowned manufacturer and supplier of specialty solvent used in the foundry materials: Triacetin (TA) and Propylene Carbonate (PC) which are used as the hardener co-reactant in a no-bake (Alphaset) binder system, and Ethylene Glycol Diacetate (EGDA) and Dibasic Esters (DBE) which are used in the sodium silicate binder systems. Contact: ReactChem Co., Ltd., China Headquarter, 255 Xinjinqiao Road, Office# 545, Shanghai,
201206 China, tel.: +86 (21) 5135 2778,  fax: +86 (21) 5899 9672.

Foshan Ceramics Research Institute (FCRI) & Jin Gang Group, a leading ceramic foam filters manufacturer for metal casting in China,

Lionstech (Wuxi) Machinery Co., Ltd. - China

Lionstech (Wuxi) Machinery - China, a professional manufacturer of core-box shooters, flaskless moulding machine & line, shell moulding machine and casting mould for foundry industry
Lionstech (Wuxi) Machinery Co. Ltd. - China, World renown manufacturer of core-box shooters, flaskless moulding machine & line, shell moulding machines and moulds for foundry industry. Add: No.29 Xixian road, New district of Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province, 214111 China, tel.: (+86 21) 5877 5201,  fax: (+86 21) 5877 5203.

Spajic d.o.o. - Serbia

Spajic d.o.o., Serbia,
A unique and fast-growing company in Serbia, production of high quality steel fibers, cut wire steel shots, steel round / angular abrasives and heavy duty machines for steel fiber / shots fabrication. Add: Milosevski put bb, 19300 Negotin, Serbia, tel.: +381 19 542 630,  fax: +381 19 549 774.

Gavala Art Foundry - Greece

Gavala Art Foundry,
Gavala Art Foundry is a Greek foundry located in Athens. We have 50 years of experience in casting art work in bronze, aluminum, resin, polyester and stainless steel. Our work can be seen all over Greece, in Cyprus and in many cities all over the world - Tokyo, NY, Sydney, Moscow, Las Palmas, Atlanta, Peking, Marseille, Paralimni, and in many private collections. As a foundry we have excellent quality of work and very competitive prices. We have the potential in casting art work of any size and we can develop from the model statue to any scale you would like your work to be. Also if you provide us with a photo or a drawing we can develop it to the real sculpture. We make any size of enlargements, we can develop any art work from the beginning. For this purpose we use either CNC and 3d printing or the traditional method creating the sculpture in plaster or in clay. In addition I could provide for proper accommodation while you work and examine your sculpture. Feel free to contact me for any information regarding casting-developing art work. Nikolaos Gavalas - owner of Gavala Art Foundry,
tel. / fax: (+30) 22990 69127, mobile: (+30) 6944 298629.

Lubricants and Release Agents
J&S Chemical - USA is a leading global supplier of specialty chemicals, cold / hot box, green sand and shell core release agents, die casting lubricants, metal forming fluids, heat treating fluids, metal cutting fluids, corrosion preventives, engineered chemical specialties. Contact: Thomas Smith, J&S Chemical Corporation - European Business Development, mobile: +39 34 8335 1546.

Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes
Neelcon Steel is the India’s leading manufacturer & exporter of carbon steel products, stainless steel pipe fittings, weld fittings, flanges, fasteners & other industrial metal products. Neelcon Steel Industries, Shop No 5,
Hararwala Bldg, Islampura street, Mumbai-400 004, India, tel.: +91 22 66393704,  fax: +91 22 23861170.

Gasgoo-China, a professional automotive platform, B2B marketplace with over 80000 global buyers and 12000 verified member suppliers,
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